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    Nvidia and Asus unveil a 360Hz gaming monitor designed for e-sports

    wow that explains alot then .. here i am 3' away from my monitor.. kicked back in a relaxed position. wondering how in the hell people see me in the bushes so far away lol
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    Lawyers for QuadrigaCX customers ask RCMP to exhume body of Gerald Cotten

    Hopefully they can dig around in whats left of his brain and find those much needed passkeys to restore all those people lost coins !!
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    There is some interesting options available to those who want to 'play' With Very good stereo speakers (as in creating a convincing stereo sound stage) combined with equalizer apo and a decent irs convolver and maybe combined with rearplugs to tweak the soundstage a bit. one can achieve...
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    Extremetech: Intel Is Suddenly Very Concerned With ‘Real-World’ Benchmarking

    Intel so MAD about cinebench benchmarks ... lol maybe if they would have spent those years actually increasing processor performance substantially over the years instead of small iterations over and over maybe no one would have cared if amd ran better in cinebench. Intel dropped the ball...
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    Nvidia CEO says buying a Gpu without raytracing is crazy...

    Hes just too legit ..... the more you buy !!
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    Microsoft Updated its terms of service

    no need for a royalty-free intellectual property license to do what microsoft needs with your data , it could be written as a simple replication of data clause to guarantee functioning of services. they dont need rights to your content with a stated clause dictating they can use your content...
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    Microsoft Updated its terms of service

    while true, the way one drive is integrated into windows 10 lends its self quite easily to having ones work becoming Microsoft's intellectual property.
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    Microsoft Updated its terms of service

    pretty much everything Microsoft , barring the operating system so far.. all at the bottom of the link .. office 365, one drive, live mail, photo ghallery, groove etc ....
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    Microsoft Updated its terms of service interesting tid bit, b. To the extent necessary to provide the Services to you and others, to protect you and the Services, and to improve Microsoft products and services, you grant to Microsoft a worldwide and royalty-free...
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    (DCS World developer) jailed and charged with smuggling fighter jet manuals to Moscow

    the manuals were probably his very own flight manuals for the game ....
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    AMD GPU PCB with GDDR6 Analyzed by Buildzoid

    Like he said it possibly a work station card, after he drew the heatsink profile im more convinced that this will be a work station card of some sort.
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    Battlefield V's battle royale Firestorm is now live

    I need to try this but im kinda over whelmed star citizen new ptu, the divsion 2, and apex there is only so many hours in a day to play games ....
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    Epic Games Announces More Exclusives and Features

    the same sweeny that accused PC gaming being dead due to piracy ? the same sweeny that proclaimed single player gaming dead? i dont beleive he deserves the credit you bestow on him as he was one of the main chracters in driving the whole pc is dead mantra. and now that he sees how wrong he...
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    All of whats been said in arms favor is misconstrued, its all abstracted and glossed over. Arm is only a power house in custom designed applications. and those applications are usually scientific and have no real world bearing on actually daily workloads. i have yet to find anything...
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    you keep repeating this but it has been demonstrated as wrong .
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Uh no we dont we have one chip that performs almost equal to x86 ... just one ... what apple has, yet to be demonstrated in any meaningful way.. the rest of the arm chips fail to muster much of showing in any of the prior bench marks, regardless the whole issue here is that "arm is an x86...
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    Cinebench R20 Is Available on the Microsoft Store and Apple Store

    Funny thing is : Supported Systems PC Windows 7 SP1 64-bit or higher Intel or AMD 64-bit CPU with SSE3 & 4GB RAM maybe we will get a stand alone with out the need of windows 10 hijinks, some time the next few weeks. any way heres my result 7170
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Not making any mistake, just trying to show arm in a fair and balanced light with relatable bench marks (which is hard since barely any exist) that even show arm beating x86, but yet thats not good enough. because of your zealotry you keep referring to your precious spec marks which mean jack...
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    George Lucas Is Reportedly Fixing Luke Skywalker for "Star Wars: Episode IX"

    im still confused, did luke actually die in the second movie ??
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    You cant have it both ways, either arm is an x86 killer or arm is an alternative, if its a killer its going to be compared against x86. regardless of application. i have seen this argument before its absolute hogwash, if you want the processor to be an x86 killer than it had better...
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    Revenue from Music Streaming Services Grew 30% in 2018

    sure this has been already said but the artist only saw 1% of it...
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    and as i have stated, there is still no apples to apples benchmarks everything is abstracted to some degree. arm is not an x86 killer its a great processor to be sure and delivers quite a bit of power for its package. but it still lags behind x86 . i use arm on a daily basis ... in the note...
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    PubG Corporation Patches Vulnerabilities and Arrests Hackers

    you know, maybe im being hardheaded about cheating in games. maybe its not about the game . but about who has the best cheats ... and the banned accounts are like 'lives' when you run out of accounts you just buy more .. get better cheats rinse repeat and or move on ... this must be the...
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    The HTC 5G Hub Will Bring Cloud-Based Virtual Reality to the Home

    I want to be excited about this, but the video absolutely showed me nothing to be excited about ....
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    still unconvincing, the jaguar 64 is an old bulldozer amd processor with a bit of moderation to it, we all know how awesome bulldozer was ... and i have yet to see any relatable bench marks showing arm out performing x86 in recognizable every day use bench marks, even so in this article...
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    Actually i do understand code portabillity to a certain degree, but im not out here decrying the death of x86 just because you can port x86 to 6502 ... and while i may be blithely ingnorant to all these umm Arm applications on ummm Arm desktops and Workstations (thats so funny) ...
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    Intel Officials Allegedly Say that Apple Could Move to ARM Soon

    wow just imagine how fast all those crappy apps will launch ... and maybe jus maybe but i doubt it youll be able to simultaneously multi task on it too... i shake my head when ever watch these mac and arm fans demonstrating the Photoshop app zooming through pictures saying WOW this is so...
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    16,000 Cheaters Have Been Banned from Apex Legends

    I was just flabbergasted by this , i mean i know cheating is rampant but its even worse than i thought ... just crazy ...
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    AMD Radeon VII Video Card Review @ [H]

    Great in depth and fair review, so disappointing that the 16gb of ram does nothing for gaming especially shocked that cod uses it all and no real advantage was seen .. you would think with all that much texture in vram it would give a boost somewhere . oh well great review as always guys .
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    AMD Radeon VII 33-Game Benchmark: "It Makes the GTX 2080 Look Pretty Good"

    so umm where do i find these 400 - 500 dollar rtx 2080 cards ??
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    Texas Bill Aims to Stop Companies from "Throttling" Internet Service during Disasters

    Verizon has been particularly terrible when it comes to disaster response and services. in the after math of hurricane Michael i was listening to the radio who was doing disaster coverage news and information distribution, it was 2 am at night and an ambulance driver called in asking for for...
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    as it stands right now , rocks for mining , and arguably habs for better trade routes, and possibly but unconfirmed derelicts like the one on daymar. and maybe reaching for it another jumptown ? buts so far rocks for mining.
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    On Hurston, you have Clovis that provides pick up and drop off missions and Constantine that provides merc missions for the various bunker clearing tasks. also the in game mobiglass displays various other merc, investigation and pick up and drop off missions that all invlolve flying to...
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    AMD Radeon VII Unboxing and Teardown Video

    I hope in the review there is an attempt to put the 16 gb of ram to use.
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    Unfortunately your posts are biased and more akin to propaganda driven by an unkown agenda. of course the game is buggy, to continuously harp on the bugginess is kinda absurd. since its pretty much common knowledge that Alpha means bugs. The outright dismissal of what there is to do is...
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    Just to calirfy some things that are being misstated. There are 13, space stations / ports in star citizen that you can visit spawn / store ships at, and trade or drop mission objectives. CRU L1 CRU L3 CRU L4 CRU L5 HRU L1 HRU L2 HRU L3 HRU L4 HRU L5 Grim Hex Port Olisar Levski Lorville...
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    Here Is the ASRock Phantom Gaming X AMD Radeon VII 16G Graphics Card

    I just hope its less power hungry...
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    Cloud Imperium Games Spent $4M a Month in 2017 Developing Star Citizen

    if the people in control of the funds that went to space exploration, weren't such huge crooks and scam artist, we would probably already be there.