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    Help me choose 1000$ HT setup, going nuts!

    I can't decide on which of these I want. Im leaning towards the Inifnity setup for the full range, 360 towers.. Infinity Primus 5.1 pack SVS 5.1 AV123...
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    Xfi SPDIF questions, does 2 channel EAX/CMSS work /w digital i/o

    question is in the title :)
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    First Hi-Fi Setup.. DT880+Headroom Micro

    Got this combo today and I gotta say im pretty floored hehe.. I've never heard anything hifi before.. that's so sad.. and im 24 years old lol. This combo so totally owns my Promedia 5.1's it's not even funny. It sounds like going from clock radio to a mid-fi stereo hehe. I was a huge skeptic of...
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    How is ATI's Current situation diff then Nvidia's 2 years ago?

    Im getting pretty sick of everyone saying ATi's going down, they are gonna go outta business, they are losing stock and marketshare everday, oh noe's. From my perspective they are no worse off then Nvidia was when we had 9700 Vs FX5900. The 9700 stomped FX about the same degree that 7800 Stomps...
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    considering,Ebay Total Airhead (2001) - Opinions? (Mr.x please)

    Hey, I found an auction for a Total Airhead from 01, right now it's pretty cheap at 61$ im thinking about bidding on this, sounds like a steal at that price, how does this older airhead compare to a well built CMOY, or PA2V2, Super Mini Moy, Xenos etc. Im looking for a cheap quality...
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    2005FPW Odd scanlines? Try this.

    Some people are having issues with scanlines and 2005FPW this solution worked for me. On Nvida DVI hardware. Under Nvidia control panel change the refresh rate to somthing other then like 62. Best Regards, Mike *This is to help with searches* scanlines, waves, distortion...
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    2005fpw 5 dead pixels to many?

    I just got a June A02 its got very minor backlight leakage and 5 stuck lit pixels. Im happy with it, but I don't know if I should do a return. How does dell go about returns on monitors, do they cross ship? or am I gonna be without a monitor for a few days? And this thing has no service tag...