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    Is anyone else having Galaxy Note/Edge camera issues?

    Is anyone else having an issue with the Note 4 or More Edge issues with the camera not focusing? We're shooting in the ATT store replacing the third Note Edge that won't focus. The camera is stuck out of focus for anything past a few inches of the lens. Shaking and tapping the lens causes it...
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    HP Stream 7 $74.99 + free shipping

    Great price for an awesome tablet running full Windows 8.1 (copied from tech bargains): 1) Add the Stream 7 to cart 2) Send a text to number 29502 with word FITBIT in text 3) You should instantaneously receive a unique promo code for $25 off $75 4) During checkout, enter your unique promo...
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    Smart watches used with other brands?

    My wife wants the Samsung Gear 2 but is looking at other branded phones. Does anyone know if you have to have a Samsung phone to get all of functionality or can you mix and match phone and watch brands?
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    GPE S4 or Nexus 4?

    My Galaxy Nexus has overheated in the AZ sun a few times this summer which is causing it to die a slow death. The writing is on the wall, I wish it wasn't because I love my Gnex but it is. I'm a power user and have sworn to only use Nexus branded phones as I feel they offer a more fluid and...
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    Vanilla HTC One from Google

    Interesting news:
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    Reputable place to buy a new battery?

    My Acer 1410's battery is going out and I need a new one. What's the best option to get a good quality battery? Amazon and the net have a ton of batteries but I have no way of telling what is good quality and what isn't. Thoughts?
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    Google Play Store now selling unlocked Nexus

    It's nice to see Google doing this again. I'm tempted to pick one up and sell my Vibrant on Craigslist.
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    Best bluetooth headsets for noisy environments?

    It's main use is in a very loud car so I need it to handle the noise very well. It would be nice if they were stereo but I'll settle for mono if it means that it's a better headset. So far I haven't found any reviews that cover noise reduction well so I'm asking you guys. What do you recommend?
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    T-mobile Galaxy S2 getting different chips

    They already lost my business but this removes any doubts I once had
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    Apple doctors more photos in court

    Looks like Apple has been caught manipulating more photos in court.
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    Vibrant GPS fix on Kies

    I didn't see this posted and I know there are a few Vibrant owners here. A GPS fix has been issued over Samsung's Kies software. After the fix I get a lock within 10 seconds and it's been pretty accurate so far...
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    160 character text limit on Evo? How do you get around this?

    My buddy just got an Evo and is asking me how to get around the 160 character text limit. The iPhone combines these texts so they're not broken up. Anyone know how?
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    Galaxy S reception issues?

    Is anyone else having reception issues with the Galaxy S? I'm on my second Vibrant in less than a week. Right now I have one bar and 111 dBm and 1 asu with the vast majority of the time sitting at 0 dBm and 0 asu. This is sitting on the table without me touching it. Is this a problem with...
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    MS Arc keyboard and mouse on same transceiver?

    I have a Microsoft Arc keyboard and Arc mouse for my HTPC and due to the limited number of USB ports on the computer I was hoping that the keyboard and mouse would work off of the same transceiver...unfortunately they do no. Thankfully MS's support email system is down so I'm left to beg to the...
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    Samsung Epic 4G

    I see that Samsung's Galaxy S will ship as the epic 4G to Sprint which means an LED flash, keyboard, and added size and weight. What do you think the chances that they'll ship the Vibrant (T-mobile's version) to Sprint in 4G form. I hate big thick phones and the Epic 4G looks to be one :(
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    Sapphire Theater 550 Pro

    Sapphire Theater 550 Pro. $25 shipped. ebay feedback: howesjs heatware: howesjs
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    Acer AspireRevo 3610 availability?

    Does anyone know where to find the Acer Revo 3610 either stateside or overseas? It's listed on Acer's website but I can't find it anywhere and their online store doesn't work/retail locator doesn't work...
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    Is there a way to get around out of network overage minutes?

    Here's my dilema. I'm stuck with T-mobile on an unlimited minutes plan, my girl is stuck with Verizon's lowest level plan that has a 450 minute out of network restriction. It's my understanding that regardless of whether I call or she calls she gets dinged for out of network charges (please...
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    Itunes alternative for the iphone?

    iTunes is driving me nuts and I want an alternative. Is there anything out there similar to anapod for the iphone?
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    Email Change

    I no longer have a real email and am forced to use my yahoo mail for everything. Is there any way I can get it changed....I've been on here for years and am pretty sure I'm not a spambot :p
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    Best HD-DVD/Bluray software?

    PowerDVD sucks and I'm tired of dealing with it. What other alternatives do I have for HD-DVD and Bluray playback?
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    Does anyone still sell the X-fi Music?

    Fried my X-fi platinum and need a music to mod and use with the breakout box. Do any online retailers still have them in stock?
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    Question about Prelude inputs.....

    My X-fi Platinum fried today (I'm an idiot) and I'm looking to replace it with something of a higher quality. I hear the Prelude fits that bill but it doesn't have an I/O box like the Platinum that I need so my question is, can you use the optical / coaxial combo port accept analogue RCA...
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    4.1 soundcards with dedicated subwoofer out?

    I need a good quality sound card that is capable of outputting 4.1 sound with the .1 channel using a dedicated out? I'm running this in my car and am outputting this to two amplifiers. One amp runs 4 component speakers and the second amp runs the subwoofer. I currently have a XFI Platinum...
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    Holy 8800GT heat reduction batman!

    My EVGA 8800GT at stock speeds (650/950). Idle 86*C Installed WC gear in sig: 34*C Something tells me EVGA's sloppy application of the thermal pads was severely blocking airflow.
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    hd-dvd software for OSX?

    I need to hook up my xbox's HD-DVD player to OSX but don't have software to run it. Suggestions on what software I need?
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    Gaming comprimise on a 16:10 monitor?

    My 360 is hooked up to a 22" Acer via monoprice's HDMI -> DVI cable and while the picture is fantastic but there's some image distortion due to the 1600 x 1050 native resolution. Is there a solution or a resolution in the console settings that will minimize ore even eliminate the distortion...
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    Brick and Mortar stores that carry Grado?

    I need a good set of heaphones and want to listen to some Grados before I make a final decision but can't find anyone who carries them. Are there any large brick and mortar stores like Best Buy that carry them?
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    Why is my BIOS showing two operating systems?

    My first load of XP Home on a new system failed so I had to reformat and load it again. After the second load the BIOS asks me to chose between two operating systems at start up. What's going on and how do I fix it?
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    Could this be what the Zuen should have been but wasn't?

    "This is a surprise. At CES today, AOL and China-based manufacturer Haier rolled out their upcoming 30GB Smartscreens Media Device, a portable media player equipped with a laptop-esque touch pad, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi. The all-metal PMP is "about the size of an iPod" and supports MPEG-4 and...
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    usboverdrive alternative?

    Is there a free work around for the terrible acceleration curves built into OSX? I'm not a fan of spending $20 to fix something that should be optional in an operating system. Unfortunately I also need something that's command line based like mousefix so that I don't have to jump through a...
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    61" DLP - $1800 - no rebate

    Regular price $2,600 Sale price $1,800
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    Low profile wrist rests?

    My Logitech Dinovo keyboard is about as low profile as they come and the wrist rest doesn't extend out far enough for my long fingers. The traditional wrist rests from CompUSA are to high for the keyboard.....does anyone make lower profile wrist rest for the new generation of low profile keyboards?
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    Not a single driver installing correctly on Vista64!

    I can't get any drivers to install in Vista 64. The Nvidia driver installs, reboots, but retains the native drivers. My airlink wireless card fails during driver install and finally XiFi gets the following message: "Creative device driver installation program has stopped working" What's...
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    Vista install freezing

    My vista install is taking forever to load and when it does the OS boots up and the moment I try to open anything with my mouse it completely freezes up. I can still move the mouse but everything else is unresponsive. What's up?
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    Samsung T133 impressions?

    I currently have a 250 gig Spinpoint P on a computer built for silence. I see they have a 400 gig Spinpoint T133 available. Does anyone have any thoughts on speed and noise? I'm running out of room on my computer and the SATAII drives are stupidly faster than my SATA WD according to...
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    MCW60 doesn't have mounting hardware for the 7600 series?

    I just bought an evga 7600 GS and my MCW60 doesn't have any mounting hardware that fits it? Does it have mounting hardware for it that I didn't get. Does it not work for the 7600 GT too?
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    Why is XP SP2 not recognizing my USB 2.0 ports?

    I have a Soyo P4S Drago Ultra motherboard and XP SP2. I have completed all of Microsoft's updtaes and all of my USB ports are still only recognized as USB 1. What's going on and how do I fix this?
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    Coworker cheating at Unreal Tournament. Server setup help please!

    I work third shift and a few of us take a break from time to time and have cube wars in Unreal Tournament on the company's old G4's. Like anyone who wasted their life in Quake 2 rail arena I was accused of cheating when I started whipping out the shock\sniper rifles and now this guy is suddenly...