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    MSI motherboard RMA issues [poor customer support][

    A member of the MSI customer support staff just told me I was a wasting his time and hung up on me. I actually asked him, if, in fact, on this recorded call he was telling me that I was a waste of time.... and he said "yes", and explained why. Would not get me a supervisor. Basically, I have a...
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    Selling my RX570s to upgrade.. what to get

    So, i basically bought my RX570's a day before the craze. I am going to dump them off now for as much as I can get. Heres the situation: I have 6 1440p 144hz freesync monitors. I am currently testing a GTX 1080 founders (because they had it at the local BB) The GTX 1080 runs very smooth and...
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    i7-6850k how high to OC?

    I just put in a 6850k and I was pretty surprised. I am running 20c idle, and 40s with load in prime95. This is OCed at 4.2ghz with 1.2v. My 6800k took 1.25 volts to get the same oc and was easily 10c hotter. Is there any reason to push this or not? How high to 6850's get usually?
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    XF270HU Dec 2016 build date dingy whites?

    I have six of these monitors, and all of the Nov 2016s look great. The two dec 2016's look dingy in comparison. I have two video cards, 3 displays on each card, the Dec models happen to be my middle displays. No cable issues no card issues, etc. All 4 nov models look identical, 2 dec models look...
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    Powercolor RX570 Red Dragon overheating

    I bought 2x powercolor red dragon GPUs... i tried to return them yesterday due to their excessive heat. However, they had no other RX570/580's. My GPUs are running 60-70 degrees at idle. At 80, they shut off. The fans are not kicking in much, run ning 380rpm at idle. I tried using wattman to...
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    Asus Rog Crosshair VI Hero temps

    Can someone please confirm this for me. I am getting temps on the motherboard showing around 50c idle 60c load. In hardware monitor its TMPIN0 I have a certain number of days to return/exchange this unit. Has Been giving me trouble, and I do not know if its the early bios or if its a hardware...
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    First full work day on Ryzen, have some questions

    I have done some reading here and there about core utilization on Ryzen. Perhaps this reading should have been done prior to my purchasing decision. Long story short, I am surprisingly experiencing slowdowns (as in the mouse does not move fluidly, etc.) with my ryzenv 1700x. I was able to...
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    Ryzen overclocking, perplexing results

    I am by no means an over clocker, but i decided to mess with my 1700x / Crosshair VI a bit First run Cinebench R15 stock - 1485 Second run OC 3.68 ghz, minor dram overclock (1.02 bclk, something like 2175mhz) 1552 Third run, 3.8ghz 1485 Fourth run 3.9 1450 fitth run OC 3.68 ghz, minor dram...
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    Is Ryzen stable?

    I am about to make a computer purchase and I am deciding between intel and amd. It seems that amd roundly beats the i7-7700k in most productivity applications. it also seems that many applications cannot fully or correctly utilize the cores. I will be using this for stock trading, and the...
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    Is there any reason not to buy XF270HU

    Hello, real quick thread. I am about to run to the store and buy six Acer XF270HU. I have read reviews and everything looks positive. At $400 a piece, is there any reason not to buy these? I need 144Hz, IPS, VESA, 1440p, no glossy panel. USed for work, not gaming.
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    Opinion: Logitech G910 VS Corsair K95 RGB Platinum (Brown)

    Hello, I figured I would post this review, though its probably already been done. Feel free to scroll down to the conclusion. I'm just enjoying my cherry brown switches. A little background. A few years back, I bought 3 logitech G910 and matching G502 Mice. I bought these for work, as I needed...
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    2x 4k monitors --- 2x980ti vs 1080

    Hello. I finally decided on my monitor setup (2x Samsung 40 inch MU6300) and i need some GPU advice. I will probably wait 2 weeks to see if vega is released, but if not, I am definitely going nvdia. 2 980ti's can be purchased in the used market for the same or less than one 1080. In synthetic...
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    6X 1440p monitors VS 2x 4K TV's

    I am looking into setting up a new day trade computer. I am trying to work out what would make more sense. I am looking at Dell Ultrasharp U2515H's and whatever the current recommended samsung 4k 40inch display is. I am trying to maximize effectiveness, and not necessarily screen area I...
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    Help me pick a dell laptop for trading

    I have been out of the computer game for a while, still playing around with sandy bridge stuff. I am setting up a laptop for day trading. It will be docked, as all my computers use E series docks (including my work setup). I have 3 offices with 7/6/5 monitor setups on e series docks. I do...
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    Dell p2214H defective displays with 'b' serial

    Just FYI, after going through 15 of these displays, I found that monitors with the last number in the serial of 'B' are bad. The three good monitors i have all end in 'S'. The bad monitors experience color issues, viewing angle issues (ips panel!!!), and pink on one side of the text. I have 12...
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    Connecty router to hotspot and use ethernet?

    Hello, I use a voip phone w/ vpn. I am currently in a place where I cannot get internet for 60-90 days. I have a 30mb hotspot. I am unable to use my phone because it needs an Ethernet connection. I know i can use DD-WRT and have a router setup as an access point. Is there any way to do this...
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    Dell p2214H display issues

    Hello. I purchased 6 of these monitors for my desk at work. only 5 showed up, and 4 of these look blurry. If i get up close, I can see pink on the right side of all the text. One of the monitors is beautiful. How can this be? We have over 150 monitors from dell that I have seen personally and...
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    Popping sound w/ usb dac

    I am setting up some speakers for my desk. I am testing them on my laptop, and I notice a popping noise when nothing is going on in the music (silence, or a track switch). It is irritating. I believe it to be caused by stuff running on the computer. I am considering setting up a minimalist linux...
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    Dell laptop/docking station w/ 6 1080 monitors

    Hello. I need to get a laptop that will dock with the E-series docking stations that is capable of running 6 monitors. I have never daisy-chained display port monitors, so I lack the experience to make a smart decision. I think i know what i need to do, but I need to make sure it will work...
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    5.1/7.1 without totally breaking the bank

    Hello, I am looking for some recommendations for good computer audio. I haven't had a computer in years, though I've built hundreds and know my way around video/audio. I used to be a gamer/audiophile. I am really needing input on new stuff that ive missed out on. I'm looking for some active near...
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    Deployment software (PXE)

    Hello, I am currently searching for the perfect deployment solution. My goal is as few touches as possible. I would like to plug systems in, boot PXE and never have to touch it again. I have used Acornis Snap Deploy, FOG, and Windows Server 2008 in the past. I haven't found one that does all I...
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    Network card copper vs??

    This is probably a stupid question, but what is the difference in cards with copper connections?