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    Some IMG postings not viewable

    Example is in this post: What I see with Firefox (Mac and PC), Internet Explorer 11 (PC, no addons) and Safari (Mac, no addons): The only way I can see that image is to start a...
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    How to beat Super Mario 64 in 4m21s

    This is not the way I remember playing this game. A new method is allowing use of the underwater moat door that you always wanted to go through, so the game can be defeated with only one Bowser key and zero stars.
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    Quoting getting screwed up sometimes?

    I think quoting is screwing up once in awhile. Twice now, when I've quoted someone, it ended up being attributed to somebody else's post, and I've had to go back and edit. I was wondering how I could screw up a very simple procedure but I've seen it happen to at least one other person; Ducman69...
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    Should cable length affect ohms very much?

    I've got a Fiio E6, which is a tiny little headphone amp that outputs 16mW when under a 300Ohm load, and 150mW under a 16Ohm load. I've been using it with a 15 foot long 3.5mm 22AWG extension cable from Monoprice and a pair of 25 Ohm IEMs with no problems. I needed to increase the length of the...
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    Search is broken?

    Forum search seems to be completely broken, returning no results for anything. Is it just me?
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    How to repair WIndows 7 Update taking forever

    Windows 7 Update taking forever to find new updates? Here's how to fix it, at least until the next patchday (probably August 8). Thanks to Jim Kim for finding this. (source) Here's how to check whether or not you have an update already installed in Win7: 1. Open Windows Update control panel 2...
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    PowerGate: What are the PCI-E specs?

    I am seeing a lot of assumptions being made that if a card is pulling more than 75W out of the slot, it is out of the PCI-E specs. Some are saying that if it ever goes above 75W, it's out of spec; others say if it averages above 75W, it's out of spec. But what do the specs actually say? I...
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    Tour of a huge Bitcoin mine

    This is why you don't mine Bitcoin with GPUs anymore:
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    KB3133977 breaks ASUS's Secure Boot for Win7

    Microsoft just switched KB3133977 from "Optional" to "Recommended", so there's going to be a lot of people suddenly getting a Secure Boot Violation window when attempting to boot Windows 7. ASUS has issued a FAQ with a solution. Original thread here.
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    Secure Boot suddenly stopped working with Windows 7

    I'm dual booting Windows 10 on one SSD and Windows 7 on the other SSD; motherboard is the ASUS Sabertooth Z170. Secure Boot suddenly stopped working for Windows 7 but not for Windows 10. Today, on the Windows 7 install, a few updates came through on Windows Update: KB3138901, KB3139923...
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    Rumor mill amends Titan release date to 4Q16/1Q17

    April 2016 - GTC: Tesla (GP100) June 2016 - Computex: GTX 1080 (GP104) & GTX 1070 (GP104) 4Q 2016 - GP106 & GP107 4Q 2016 or 1Q 2017 - Titan (GP100) 1Q / 2Q 2017 - GP108 (GM108 rebrand?) Bits And Chips rumor article, Google Translated to English The June release date for the 1080 and...
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    Windows 10 gamma extremely high

    Gamma is extremely high on my display and I don't understand why. Gamma was fine on WIndows 7. I just installed Windows 10 Pro, clean install of the retail version on a blank SSD. The monitor is a Dell U2515h; brightness is 20% and contrast is 50%, Dynamic Contrast turned off. Video card...
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    Rumor: Titan V in April, GTX 1080 in June Oh, what fun this rumor article is! Someone said somewhere that the next Titan card will be the fifth Titan, so the obvious name choice is Titan V, and that sounds so right.
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    EMET completely bypassed again

    EMET has been bypassed again, and this time it's really bad: "Duo said it reached out to Microsoft with its research and exploit, which was acknowledged. The issue, however, would likely require significant re-architecting of Windows with regard to the support of 32-bit applications on 64-bit...
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    vBulletin hacked

    "...administrators for any site that uses vBulletin should drop whatever they're doing and immediately install Monday's patch."
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    Twitch install of Arch Linux hijacked by botnet

    The "Twitch in the Shelll" community is using Twitch to crowd-source an install of Arch Linux; every ten seconds, the most popular keystroke in the Twitch chat gets entered into an Arch Linux virtual machine. So, of course, along comes a botnet that managed to take over and do a partial...
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    Video card names scoring, xkcd style

    Refer to xkcd's Car Model Names or this will make no sense. A better explanation of how the scores are calculated can be found in that comic's xkcd explained. For example, the GTX 980 is +27 -18 +126 -37 -67 +60 = 91 / 6 = 15.16 / 10 = 1.52 Using the same scores that xkcd uses for car model...
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    Odd error when searching for USB-C

    When I search for: USB-C I get this error: index post,postdelta: syntax error, unexpected $end near 'C' This occurs whether I use the search in the Search menu or in the Thread Tools. What am I inadvertently triggering here? I am, of course, searching for talk about USB Type C which...
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    6TB SSDs, anyone?

    Bunch of articles hit tonight about the Samsung PM1725. They are PCI-E x8 cards on NVME, in capacities of 3.2TB and 6.4TB thanks to 48 layers of 3D V-NAND. Sequential reads of 5500 MB/sec Sequential writes of 1800 MB/sec Random reads of 1 million IOPS Random writes of 120,000 IOPS...
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    Full implications of end of free Win10 upgrade period revealed

    This seems worthy of its own thread. Is mda the first to ask Microsoft the right question? Source What Microsoft says about this on several of its web pages takes on new meaning when supplied with this context: "You have until July 29, 2016 to take advantage of this free upgrade...
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    Crusader Kings II patch notes are weird

    A few selections from the 2.4.0 patch notes that sound a bit... odd if you read them aloud: - Characters who love their spouses very much are now less likely to join holy orders. - Paranoid parents should no longer worry about potential plots against dead children. - The lustful cabin can...
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    Elsaco 4DOF Extreme 4x4 Panoramic racing simulator No, you don't need to know how much it costs.
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    Dishonored 2

    Surprise! Dishonored 2 was accidentally leaked into an open mic at E3, a day ahead of what is expected to be the official announcement.
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    Thunderbolt 3 to use USB-C

    With Thunderbolt 3, you get reversible USB-C connectors, USB 3.1, Displayport 1.2, 100W of charging power, and 40 Gbps which allows two 4K 60Hz displays or one 5K 60Hz display.
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    80 sec/hash

    How to mine Bitcoin on a 55-year-old IBM mainframe :D
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    How to set color space in Nvidia Control Panel (recently changed!)

    In the Nvidia Control Panel, in the "Change Resolution" section, in the bottom right there is a "Output dynamic range" setting. Full is the 0-255 color space which you will definitely want on a PC, while Limited is the 16-235 color space meant for HDMI TVs which will make colors look all washed...
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    GTA V: malware inside Angry Planes and NoClip mods

    The mods Angry Planes and NoClip install a keylogger called Fade.exe:
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    State of Decay: Year-One Survival Edition

    State of Decay: YOSE has a release date of April 28. If you already own State of Decay, you can pre-purchase on Steam for $20 instead of the normal price of $30. According to "Beautifully remastered in 1080p, it will include State of Decay, 'Lifeline' and 'Breakdown'...
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    LG leaks 8K iMac info

    LG leaked the following statement on one of its blogs; "It has become clear that Japan is planning to launch an 8K SHV test broadcast and then promptly restructure the UHD service. Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this...
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    Question about editing Stylish profiles

    I've lately decided to use dark themes in Firefox. Previous to using Stylish, I tried using a regular dark Firefox theme, and wanted to make the about:blank page be black instead of white, since that is my home page; also, I have Firefox set to to switch to new tabs immediately, and whenever...
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    Glitches in Hardforum text editor only with Firefox and Yosemite

    Image 1: Image 2: I've just upgraded my Mac from Mavericks to Yosemite, and I am now seeing the artifacting in the above pictures. That happens when I press return after typing some text in the Hardforum text editor. It always happens in the first four lines of the editor window...
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    So you think your VPN is secure

    You'll have to scroll down past a few very interesting pages to get to the VPN cracking stuff, but the NSA can pretty much compromise whatever VPN they want to: One of those interesting...
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    136TB of NAND flash in a 1U storage array

    Skyera has released its"]skyHawk FS[/URL] line, which packs up to 136TB of NAND flash in a 1U storage array: They come in capacities of 16, 32, 68 and 136TB. But don't reach for your credit...
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    2014 Mac Mini (Haswell with Iris and PCI-E SSDs

    After two years of waiting, the new Mac Mini lineup is out! They are all Haswell CPUs with 802.11ac wireless. The two faster ones have 2.6GHz or 2.8GHz i5 CPUs with Iris graphics that can be upgraded to a 3.0GHz i7 with Iris graphcs. Iris graphics is about 90% faster than what was in the...
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    How To Force Your ISP To Prioritize Your File Transfers

    Spotted this on slashdot today. It can't be that easy, can it? "I've done it. I've downloaded a large file from a friend that was taking forever, i.e. in the realm of two hours total time. A half hour in or so, I got sick of it and we both had bandwidth to spare. On a whim, he moved it to a...
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    Review of a $35 Firefox OS smartphone How much smartphone do you get for $35? "It wasn't until after taking screenshots for this article and viewing them on a better LCD that we had a sense of what the software looked like." Wow. And that...
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    Acer XB280HK 28" 4K TN with G-Sync

    The Acer XB280HK is a 28" 60Hz 4K G-Sync TN, and will be available sometime in October. Unless another company unexpectedly beats them to the market, this will be the first 4K G-Sync monitor available. The MSRP is $800, which makes it an interesting competitor to the 27" 144Hz 1440p G-Sync...
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    Butterfly Labs sued by FTC for "systematic deception"

    "The FTC alleges that one corporate defendant and three individual defendants have taken in over $50 million by operating a scheme that required consumers to pre-pay for machines that would allow consumers to ‘mine’ for Bitcoins, a new virtual currency," the complaint states. "Defendants either...
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    Weird post

    This post is kind of weird compared to every other post I've ever seen on this forum. The username is not a link, and searching for that username as either a username or as a keyword comes up empty. The content of the post also has paranoid me wondering if this is legit...
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    AMD to start selling "gaming" SSDs As noted on slashdot (source) AMD's gaming SSDs are apparently going to be 19nm Toshiba flash with Barefoot 3 controllers. Which is what OCZ SSDs were. Nothing new here. Expect AMD to heavily market a...