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    FYI - Windows 7 OEM Pricing

    Newegg has the OEM pricing up, and small discounts (~10) for pre-orders. OEM Home Premium: $110 OEM Pro: $140 OEM Ult: $190 ArsTechnica Windows 7 OEM Price Comparison Chart
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    GH3 Boss battle help?

    How do you win the boss guitar battles? I tried a number of things against tom morello and think i only won by luck. Slash keeps kicking my ass and i need some help / hints. This is on medium, i get a decent number of 4/5 stars on the songs. Slash manages to get his rock meter back green...
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    dell 700m sonoma replacement?

    Has anyone heard about a dell sonoma laptop to replace the 700m or 600m? (12" / 14" screen) I was theorizing thats why all the laptop coupons have been around recently, to empty out old stock.
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    G5 power light (LED?)

    Is the power light on G5's a white LED? it looks like it flickers to me like a small flourescent. Vitally important information i know :)
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    now thats a lot of remote controlled cameras found this link on forums, the first pic shows a photographer with a ton of remote controller cameras on some framework. Now if i could only have one of those (maybe with one of the nice lenses from a photog in the background...