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    Best single player game on the Wii?

    Seconded. Metroid Prime 3: Corruption is incredible.
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    The Official "Smash Brothers Brawl" Thread

    Looks like crap? Game looks pretty good on this end. You playing the same game?
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    The Official "Smash Brothers Brawl" Thread

    I just dont understand Olimar. I tried him for a few matches, but I am having difficulty understanding what some of his attacks are good for, let alone what they do. I'm thinking i'm missing something detrimental, but... its just not staring me in the face i guess. Meta Knight is probably...
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    The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod

    I think his best option would have been to close and lock the door to his room rather than build that piece of shite.
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    The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod

    Just another fantasy obsessed dork. Like someone else said, I bet he's about 40 years old and living with his mother. I looked at some of his other projects... Whoa... also way out there and lame. Shadow boxes, dioramas, ... ... paper castles and games with popsicle sticks. Yeeeeah.
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    The Warcraft Virtual Reality Pod

    Absolutely retarded.
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    Leveling Partner for WoW

    Yes. Quests have been poonified if you ask me, and some of the gear payouts are rather good to say the least. Finding dungeon groups are easy to come by as well if you can at least be online for an hour or so.
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    No cursing rules on Cod4 servers.

    I've played my fair share of online games and for me, I PREFER the "no offensive language" rulings. I cant tell you how many times i'd join a game just to hear johnny retard yelling out each and every explative he learned on the playground that day. Or the kids that log on just so they can...
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    advice for playing WOW

    Yeah, probably. I just would have had to have done more quests pre-60 to get there. As it is, with the enhancement to quest reward experience, i'm outlevelling alot of the quest content I hit previously with my other toons before I can even get to them. Blizzard is basically making it so that...
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    advice for playing WOW

    You might be confusing playing for just over 4 days with having played the game for just over 96 hours. Or maybe not. Just checking first. It wasnt a Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday, DING! i'm 56. This is your /played (type /played and you'll see your time played total) time in hours...
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    advice for playing WOW

    The same thing can be said for any game that you play for any length of time.
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    does doom3 work on vista 64bit?

    It works fine on Vista 64 Ultimate. Only problem i have is that it wont display in widescreen no matter what i try.
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    advice for playing WOW

    You dont have to be sucked in to play WoW. Some people have addictive personalities, and the only thing they can think about when they are away from their computer is playing that one game they are currently on. I can tell you this... treat the game as something to fill time, not something...
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    advice for playing WOW

    You just made my day with that. Every time I log in and run to the AH i get bombarded with /tells from random shmucks trying to bum instance runs from me. Yeah, i'm an epic'd lvl 70, but no that doesnt mean I want to run punks through instances for no gain to myself. Its about time I see...
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    Assassins Creed or Super Mario Galaxy

    I have both. I find SMG much more engaging and fun to play. AC is a grit your teeth, sit down, and get ready to fight sort of game, and i've just not been in the mood for that too much lately. SMG is much lighter and funny. Even had people over who tried both and they fell in love when they...
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    A WoW Graphical Update?

    I'd have to agree with you here. I'm currently working up my 3rd toon to 70 on Staghelm and i'm awed by the immaturity and stupidity of a large portion of the populous. I must have near 100 people on my ignore list so I dont have to listen to the poo spewing from their mouths. Its like the 12...
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    PS3 Sales double in the US & Blu-ray movies win 9 out of top 10.

    In the end, i'd prefer to see HD-DVD be the decided format just due to cost concepts. Due to liscencing of technology, you'd be looking to pay more for Blu-Ray due to the royalties that Sony commands of its format which would increase the price of your end product. Personally, I think the...
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    Super Mario Galaxy Impressions Thread

    Overpowered? Oh... kind of like the Pally bubble or Mage iceblock of invulnerability? Druid ability to break all roots by switching forms? Or how about a Priest's ability to regain form after death so they can heal teammates with no mana cost. Whatever man. This is just the reverse of...
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    Guitar hero 3 for the wii cheaper? not so

    And how is it that its an inferior version?
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    X360: wired vs. wireless

    I have both wired and wireless, but i'm more or less forced to use the wireless. I have a cat that likes to chew wires, so that means I've got every piece of electronic equipment wire hidden. Wireless controllers, wireless keyboard, wireless mouse, wireless steering wheel, wireless mic... I...
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    Guitar Hero 3 Demo for XBOX 360!

    I'm waiting for this on the Wii as well.
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    MMO blues.

    Yeah... I will give EQ2 the nod as well. I played EQ2 from launch all the way up to about 2 weeks after the release of Echoes of Faydwer. It was a great game and held my interest the whole time. The only thing that made me leave, ultimately, was the constant retooling of skills and equipment...
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    MMO blues.

    I agree. I had a good time for a while with the game, but people just gradually left and the servers got prett barren. I really started to lose interest in and around lvl 40 though.
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    MMO blues.

    Eh... sorry to burst your bubble, but VG is not in its infancy. I played from launch (January 07) for about 4 months. 1 character to 50 (Cleric), 2 over 35, and 1 max lvl crafter. They were talking about raid content the whole time, but did nothing in terms of implementation. IMO, this...
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    MMO blues.

    I'm in the Tabula Rasa beta, and I was giving it the benefit of the doubt. I have a lvl 15 Commando, and... I hate the game.
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    Ep2 and fov 90

    FOV stands for Field of Vision. They are talking about lengthening the field of view to enable a better view of the battle field. Think of it this way. Your FOV is like a circle. It has 360 total degrees. FOV 90 would be a 90 degree chunk of that 360 degree circle that can be seen at...
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    Why do you like headphones over speakers?

    Good post, and that's exactly why I use Beyerdynamic as well. I use a set of DT880 Pros here and a LDM+ port amp for portable listening (iPod), and I use them with my computer and for movies as well. I DO have a nice audio setup. Harmon Kardon AVR, SB Xfi, Polk 6.1... But I still more...
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    Would you pay $10,000 for a WoW character?

    I'm going to go so far as to call you awesome. lol.
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    Would you pay $10,000 for a WoW character?

    Ah... because it seemed that the EQ1 characters were worth more for some reason, so I can understand you getting such a substantial ammount for your account. I never played EQ1, so I'm not sure as to how much effort it took to get from base lvl to max, let alone get geared.
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    Would you pay $10,000 for a WoW character?

    Thats an EQ1 account, yeah?
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    Would you pay $10,000 for a WoW character?

    I sold my EQ2 account with 3 raid gear lvl 70s and a lvl 70 crafting alt (4 lvl 70 total) for $4150. I was just going to quit and delete my account and a friend told me to auction it. I took his advice, and it helped pay for my car.
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    Sony - Playstation 3 secures GTA 7

    I'm calling bullshit on that blog. You actually think that Rockstar would be so stupid as to only release GTA on one console? They'd be shooting themself in the foot, especially considering the number of 360 owners out there. Its a fake.
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    What are best headsets to buy?

    I always suggest Beyerdynamic 880 Pros to anyone who asks for a good set of headphones. They've been the best headphones i've ever used, and that's me coming from being a hard Sennheiser fan. I couple the Beyerdynamic 880 Pro with a LDM+ amplifier for portable useage with my iPod, or attach...
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    Halo Movie is Dead

    Just our luck it would be Uwe Bol
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    Halo Movie is Dead

    Good. It would have been retarded.
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    I sent my 360 in for repair...It was received I have no registered

    Why not just give them a call rather than all this speculation and fear of the unknown. Have them confirm that its there. Microsoft isnt the only company that has issues jiving their website with actual process.
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    Vanguard trial?

    I quit that game a while back. Got up to being a 48 Cleric and then just couldnt continue on. Not trying to dissuade you from the game, but it just didnt have the holding power for me compared to the other MMOs i've tried. EQ2, SWG, WoW... all have been long stints, but this one... a...
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    Is WoW completely down?

    They didnt F anything up. This is standard integration of a large patch to the game. This is pretty standard for every MMO on the market. It always happens, and it only lasts a couple of days.