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    Document scanner recommendations

    I'm looking for a document scanner which can do duplex scanning. I have a load of papers which I want to scan and keep as a backup in soft copy. Does anyone have any recommendations? Budget around 450USD or less. TIA
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    Laser Jet printers

    I'm looking for the cheapest monochrome laser jet printer but has duplex function (double sided printing) automatically. Any suggestions? Thanks
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    Hard drive problem

    My PC suddenly stopped working and would freeze before the Windows login screen. (XP Pro SP3) The hard drive light indicates activity but I hear a weird clicking sound and seems like its struggling to power on. (I see the windows bar keep moving though) The fans however are not affected so I...
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    USB hub doesn't work with WinXP?!

    So I bought a cheap 4 port USB hub that is 2.0 compatible. I figured it is a simple plug and play procedure but WinXP Pro SP2 doesn't seem to recognize it. :confused: I plug it into the USB port and get an error message: "USB Device Not Recognized, one of more USB devices has malfunctioned...
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    OS freezes during startup?!

    The computer boots up normally and I see the Windows XP logo. The status bar will move for a few seconds then it would freeze. The HDD indicator stays alight. (no flashing activity) Nothing happens after. When I restart the computer, I get a message from windows that it has not started...
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    Budget new comp

    So I'm thinking of getting a new desktop but I want to keep costs down. I usually build my own comps but now a bit out of touch with new technologies. Dell is offering the Insprion 530 for $~750USD. Specs are: Intel Core 2 Quad Procs 2.4GHz Q6600 (G33 chipset) Windows Vista Basic SP1 No...
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    Diagnose this problem. Help!

    I can't figure out whats causing the problem. The mouse would freeze for 10-20sec then goes back to normal again. This usually happens when I'm on Youtube but I'm thinking its just a coincidence. The speakers would buzz like the system hanged. Everything then back to normal again. I tried...
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    Alternate cooling solution?

    My old P4 3GHz desktop uses the stock Intel heatsink and fan. After 4 years of use, it seems to get louder and the whine from the fan is intolerable. I'm thinking of changing it but have no idea what to replace it with. I have a Zalman AlCU 7000 for my Athlon XP. Its very quiet and I'm looking...
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    Question about website design

    I'm a newbie at website design and I'm wondering if this feature is easy to do. (I don't know what its called actually) Here is what I mean: For example at the top of apple's website, ( there are two images/posters. One of them "City of Men" the other...
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    Wireless router, keeps disconnecting??!?

    Hey. I heard good things about DD-WRT so I flashed my Buffalo router (WHR-HP-G54) to the latest firmware (v23. SP2). Everything is working but my wireless connection drops frequently and its really getting on my nerves! If I leave my connection idle and then use it later, it wouldn't work and I...
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    Buffalo router owners with DD-WRT

    For those who have successfully flashed your Buffalo routers to DD-WRT, please chime in. I decided to flash my wireless router (WHR-HP-G54) to DD-WRT since the stock firmware is annoying the hell outta me. I already read the wiki link for the installation...
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    computer saves search history?!

    I'm using a public computer at work mainly for checking email and searching articles using google. The computer saves the search history even when temporary internet files are cleared. For example on google, I search for "computer", the next tme I type c, it would automatically display a drop...
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    Wireless router suggestions.

    I'm looking for something to replace my Buffalo AirStation Turbo G (WHR-HP-G54) wireless router. The damn thing is really annoying and has to be reset every 1-2 weeks. When it works, the speed is pretty fast but I do experience drops in connection once in a while. I've looked at the Linksys...
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    BH5 chips

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    Best slot loading DVDROM?

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    NFS underground

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    Temperature recording

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    External HDD capacity limit?

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    Klipsch Promedia

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    Your 3D mark?

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    weird problem, windows clock

    I just formatted, did a clean install of Windows XP Home and loaded SP2. I noticed my Windows clock is now 24 hour and I can't change it back to 12 hour AM/PM format. There are no options for me to switch back. Has anyone encountered this problem before :confused:
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    firefox lags

    I use firefox (version 1.5) as my primary browser, however sometimes I'm forced to use IE 6.0. Whenever there are a lot of pictures on a website and I want to scroll up/down, the page lags like crazy. Even when there is one hi-res picture it jitters. I don't get this problem when I use IE. Is...
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    Does anyone know which iTunes version does not come with Quicktime? The new 6.0 version includes Quicktime automatically and I find this annoying :mad: Can't find my Ipod CD :eek:
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    External HDD capacity limit?

    Currently I have an external HDD (120GB) connected to my laptop via firewire. I'm running out of space (I use it for backups) and I want to upgrade it to a larger one, possible 250GB or more. I'm wondering if there is a storage limit for external HDDs? I know for internal ones, my laptop bios...
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    Making this comp faster. suggestions

    My Aunt has a Compaq Presario S6010 and she wants to make it faster. She can't afford a new system atm. Specs: Intel Celeron 2.7GHz/400, PGA478 Gamila - GL6E (MS-6577) I think the mobo is by Microstar :confused: Intel 845GV chipset 256 MB PC2700 ram 40GB HDD 5400rpm CDRW and misc...
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    Mouse probs

    I have the Logitech Dinovo and the mouse's forward/backward buttons don't work when I use firefox. However, it works with IE. Im wondering if there is some kind of setting I need to change in order for it to work with firefox? I had an MX500 and it worked fine. Any suggestions :confused:
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    argh stupid designs!

    I got a thumb drive from Kingston and I plug it into my Fujitsu laptop but then I realised it doesn't fit in properly into the USB port. The design of the shell of the laptop prevents the thumb drive from having proper contact. :mad: WTF?? does that mean my laptop is not compatible with thumb...
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    Anyone have Senn HD25?

    Just wondering how do they sound, since its a closed type headphone. I have the PX100s and I love them.
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    upgrading CPU

    I have the Fujitsu C2210 laptop, (see sig for specs) I've basically upgraded the ram and HDD. Could the CPU be upgraded as well? i.e to 2.2GHz P4-M I can't find any useful info on my laptop model... thx
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    ipod shuffle

    What do you guys think of the new ipod shuffle? I'm still using 2nd gen ipod..battery life is declining :(
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    Soundsticks 2

    Anyone have this speaker system? Comments?
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    Someone pulled a prank on my friends computer and now all his songs sound weird. So I thought it could be EQ settings which have been changed but he said the songs sound weird on different media players as well. He uses WMP, itunes. Doesn't have winamp Any suggestions ?
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    where can I get hitachi 60Gb 7K HDD

    I have the Fujitsu C2210 laptop and I used most of the 30Gb space on my hard drive. I want to upgrade to the Hitachi 60Gb 7200rpm HDD. I've visited a couple of websites and they are selling it for ~170US which I think is quite expensive. I heard Dell had a discount for them for about 150 US...
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    Really annoying problem.....

    Hi. It happens in winamp, windows media player, foobar etc....when I play a song it plays normally but then I get this hiccup. Like an interruption for less than a second....don't really know how to describe it. Like lag in a game. Its really annoying. I don't know whats causing this...
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    internet so slow!

    My comp is super slow in loading websites. It was fine yesturday but it started acting up this morning. I have no idea what cause this. I ran Adaware and it found a couple of spywares and I deleted them. Also ran Search and Destroy. Same thing. I thought it had contracted a virus so I ran...
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    nooo laptop doesn't run HL2

    OK...its a Fujitsu C2210, specs.. haha..a joke. P4-M 1.8GHz, ATi 340M IGP 64mb, 30Gb ATA100 HDD, 768 SD Ram PC2100... I have the omega 2.5.90 drivers for it. I read the minimum specs for the graphics card is a directx 7.0 comptiable card... and I think the 340M is equivalent to the Radeon...
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    Fujitsu Tech suck!

    Basically I emailed them and asked whether the bios will support HDDs as much as 60Gb. It has a 30Gb ATA HDD atm and I want to upgrade to 60Gb 7200rpm Hitachi. Its a Fujitsu C2210, P4-m 1.8GHz, ATi IGP 340M 64mb, 14.1" XGA TFT etc... Here is their reply: Dear Sir, The Max HDD tested...
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    help me find a good PC case!

    Hi. I currently have the LL PC6070A. Quality is awesome but airflow is bad. I am thinking of selling it and getting one with 120mm intake and exhaust but it seems most PC cases out there look really ugly..maybe thats only me. Here are the ones I've looked at so far: Antec Super lanboy...