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    Best programs or images to find dead/lit pixels?

    Make red, green, blue and black images matching your display resolution then view them full screen.
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    Samsung T260 25.5"

    Here you go : from a review I wrote about the monitor.
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    Sure, TN panels have bad viewing angles, but unless you have some serious problem with your eyes there is no reason for not seeing the top part of a 16:10. don’t exaggerate.
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    Following image is also photoshopped; 16:9 is a photo of an actual monitor, I made the 16:10 screen by using some math and photo editing. I derived the screen area with a bit of math, then used the frame of the 16:9 monitor around the derived blue screen area to make up the monitor. I think this...
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    Vizion 26" monitor
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    Samsung TOC T240 and T260

    Yes, please do.. Here is my personal review of T260.
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    Tolerance for stuck pixels?

    My tolerance is also zero, I even returned a monitor for a single dead sub pixel (less noticeable than a lit stuck pixel), returned it because I paid extra for zero dead pixel policy when I bought the monitor. But that was with a new monitor, yours is refurbished, therefore the replacement can...
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    1920x1080 - why recommend?

    I value more vertical resolution than a slightly wider screen. If you spend a lot of time programming, word processing or reading stuff on the internet (doing productive stuff on your computer), that extra 120 pixels /~10% can make more of a difference than a half inch would do for movies and...
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    Question about Resolution / Screen Size

    Monitors are meant for PCs = for Text, therefore higher resolutions are always favored. On the other hand videos will look good at 720p on small TVs (difference between 720 and 1080 is barely noticeable from a distance on a TV less than 30"), afterall standard TV and DVD resolution is only...
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    Bad Syncmaster T260 unit? (Grainy green tint)

    I have a T260. Out of the box colors looked very natural, I did change it a bit to suite my taste, but the default colors didn't look anything like what you experience. Did you check color settings ? Make sure Red Green and Blue are balanced. And also try without MagicTune and any color...
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    tv on my monitor

    If you don’t already have a tuner / cable set top box, then you need something like this. You cannot connect the coaxial cable from your wall to a LCD monitor using a simple adapter; you need a TV tuner.
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    Samsung T240 vs. T260

    I have a T260, and like it a lot. What is the price difference ? for me it was around $50 more than T240. Side-by-side there is a notable size difference. But I don't think that extra 1.5" is worth $150 more.... BTW the viewable area of T260 is actually a 25.5".
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    24-26" @ $500 Budget--Gaming

    I have a T260, no regrets. Good Colors, viewing angles, light leak and brightness distribution for a TN panel. Not a gamer, so I cant really comment on gaming performance (input lag).
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    DVI vs VGA?

    If you use top of the line equipment i.e : very expensive VGA cables with high end monitors you might not see a noticeable difference, but for average consumer monitors, especially with the bundled VGA and DVI cables there is a clear difference at high resolutions. Even in a pure technical...
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    T260 or 2693HM

    I recently purchased a T260 and very satisfied with it. It has a uniform brightness distribution, low backlight bleeding and relatively good viewing angels for a TN panel. At 100% the monitor is very bright; I normally use it at 50%. I was also concerned about height adjustability at first, but...
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    Final Decision: 32" Sharp 720p LCD vs Sony GDM-FW900 (CRT capable of 1080p)

    If you are not disappointed with the quality of our LCD, but want a change or an upgrade then why not consider another 32 or a larger 1080p LCD display instead? Personally I wouldn't trade a 32" to a 22" CRT.
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    32" LCD to PC help

    YES DEFINITELY ! the difference will be like night and day !
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    TS-24W8h Base Problem / Question

    Why would they debrand it ? lol SVGA monitor :D .. Looks like that sticker on the bottom right corner is for covering up HP model name.. maybe they’ve already removed the logo.. but did you see underneath ?
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    Samsung T240...

    If T240 is anything like T260 then I can highly recommend it. but then again, they are two different panels... so you cant expect them to be similar.... But still 245 is very good price for a 24".
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    Dell 3008WFP vs. 32" HDTV

    If you can get a 32” TV and a 24” monitor for the same price, then I guess that is the best solution. You get a 2” larger display (but the overall impact for movies and TV will be even bigger since the TV is 16:9), a TV tuner (you cant watch TV on a monitor without a tuner ;) ), and a dual...
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    LF 19" lcd with audio

    Those built in monitor speakers are crap. Don’t let speakers be a factor in your buying decision. Samsung makes pretty good monitors and TVs, as a brand name for quality displays they are right at the top. However, don’t base your decision on the brand name alone either, because all manufactures...
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    LCD or Video Card Problem??!

    Looks to me like your video card is failing. Next time it happens turn off the monitor and turn it back on (without turning the PC off and on) if you still see the artifacts, then it is definitely not the monitor.
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    What to use to clean LCD?

    A damp soft cloth has always worked for me... Safe and cheap ;)
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    Best 19" widescreen TN for a budget?

    For a budget of $200 or less, you can even buy a 22” widescreen monitor. I think that 3” difference is well worth paying a little extra. I dont have personal experience with the quality of those monitors, but the Acer X223Wbd has so many good user reviews, and that Asus is a full HD 16:9 1080...
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    1920x1200 vs 2560x1600 pc gaming

    Running games in native resolution is not as important as running desktop applications in native resolution. Image quality will not look that bad, especially of you enable AA.
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    Is this normal for this Acer lcd?

    Let me guess, you are using a VGA cable, right ? If so, then that type of distortions (ghosting) can happen due to signal attenuation and interference. Analog signals are much more susceptible to interference than digital signals. Buying a better shielded cable may improve things a bit, but...
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    Acer X243Wbd 24" - thoughts, comments, reviews?

    It has a TN panel, not a very good monitor for graphic design. Because they use 6bit colors with dithering to simulate true colors (8bit , 16.7Million), therefore it has a limited color gamut along with few other drawbacks like color banding and dithering noise. Viewing angles are also...
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    G2400WD top too dark?

    as 10e said, this is due to the limited viewing angles of TN panels. If you look directly (at a 90 degree angle) at the top part and then lower your eyes and look straight at the bottom part you'll see that it looks the same .
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    Best LCD manufacturers/technologies for Blu-Ray & gaming?

    I used to have a 21” CRT about 4 years back, but that thing was huge (physical dimensions, not the actual screen size) and heavy. Now I use a Samsung T260, which I think is pretty good for a TN panel; before that I used an iiyama 22” LCD, which was ok, but color dithering and backlight bleeding...
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    Acer AL1716 LCD goes black after 3 seconds

    I'm no expert either, but.... If you can still see the screen content but very without any illumination (it will be almost black, you have to look very closely and carefully to make out the image), then it could be a problem with either the inverter or back lighting. If you don’t see anything at...
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    Any practical advantage to 1920x1200 LCD vs Standard 1920x1080

    1920x1080 has a 16:9 aspect ratio while 1920x1200 is 16:10. A 16:9 24” will be slightly wider than a regular 16:10 wide screen 24”, due to this, wide screen movies and TV episodes will look bigger in full screen mode (due to the extra width). However for normal computing work (word processing...
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    Monitor to match a 24' Widescreen

    You can find out by doing a simple calculation.(assuming that a pixel is a perfect square : width = height) A 16:10 monitor with a diagonal size of 24 inch = 60.96cm = 51.69cm (width) x 32.30cm (height). You can use simple trigonometry to find the width and height given the aspect ratio...
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    Good 22" For Gaming?

    Running games or watching movies on a non native (lower) resolution is a completely different scenario; don’t compare that to running your desktop on a non native resolution. Difference is prominent for desktop applications because of text. You won't notice it with games or movies, therefore...
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    best non TN 24 inch for gaming?

    LG W2600HP is a relatively cheap S-IPS panel. But be very careful when considering that model, because there are several variations with slight differences in the model number that have TN panels i.e : W2600H-PF is a TN panel. Here is a hardforrum thread about that monitor. I agree that TN...
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    My thoughts on the Samsung T260 (26” monitor)

    Yes, I think they are good too... watched a couple of full HD clips and a DVD movie on it last night, everything looked pretty good. Sorry, I don’t have a gaming PC, games nor a CRT monitor. Using a DELL M1330 notebook (8400M GS). Therefore I can’t test or comment on the input lag. I ran...
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    My thoughts on the Samsung T260 (26” monitor)

    Finally it arrived today, I am in Japan, therefore monitors are slightly more expensive here compared to US. I paid around $430 at the current exchange rate (it might sound a bit too much, but that is because the dollar has fallen against the yen over the last couple of months, if I use the...
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    Yep, sorry for the mistake, soon after I made the correction I saw your comment ;)
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    G2400WD or E2400HD?

    Not exactly the same panel with different resolutions. E2400HD (16:9) is more wider (physically) than G2400WD (16:10), therefore movies and 1080/720 HD content will look slightly bigger on E2400HD.
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    Samsung T260, worth $450?

    LG W2600V-PF is another 25.5” with some of the features T260 lacks : 1:1 pixel mapping , 4:3 mode, Picture in Picture (for HDMI and VGA), Height adjustable stand (also supports tilt and swivel). but unfortunatly, no professional reviews for that either. These two are my top two candidates...
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    Samsung T260, worth $450?

    I am also planning to buy either the Samsung T260 or LG W2600V-FP. like you, I’m also waiting for a good review. Already made a thread asking for comments, but didn't receive any replies yet. I don’t understand why people bash TN panels so much... IPS panels are good, I agree; but the cost...