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    Relating HardOCP

    Not strictly a general hardware question, but I am curious as to why buildapc reddit never even mentions HardOCP reviews on their review megathread? A quick search indicates that the entire forum is unaware that this site exist for some reason? If I broke any rules with regards to this...
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    Vega and 1080 in the same rig?

    Just out of pure curiosity, has anyone tried running Vega AND GTX 1080 in the same rig and alternated between the two GPUs, or is that just a bad idea in general? I was wondering if it is possible to run FreeSync off Vega and G-Sync off 1080 on the same computer.
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    Question to ULMB users out there

    I need help with something. As I mentioned several times before, I don't use ULMB because I actually see "doubles" when I turn it on, which is less noticeable while it's turned off. The games in question are SC2 and Raiden 4. My question is, is SC2 stuck on 60fps cap, or is the fps reported...
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    Keyboard Macro software

    Hey all, My G910 decided that 2 year warranty is enough so it is starting to act up, I am counting 3 letters and the enter key not working properly, more on their way possibly. Due to the fact that none of the keyboards released between G910 and now has any macro keys (G710+ & G910 is no...
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    GoG Summer Sale

    For your information GoG Summer sale is on, will go on for 14D 06H from this post
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    GoG Notable New releases thread

    After seeing a surprise release, here are posts that track what notable releases GoG has for their DRM free games. To kick off Fallout 3 GoTY Fallout New Vegas Ultimate Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion GoTY Elder Scrolls III Morrowind GoTY An Elder Scrolls Legend: Battlespire The Elder Scrolls...
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    Motherboard drivers & CPU support

    Hey all, Apart from the well known case of Kaby Lake CPUs not having drivers for Win 7 and 8.1, I was wondering, in the general scheme of things, would having drivers for a particular motherboard for a particular OS, and a CPU for the said motherboard, equate to the same OS supporting that CPU...
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    Notable Xbox one exclusives?

    Hey all, Surface pro 4 here is getting a promotion that their highest end model is also giving a Xbox one console for free. I was just curious, apart from FPS and Third person shooters like Halo, what are the notable exclusives for Xbox one? So far the only one I have found that might be...
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    Questions about PS4 Pro

    Hey all, Damn PS4 exclusives (Horizon Zero Dawn and Persona 5) are now tempting me, but before I jump the gun, I have a few questions about PS4. Is there a way to set the resolution PS4 Pro outputs at? My 4k TV has HDMI 2.0 but my 4k monitor only has HDMI 1.4, so can only do 4k/30, I was...
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    TV companion PC hardware requirement Q

    Hey all, My family has recently purchased a 4k TV (just an IPS, not the fancier OLED), and I have been meaning to see if I can attach a multimedia PC onto it, since the built in system is rather clunky and the USB ports are very limited. Primarily, what I plan to want to do with this: 1...
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    Daisy Chaining PCI-E Riser

    Hey all, Due to a combination of my hardware motherboard, I am planning to move my PCI-E Wifi card from top PCI-E slot to the very bottom of the case (in the space between the bottom of the mobo and my PSU), so to open up the option of SLI'ing cards that comes with backplate. Currently I cannot...
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    GPU upgrade choices, which one is preferable?

    Hey all, I know I have been iterating how much I yearn for the Pitan X and how I want to avoid SLI from now on, problem is that the GPU has yet refused to show its face, and I have been holding back some of my gaming. I have a situation with my rig, it's fairly unique. Short version is that...
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    nVidia releases 368.39 WHQL Drivers

    Drivers | GeForce GeForce Game Ready Driver Prior to a new title launching, our driver team is working up until the last minute to ensure every performance tweak and bug fix possible makes it into the Game Ready driver. As a result, you can be sure you’ll have the best day-1 gaming experience...
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    Amateur HDD question

    Hey all, Sorry for asking such an amateur question, but is there any appreciable difference in reliability when one uses high-end HDD (Enterprise class) or Desktop grade HDD's for backups and Archiving as opposed to using Archive HDD's? I have always been under the impression that archive...
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    Nox "on the house"

    Nox is currently "on the house" on Origin
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    FFXIII - Lightning Returns PC

    In case anyone is interested, FFXIII - Lightning Returns is now available on Steam. Initial reviews point to the following (80% positive): + Choice of fixed 30fps or Dynamic 60fps + No crashes to desktop + More Graphic options - Max resolution of 1080p - Offline mode seem to crash...
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    Monitor Calibration Crash course?

    Hey all, As some of you may know already, I recently bought a BenQ BL3201PT, and it came with a free SpiderPro 4 colour calibrator. I was wondering if there is any crash course on the net that I can do to use it? I would like to see if I can get more out of my Swift. Note I only have...
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    Looking for a quality 1080p

    Hey all, I am currently in search of a 1080p monitor to go with my Swift as my side monitor, its main uses would be Web browsing, movies and games (the latter two being the main uses). Now, the monitor I am looking for have to be as different to Swift as possible, so I can experience the most...
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    4k with pixel double with 1080p?

    Hey all, Are there any 4k monitors out there available that supports pixel doubling mode with 1080p resolution? Thanks
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    970 VRAM segmenation versus system RAM

    Hey all, I know there are a few users here who had stuttering on their 970 when the VRAM went over 3.5GB, but fixed it when they upgraded their RAM from 8 to 16GB. Just out of curiosity, is there any technical explanation for this? Also are there anyone here whose stuttering didn't go away...
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    G400s replacement

    Hey all, I have the G400s gaming mouse, worked great, until recently I noticed the right mouse button was working a bit iffy. When I push the button it feels like something is rubbing against the side of the button, preventing the button from going down smoothly, but is fine on the way back...
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    Quick 970 VS 980 question

    This isn't an ordinary post of comparing a 970 to a 980, but there is someone I know that adamantly says a 970 is a 980 that uses subpar parts because, as he quotes: "Interestingly, the GeForce GTX 970 was the one card of this Maxwell release where all of NVIDIA's partners chose to go the route...
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    SSD life vs file size

    Hey all, Just a question, does a SSD deteriorate faster, slower or the same when writing many many smaller files over a few large files? Example, if I were comparing say writing 1million 1KB files to writing 1000 1MB files to 1 1GB file.
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    Gaming build help

    Hey all 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc Gaming mainly, currently no AAA titles, but would love to play games that challenges my rig. 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? US$3000 (technically NT$100k or about $3300, but our...
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    General Hardware questions

    Hey all, this is my first thread on these forums, and I apologise if I posted in the wrong forum, but I have several questions that span rather widely so I thought hardware may be appropriate. 1. I'll pick an example: GA-Z97X-Gaming GT On the back panel description for the USB 3.0 ports...