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    Possible to mirror 2560x1440 monitor with 1080p HDTV? (Only one will be on at a time)

    I have an Auria 27" that is running at 2560x1440 as my main monitor, and I was planning on adding a 1080P 39" HDTV to my room for a larger gaming display. Will it possible to mirror both without forcing the 27" into a lower res, assuming both won't be on at the same time? Or is it possible to...
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    Best 40" HDTV that can double as a PC monitor?

    I plan on buying an Obutto Ozone gaming cockpit and the included vesa mount will only hold up to a 40". I plan on hooking up my PS3 and my gaming rig to the tv.
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    FS / FT: Malibal Lotus P151HM1 Gaming Latop (Clevo P151HM1 platform)

    Malibal Lotus P151HM1 (Clevo P151HM1 platform or more commonly known as Sager NP8130) Price: $1000 USD or trade for Mac mini, macbook air, macbook pro +/- cash Excellent gaming laptop. Warranty valid until 7-22-2014. No OS. Addons include 95% gamut HD screen (matte), hard drive caddy...
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    How can I check to see if my CPU is running at its rated speed?

    I have an I3-540 in my HTPC and I've noticed that in one of my programs (XBMC) it's been running incredibly sluggish. I thought it was my OCZ Agility SSD (which is horrendously unreliable) so I swaped it out for a new crucial M4 SSD. Unfortunately, that wasn't the problem, as it still persists...
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    Best way to connect powered speakers and subwoofer to my laptop?

    I've decided to ditch my desktop and get a laptop. I went with an HP Pavillion DV7TQE which now come with Beats enhanced audio out. I have a pair of M-Audio Studiophile AV 30's and an ASW-8 subwoofer laying around. Both are self-powered.
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    Before I pull the trigger, why is this x-Rite Eye One Display 2 so much cheaper?

    Is the Pantone version exactly the same as the X-rite version? I'd hate to pull the trigger and find out it's an older model, etc. Plus there is a $25 rebate!
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    Best monitor for photo editing on a $2-300 budget?

    I'm trying to spend around $200-300 on a new 22-24" monitor, and I'm not sure if I can get a decent one at that price range. It will not be my primary display, which is why I'm not going all out. I currently have an HP DV7TQE 17" notebook which comes with one of the better 17" notebook screens...
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    Laptop with high quality display that doesn't weigh a ton?

    Here is what I would like to have, but I know such a beast may not be possible. 1. High quality display. IPS isn't necessary, as I'm more concerned about color and contrast then viewing angles. Something along the lines of the Macbook Pros/Air's TN display would work. 2. Either the...
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    FS: Many internal and external 3.5" hard drives, e8400, 850W CORSAIR CMPSU-850TX

    All prices shipped to lower 48. Items are in great condition and are working pulls. Paypal and MO accepted. 1TB Seagate FreeAgent External USB hard drive $60 1.5TB Samsung HD154UI SATA 3.5" Hard Drive $55 1.5TB Seagate Barracuda 7200.11 SATA 3.5" Hard Drive $55 Sold: 3.0 GHZ Intel Core 2 Duo...
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    Need a 2.0 setup with small footprint.

    I was running a pair of the BB Insignia specials with my panny digital receiver and TSC 10" sub, but now that I'm forced into a jail cell sized room, I need to downsize my setup. I can either go with an active 2.0 setup and pair it with my TSC sub, or get 2 passive speakers and purchase a T-amp...
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    Power consumption and heat on an OC chip with stock voltage?

    I currently have an E8400 for my primary rig. I just purchased an i3-540 and mobo to replace it. My goal was to reduce power consumption/heat and still retain comparable performance levels. I got the i3 combo for what the E8400 cpu alone is worth, so I figure I didn't lose much by making the...
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    Which cpu for work, and which one for htpc?

    I have two intel cpus at home, a Celeron E3200 2.4ghz and a C2D E5200 2.5ghz that need to go into 2 machines. I'm trying to determine which one I should use for my work computer, and which one for my HTPC. Whichever one is going in the HTPC will need to be OCed to 3ghz as that seems to be the...
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    Uber budget build help

    1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc -Web browsing with many windows/tabs, excel spreadsheets, and remote desktop into a remote server simultaneously. Also need support for two lcds at once. Main requirement that I can run all of this in Windows 7 smoothly...
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    Need a MATX gaming case with a small footprint

    I'm looking for a microatx case with the following. 1. Decent cooling abilities, as I will eventually have a 5850 in it as well as plans to OC the cpu to 4ghz. 2. Needs silent potential (ie: silent fans, hsf, etc). So that means no cases with vents all over the place. 3. Has to be able to...
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    Help me build a low power NAS

    My requirements are the following: 1. Low power usage 2. Ability to accommodate 6-8 hard drives 3. Enough performance to stream 1080p movies from 4. Cost is a factor, so I'm looking for more bang for the buck as opposed to flat out the best performance. I have the enclosure and I have...
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    Hard drive spinning up and lags the computer every once in a while.

    About every 30seconds to a minute, I hear one of my hard drives spin up, at which point the computer begins to choke for a few seconds (videos get choppy, can't click the mouse, can't type, etc.) Is one of my drives on its way out? How can i find out which one it is without physically unhooking...
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    How are those cheap Dual LCD monitor stands on ebay?

    Anyone have any experience with them? I've tried doing a search here, but most people have only used the more expensive alternatives. I'm not trying to drop $200 on an ergotron or doublesight stand. Especially if both of my monitors barely cost $200 together. I'm looking at something like...
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    n00b question: Does changing FSB or Multiplier increase temperatures significantly?

    Yes I know, stupid question, but I've tried googling the answer to no avail. I'm fairly n00bish at OCing, but I do understand that raising the voltage will raise the temperature of the cpu. But what about bumping up FSB or multiplier settings?
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    Anybody running a passive setup on their E8400? (ex: Mini Ninja)

    Looking at getting a Scythe Mini Ninja for my E8400 and running it passively for my HTPC setup. My Silverstone HTPC case has 2 80mm fans in the back directly behind the CPU, and it's receiving air from a 92mm intake up front.
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    Will 500W be enough?

    I'm currently running a Corsair 850W PSU which I know is overkill. So now I'm looking to sell it, purchase an Antec Neopower 500W since they are pretty inexpensive (plus I really want a modular PSU), and put the remainder towards something else. I have the following: E5200 Oced to 3.5Ghz...
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    Can I use an Arctic Cooling Alpine64 on my AMD 5050e?

    I'm not sure if they are compatible because the Alpine64 doesn't mention the Athlon 64 x2
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    Is there a Windows equiv. of the spaces feature on OSX?

    Now that I'm back on a Windows rig, I miss a few features from OSX, namely the spaces feature. Being able to switch between multiple "working spaces" was fantastic. I could have all my graphic stuff on one screen, browsers on another, etc. Is there a third party app that can do the same thing in...
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    People with Antec P180/P182/183, how are your fans configured

    Well I decided to quit being cheap and pulled the trigger on a P180 locally. I was wondering how many fans you guys have running in your rigs and how are they orientated. I would prefer to use the least amount of fans as possible since the main goal of purchasing this case was to build a quiet...
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    Quiet case suggestion under 100 shipped?

    I'm looking to replace my loud Antec 900. I like the P180+ series but they are a bit more than I'm willing to spend. I'm looking for something under $100 shipped that is comparable. What I want: Under $100 Quiet Mid-tower Can fit an ATI 4870 and at least 5 hard drives Wire management...
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    How in the world are Dell systems so quiet?

    Every single Dell rig i've used was damn near silent. Try as I might, I could never duplicate the same noise levels with my own builds. I'm sure dell tosses bottom of the barrel el-cheapo fans into their systems, so what's the secret?
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    Is it possible to share a single powered subwoofer between two sources?

    I have two receivers in my room. One for my bookshelves for my PC, and another for my home theater setup. I currently have a single powered subwoofer, and was wondering if I could safely share it between the two sources?
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    Help me setup my pair of M-Audio BX-5's.

    I just scored a set of M-Audio BX-5's for practically nothing, but they don't come with any documentation. I'm not an audiophile and I have no idea what these settings mean :o Sorry for the blurry cell pic, but they read: Acoustic Space : 0, -2, -4db High Freq: -2, 0, +2db...
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    Recommendations on what to replace my fans in my Antec 900 with?

    I have an Antec 900 and the blue lights are annoying. I was looking to replace the 3 120mm fans and I was looking on recommendations on fans that don't have LED lighting and are as quiet as possible. I have a Yate Loon fan lying around. Are they still pretty quiet compared to what's out there?
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    Anyone have a picture of a 16:10 display side by side with a 16:9 display?

    Yes I know I can rig something up to see the resolution difference in MS Paint or Photoshop, but I wanted to see a picture of two physical monitors with the same screen size, but with different aspect ratios (ie: 24" LCD 16:9 vs 24" LCD 16:10).
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    Would I have any issues with this (2 ATI cards, 3 monitors)

    I just bought a 3870 and plan on using it with a 3450 I have laying around. I want my gaming rig to double as my HTPC as well. I was hoping I could run my 22" LCD and my 46" DLP TV off of the 3870, and my 17" LCD off the 3470. I should have no issues with this correct?
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    How's my EVGA 8800GTS 320mb with current games?

    I bought this card awhile back for my C2D E4300 rig. However, I went over a year without touching my computer since I was primarily using my Macbook. Now I'm back in the PC game and recently upgraded my CPU to a C2D e8400 and mobo to a Gigabyte EP45-DS3R. I still have my EVGA 8800GTS 320mb and I...
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    Web pages take a long time to load but everything else is fine?

    For some reason web pages have started to take an insanely long time to load (minutes to load a page) however my network connection appears to be fine. Torrent files are downloading at a normal rate, and windows cannot find anything wrong with the connection. Reseting my modem and router did not...
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    Can't get video files to open up in Internet Explorer

    I used to be able to click on a video link, and WMP would open and play it. For some reason it doesn't work anymore and I get the error: "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage." What could be the problem? I'm using Vista, WMP11 and IE7.
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    19-20" lcd recommendations?

    Looking to spend around $200-250 if possible. My only requirements are that it is suitable for gaming, and no TN panels.
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    Help me build a C2D budget gaming rig

    I'm set on the following components: $115 - E4300 $120 - MS Vista 64-bit Home Premium OEM $50 - XClio 500W $45 - LITE-ON SATA DVDRW 20x I will need the following: Mobo Ram Heatsink/Fan Vid Card Possibly a sound card (is it worth it?) I'm trying to keep my budget around $400 for...
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    Screen refuses to stay on

    I have a 2 year old Dell 17" lcd (don't know the model number) that refuses to hold a signal. It would show the boot up sequence just fine, but when it hits windows, the screen goes blank. I have to manually turn it off and on which will only hold the picture for a split second before going...
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    Are there any triple LCD mounts that don't cost an arm and a leg?

    I'm looking to mount my 22" ws lcd with two 17" lcds (one on each side) but all the mounts I've seen are at least $200 and up. Are there any other affordable mounts that I can use? There are plenty of cheap dual mounts, but not triple.
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    Are there specific colors/patterns I should avoid on a mousepad for a laser mouse?

    Just got a Logitech Revolution, and I was gonna have a custom 1030 mousepad created. However the image I want to use is a plain white background with a black sillohuete (sp) in the center. Is this going to cause any problems? Also, which surface is best for laser? Soft or hard?
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    Wall/Desk mounting recommendations (need to be able to be raised very high and low)

    I recently bought a 22" to go with my dual 17" lcds. The problem is that although the 22" will be great for games, it's a bit much for everyday tasks like browsing and word processing. I was thinking of placing my two 17" next to each other and mount my 22" directly above them and just swing it...