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    F/S - European Iron and T Com Speedport W 700v Router + ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Mobo

    Hey folks. I have an ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Series Motherboard for sale. I had it in a rig for about a year and one day it decided to not work. After looking at the mobo it appears that when plugged in the power led simply blinks green, but never powers on. I suspect there is some issue with...
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    FS: ASUS M3A32-MVP Deluxe Motherboard

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    WTB: Athlon XP CPU

    Pretty straightforward really. Had an old system running one die, so I need a replacement CPU. Prefer 2400+ or higher, but whatever ya got. Throw me offers. Thanks, Ben
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    WTB: Kodak Easyshare V1073

    Hey folks, Yes it's a pretty specific request: Kodak Easyshare V1073. Reason I want this model is that it charges via USB (or wall, but USB is really nice) thus eliminating the need for batteries. Plus it has some other really great features I love. Let me know what you got and prices...
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    WTB: iTouch

    Found my iTouch Thanks dot.Com! DELETE
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    FS: Digital Cameras, Mp3 Players, Pocket PC, others

    Good day ladies and Gentlemen, Its been some time since I've sold anything here. Been away to college and just found the time to collect all this stuff I had in the house to sell. I have some digital cameras, mp3 players (older but good ones), a Pocket PC and an iPod Nano knock off. So here we...
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    WTB: PSP Games

    Hey all, Looking for any and all PSP games you might have for sale. Bundled and cheap is better :) Heat and ebay are benthelefty Thanks, Ben
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    FS: Samsung Syncmaster T220 NIB $225 Shipped

    Hey guys, I purchased a 22" monitor online this week and they sent me the wrong one! Because of the hassle of having to return it and RMA it and then fight to get my money back, I'm just going to sell it on here. It looked like its BNIB with the stickers on the monitor still. I pulled it...
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    WTB: Your Hyundai L90D+ LCD w/ Broken Screen

    Looking for a working Hyundai L90D+ that has a broken screen (and not visually useable). The Video and backlight boards need to work (the guts of it). Let me know if anyone has anything.. Thanks, Ben heat/ebay are benthelefty
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    WTB: 22" LCD w/ Composite Plugs

    Looking for a decent 22" LCD w/ composite plug ins (red, yellow, white) so I can do stuff on my computer as well as play games off of a N64 or PS2. Looking for something similar to the Westinghouse 22 LCD LCM-22w2. Let me know what you have. Heat/ebay are under benthelefty. Thanks, Ben
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    WTB: 22" LCD Monitor

    With the advent of Black Friday and the certainty that some of you [H]ers are going to be purchasing some 24" 26" even 28" monitors, I"m looking to snag a nice 22". I've seen on-line deals for new monitors priced at $140 and $150 (without using $30 Staples or Office Max discounts) meaning...
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    WTB: 500 GB SATA HDD

    Delete; found!
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    WTB: Rock Band for Wii

    Looking for Rock Band for the Wii. I need all instruments (guitars, drums, microphone). Let me get your cheapest price shipped to 38024! Heat and ebay under benthelefty Thanks, Ben
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    FS: PC Games, Digital Cameras

    I decided to round up all my PC Games and put them up for sale. Also have 2 digital cameras for sale. I'm gonna say $10 for each game, but prices are flexible and of course buying more means lower price and shipping discount. I have the following: Quake 4 Painkiller Painkiller Expansion...
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    WTB: Nintendo 64 Stuff

    everything found. delete please
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    WTB: PC 2100 512MB Laptop RAM (1 stick)

    Pretty specific conditions, just need a stick of 512mb laptop ram, PC 2100. For a Dell Inspiron 1150. Let me know whatcha got! Heat/ebay under benthelefty. Thanks, Ben
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    WTB: Adaptec Gamebridge, other console to PC adapter

    Looking for a adaptec gamebridge or similar piece of equipment that allows me to play console games (n64, snes, play station 2) on my computer off of my computer monitor. Let me know what you got! Thanks, Ben Heat and ebay are benthelefty
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    Running a Console (PS2, N64) off of my Computer Monitor

    Is it possible? I will have my computer and monitors in my room next year, but dont want to have to take a TV along for the consoles. Is there some sort of converter box that I can get that I can plug my consoles into so it will run from them? Basically I want to be able to run a Nintendo 64...
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    WTB: External Hard Drive; FS: 200GB PATA

    Looking for an external hard drive. 250-320GB range. SATA preferred but PATA is alright too. Also have a 200GB PATA HDD for sale. In great condition, never had any problems. - $30 shipped Refs. on heat and ebay benthelefty. Thanks, Ben
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    WTB: Skis

    As the title suggests, I'm looking for a pair of skis. The shorter the better. I prefer ski blades (about 4 feet long) but anything you guys have I'd like to check out :) You can post on the thread but PMs are probably the best way to go. Heat/ebay under benthelefty Thanks and bump if you...
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    DVD-RW Drive Not functioning

    Windows XP, clean install. My CD drive shows up in my device manager under CD Rom drives and it is functioning correctly. However, I can't find it under My Computer nor is it able to read a CD. Wondering if there is a quick fix on this or not. Thanks in advance, Ben
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    WTB: Skis

    Looking for a good set of skis, the shorter the better. I'm looking for ski blades, which are skis about 30" in length. Any other offers are welcome. Looking to spend under $100. Let me know your offers. Thanks, Ben
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    FS: Lots of older parts; nice size list

    So I came home the other day and decided it was time to put all this unused stuff up for sale. Any questions about any products just ask, I'll be happy to answer them. Here we go. All prices are shipped: (3x) Casio Exilim EX-S2 2 mp Camera - These things are wonderful. Out shoot rival 5 mp...
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    WTB: AMD Athlon 64 x2 3800+ s939 or higher

    Title says what I need. Let me get some offers please :) For trade: 3 Casio Exilim EX-S2 digital cameras. These things are great. Quick shot, good image quality. Perfect for portraits and close-ups. Is a 2 mp camera but shoots w/ the quality of a 5 or higher. Refs: heat/ebay - benthelefty...
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    [H]ot Ultra ULT31847 X-Finity 600W Power Supply $32 shipped AR Looks like a pretty good deal to me..
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    WTT: My digital cameras for your video cards

    I have 3 Casio Exilim EX-S2 point and shoot digital cameras. These cameras are GREAT. They do a fantastic job with picture quality and photo speed. Don't let 2 megapixels fool you. This camera is competitive with 5 mp cameras. Looking to get 2 PCI-e video cards for these 3 cameras. Might include...
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    Ultra Modular PC - Can I add a 24 pin for motherboard?

    So I've seen some Ultra Modular 500watts on the cheap and really want a modular PSU. It's a last generation so it only has 20 pin. Do you guys know if I can buy a 24 connector from Ultra or some place else so my mobo will work? Or is there an easy way to mod the 20 pin and simply double up 4...
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    WTB: Modular PSU

    item found; delete
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    WTB: S939 Mobo, Ram, CPU

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    FS: Antec P160 Case $75 shipped

    delete. Made new thread.
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    WTB: S939 System Cheap

    found. lock and delete thread :)
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    Best PC3200 Ram?

    Hey, I just upgraded to an ASUS A8n SLI Deluxe mobo and was curious if I should upgrade RAM, and to which kind. I currently have: 4x512 MB PC3200 DDR 400MHZ Corsair Value Selects. Nothing special, but 2 gb is nice. I don't know anything about OC'ing and probably don't want to...
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    WTB: Small ATX Case

    sold/bought; lock
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    FS "Over head" Oakley Sunglasses

    Hey, So I have a pair of over the top Oakley sunglasses. I used to paintball a lot and these things were GREAT. They fit on the head so very well like every pair of Oakley sunglasses I have owned. I saw a pair of these for sale on eBay for over $150 with a lot of time left. I'm going to sell...
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    F/S Lots of PC Games, PSUs, others, more later!

    Hey guys/girls. I have quite a load of PC games I want to get rid of and some other stuff. Prices are negotiable but don't low ball. All prices include shipping PC Games F.E.A.R. Director's Cut DVD Edition - $18 F.E.A.R.: Extraction Point - $18 Doom 3 - $12 Doom 3 Resurrection of...
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    Offer Sites

    Hi, Before starting a thread, I was curious as to a FS/T rule and if posting would violate: (10) No multi-level marketing schemes. (PYRAMID Schemes) The concept of signing people up to sign others up to get free stuff, right? I've had experience with sites that are similar, but not...
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    Mac OS X Panther Version 10.3

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    FS: Creative Zen Stone NEW

    item sold please delete