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    F/S - European Iron and T Com Speedport W 700v Router + ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Mobo

    Hey folks. I have an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Series Motherboard for sale. I had it in a rig for about a year and one day it decided to not work. After looking at the mobo it appears that when plugged in the power led simply blinks green, but never powers on. I suspect there is some issue with...
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    FS: ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard

    yes sir it does! ygpm and bump!
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    FS: ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard

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    WTB: Athlon XP CPU

    Pretty straightforward really. Had an old system running one die, so I need a replacement CPU. Prefer 2400+ or higher, but whatever ya got. Throw me offers. Thanks, Ben
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    WTB: Kodak Easyshare V1073

    Hey folks, Yes it's a pretty specific request: Kodak Easyshare V1073. Reason I want this model is that it charges via USB (or wall, but USB is really nice) thus eliminating the need for batteries. Plus it has some other really great features I love. Let me know what you got and prices...
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    FS: Digital Cameras, Mp3 Players, Pocket PC, others

    up up up! If you don't like a price, then feel free to make me an offer!
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    Goal to get a car[FREEBIES here]

    bump for a good deal on the car! can i get the information on that car so I can purchase it? :p
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    FS: Digital Cameras, Mp3 Players, Pocket PC, others

    surely this post isn't invisible? bump!
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    FS: Digital Cameras, Mp3 Players, Pocket PC, others

    bump it up! Make me offers guys..
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    WTB: iTouch

    pms replied to thanks for all the offers! Keep throwing those offers out there :)
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    WTB: iTouch

    Found my iTouch Thanks dot.Com! DELETE
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    WTB: Verizon phone - $100 or less.

    I have a Rzer, Krazr, and lg 8300. The Razer is pink, the krazr is red, and the 8300 is black. Let me know if any of these interest you and we can get a price figured out!
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    FS: Digital Cameras, Mp3 Players, Pocket PC, others

    Good day ladies and Gentlemen, Its been some time since I've sold anything here. Been away to college and just found the time to collect all this stuff I had in the house to sell. I have some digital cameras, mp3 players (older but good ones), a Pocket PC and an iPod Nano knock off. So here we...
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    FS: 1st gen 16gb ipod touch $120.00 shipped

    if that falls through I'll take it :)
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    WTB: PSP Games

    Hey all, Looking for any and all PSP games you might have for sale. Bundled and cheap is better :) Heat and ebay are benthelefty Thanks, Ben
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    FS: Samsung Syncmaster T220 NIB $225 Shipped

    up! Monitor is Pending!
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    FS: Samsung Syncmaster T220 NIB $225 Shipped

    bump! Great monitor in great condition for a great price. Someone has to want a monitor these days?
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    FS: Samsung Syncmaster T220 NIB $225 Shipped

    price drop! $200 shipped
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    FS: Samsung Syncmaster T220 NIB $225 Shipped

    Hey guys, I purchased a 22" monitor online this week and they sent me the wrong one! Because of the hassle of having to return it and RMA it and then fight to get my money back, I'm just going to sell it on here. It looked like its BNIB with the stickers on the monitor still. I pulled it...
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    WTB: Your Hyundai L90D+ LCD w/ Broken Screen

    Looking for a working Hyundai L90D+ that has a broken screen (and not visually useable). The Video and backlight boards need to work (the guts of it). Let me know if anyone has anything.. Thanks, Ben heat/ebay are benthelefty
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    WTB: 22" LCD w/ Composite Plugs

    Looking for a decent 22" LCD w/ composite plug ins (red, yellow, white) so I can do stuff on my computer as well as play games off of a N64 or PS2. Looking for something similar to the Westinghouse 22 LCD LCM-22w2. Let me know what you have. Heat/ebay are under benthelefty. Thanks, Ben
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    Seagate 1.5TB Hard Drive $103.99 Shipped w/15% CB at TigerDirect

    ordered one of these on Saturday. Arrived here packed very well without problems. Popped in the drive and it works like a charm. Very pleased! Not sure all the complaining, I haven't had problems with TD. Maybe they just like me though :)
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    Seagate 1.5TB Hard Drive $103.99 Shipped w/15% CB at TigerDirect

    I bit on 1. I clicked the cashback link from and paid w/ paypal, but after that no confirmation on the cashback..yet. How long did the e-mail take from This stuff always freaks me out cus I want that extra %15 and am never sure!
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    WTB: 22" LCD Monitor

    Alright maybe I didn't clarify..i"m looking for something SUB $150 (under--LESS than $150). As far as "super fast response time" or "great contrast" I'm not really interested long as it doesn't ghost terribly, any old 22" LCD w/ DVI is good with me. Like I said there are 22" LCDs for...
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    WTB: 22" LCD Monitor

    With the advent of Black Friday and the certainty that some of you [H]ers are going to be purchasing some 24" 26" even 28" monitors, I"m looking to snag a nice 22". I've seen on-line deals for new monitors priced at $140 and $150 (without using $30 Staples or Office Max discounts) meaning...
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    Pretty Warm: Egg = Hanns·G 22" $149.99 Shipped

    are there any NewEgg or PayPal deals going on currently to drop this price down a little lower?
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    Viewsonic V7 D22w12 22" LCD at Staples for ~$120 shipped No MIR !

    second that. search doesn't do anything "Item not found" - oh well :/
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    WTB: 500 GB SATA HDD

    Delete; found!
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    WTB: Rock Band for Wii

    Oh i see....You would think the prices would drop, but some of the instruments will still be used? Or you said there are different ones? Still looking :) Bump
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    WTB: Rock Band for Wii

    Looking for Rock Band for the Wii. I need all instruments (guitars, drums, microphone). Let me get your cheapest price shipped to 38024! Heat and ebay under benthelefty Thanks, Ben
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    FS: PC Games, Digital Cameras

    up! Surely people still play PC games? Throw me some offers!