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    Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7

    If you are talking about chrome os then I would beg to differ and as for the ubuntu operating system I doubt it will catch on considering the general consumer has never heard of ubuntu. I personaly am not a big fan of linux because of the additional time I have to spend to set everything up and...
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    Dad Pays Teen Daughter $200 to Quit Facebook

    Someone needs to create a 12 step program for facebook addicts. ;)
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    The Web-Deprived Study at McDonalds

    I have used the internet at McDonalds and all I can say is that you are better off using wifi else where because with McD's internet you cannot stream a youtube video, even after waiting an hour to let it buffer. Wendy's has much faster internet.
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    Infinite Street View

    good point
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    Surface Windows 8 Pro for $0

    I demand them to honor their price ;)
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    Microsoft Reminding Owners Windows 8 Upgrades to End Soon

    I think it still exists my friend told me he got it the other day without much of a fuss. I think I might take advantage of it as well since it greatly reduces the price.
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    Amazon Most Satisfying Website To Shop

    The only thing that annoys me from amazon is that their two day prime shipping no longer takes two days to arrive. It usually takes 3+ business days. I remember when I first got prime all orders took 2 days to arrive. Amazon shouldn't promise something they cannot deliver. Other than that...
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    Explaining Microsoft Surface Price

    Agreed innovation doesn't come cheap.
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    Quad-Core Exynos ODROID-U Developer Boards

    I wonder when microsoft will sell oem copies of windows 8 rt so we can install it on one of these devices, and have a cheap little portable computer in the palm of our hands :)
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    Little Demand for Microsoft's Surface RT Tablet

    I work at a mall that has a Microsoft store, and every time I walk by that store it's always busy And people are crowded around the tablet so this news is quite shocking to me. But considering that they only sell it in one store I understand why the demand is lower than expected. However this...
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    Microsoft Adding Music Playback Capabilities to SkyDrive

    This might help push Xbox music, but I think that if they want to push that brand even further they're going to need off line music support and at least a PC client where you can side load music to an android or iOS device.
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    40M Windows 8 Licenses Sold In One Month

    To upgrade from a computer with windows vista to 7 they did not charge you, so yes it was better back then.
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    Windows 8 Sales Rate Higher Than Windows 7

    I like windows 8 and all but it doesn't work with my wireless adapter :( every time I try to connect to my wifi I get a BSD :'(
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    Apple CEO Compares Surface To A Flying Car

    Watch their next version of the iPad is going to have a near identical snap on keyboard accessory and a built in kickstand on their iPad.
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    After 15 Years of Trying, Yahoo Gives Up In Korea

    allot of my friends go on yahoo just to check out the interesting stories of the day, idk if they actually use the search engine though.
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    Google Announces New $249 Samsung Chromebook

    Instead of selling their own product that exclusivly runs their own os they should be reaching out to windows RT OEM's and paying them to install this OS on their tablets. Then there would potentially be more people using this chrome operating system.
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    Analysts Predict MS Surface to Take Last Place

    Have you seen how much R&D went into this product and the materials it uses so it is very doubtfull that that would happen.
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    Analysts Predict MS Surface to Take Last Place

    I think microsoft did this on purpose so it did not piss off its OEM's. Bottom line is that microsoft is putting the surface out there as a proof of concept not as the soon to be #1 tablet.
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    Analysts Predict MS Surface to Take Last Place

    Limited app store? Aren't all the app stores limited?
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    Using The Surface As A Skateboard

    Hum I wonder how much that accessory is going to cost ;) I wonder if this accessory will run faster with the intel processor?
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    Best Buy Employees Feel Threatened By Amazon

    same here especially considering I have prime, even though products ordered with prime shipping do not always come in their 2 day period well at least from the day I ordered it.
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    Top 5 Computer Manufacturers In 2Q

    Last I checked they are making aweful computers my friend bought one and in less than a year the keys were coming off.
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    Top 5 Computer Manufacturers In 2Q

    Lenovo does make some pretty crappy laptops just like everyone else the only thing they got is thinkpads that sort of interests me. I just wish companies that sell these business laptops would also let the consumer decide if they want consumer a graphics card instead of the quatro or those...
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    Survey: 53% of Windows 8 Users Prefer Windows 7

    I think the people that windows 8 was designed for haven't even tried it out yet. Mostly the geeks are thet ones that have tried it and hated it so this poll is kinda biast. I would wait a month after windows 8 release date to figure out what the general public thinks.
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    Samsung Launches iPhone 5 'Attack Ad'

    Is it just me or does anyone feel that smartphones are massively overpriced?
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    All Yahoo Employees to Get iPhone 5 Smartphone

    Why aren't they footing the bill for a WP8 because isn't yahoo partnered up with microsoft so they have a better chance of taking on google.
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    World’s Largest QR Code

    It's aliens that did this!! :o
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    Amazon Has A Tax Loophole For Californians

    Wait I remember my sister getting taxed for a poster she purchased on amazon for an order that was fulfilled by amazon. Oh well nothing is certain but death and taxes :s
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    Nearly One-Fifth of the U.S. Can’t Watch Online HD Video

    Yea that is what I am beginning to think because sometimes I cannot even stream 480p video through youtube, while other websites allow me to stream hd video seamlessly.
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    Amazon Unveils New, Larger Kindle Fire Models

    Ummm you are aware that most if not all of your tablet apps will have ads in them so seeing them on your home screen should not shock you for a subsidized tablet.
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    IE and Chrome Still Fighting It Out for Market Share

    Yea just recently it keeps crashing when I watch flash videos on youtube. The only reason I continue to still use it as my primary browser is because ad block or else IE 9 is plenty fine for me.
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    IE and Chrome Still Fighting It Out for Market Share

    Has chrome lately been terrible for youtube? For me it has it is always crashing unpredictably for me.
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    Halo 4 Tournament Will Show Off Multiplayer Mode

    Well you can always get them pretty cheap second hand. Just look on craigslist their should be people selling their 4gb 360 they got from the back to school promotion.
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    Microsoft to Retire Some Zune Pass Features

    Does this meant that the zune software is next on the list?
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    Windows 8 Tablets Unwrapped at IFA in Berlin

    Did you see the sony tablet yesterday? It will sure meet your requirements but it sure won't be cheap I can tell you that much
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    Windows 8 + Surface Launch Event in NYC Oct. 25th

    Same here Aren't they going to have some sort of promotion that allows you to get WMC for free if you preorder?
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    Ubisoft CEO: 95% Of Our Customers Are Pirates

    Isn't that EA. Weren't they voted the worst company in America a few months ago?