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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    Good news, BENQ updated my monitor and sent it out the next day, which was Tuesday, I have received it today, and I will be testing it out soon. Very fast (1 day) turnaround on BENQ's part, they just did not update me on shipping.
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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    Well, BENQ's had mine since monday, and still no word back, I went ahead and sent them an email for an update, was hoping turn around time would be faster then this. :(
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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    I did not know that about Blur Reduction, thanks for the tip Falk, i'll give it a try when i get mine back. I'll also help you with testing strobe modes if you still havent figured it out. I'm still waiting for mine to come back. They've had it since monday, and i've not got any word back yet on...
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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    10% is my daily freesync brightness. 50% for blur reduction, although the various intensities ofblur reduction do change brightness levels my intensity is on defaults
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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    Nah, my AMA did not work with freesync either. Despite it not working, it was still the best gaming monitor i'd ever used. Most reviews acknowledge the issue and the ones that actually gamed on it (i.e NOT TFT Central) summarily dismissed it as minor. I'm glad to have it working and fixed, and...
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    BenQ XL2730Z Firmware UPDATE

    I sent mine off as well, same deal, 2 day free fedex, they recieved it today (monday, 6/8) we'll see how quick turnaround is. I never had a problem with it before honestly, but may as well get it fixed. The panel brightness on this screen is insane, I can't imagine how enabling Blur...
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    Think I'm Gonna Buy a BenQ XL2720Z

    getting 40-60 FPS is exactly what Freesync was designed for, and it makes a huge difference in those frame rate ranges. It's not even close.
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    [Freesync] Benq XL2730Z -- 144 Hz, 1440p, 27 inches.

    OverDrive Motion Blur Reduction Freesync 3 different things. Overdrive is not the same as ULMB/Motion Blur Reduction. You can run the BenQ @ 144 HZ with AMA (overdrive) and Motion Blur Reduction, which would result in a perfect sharp image in the UFO test, Similar to the Acer's ULMB mode in...
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    [Freesync] Benq XL2730Z -- 144 Hz, 1440p, 27 inches.

    Looks like the Asus will have a nearly useless 35-90 Freesync range. A pity. Also no strobing at all. At least with the BenQ you can turn off freesync and enable Strobe + AMA. BenQ is working on a fix for AMA, will likely require a monitor ship back tho.
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    4320x900 Eyefinity: HD 6950 CFX or HD 6970?

    i failed to read the OP and posted something stupid. so it got erased
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    HP ZR24w

    You may have a real hard time finding one.. there's only a handful of 16:10 displays and the ZR24W is one of the better ones, if your not satisfied with that, you may be forced to goto a 16:9 screen. Posted via Mobile Device
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    HP ZR24w

    actually, that does look like backlight bleed to me. And a quite severe case of it.. i'd say it's defective. But its hard to tell from pictures.
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    HP ZR24w

    backlight bleed does not move with your head, I guess you could have a screen uniformity issue. You must also realize 24" vs 20" will show IPS glow more easily.
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    HP ZR24w

    that's call ips glow, it's common for all ips based monitors, the older dell's had a purple sheen. these are white. It's not just "this monitor" it's all ips monitors. If you can't live with it, you will need to go back to a TN panel. Without RGB adjustments the colors get blown at above 95...
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    HP ZR24w

    Actually, I just figured out in chrome 4, B9, all you have to do is disable the "menu" toolbar and it automatically switches tabs to be on top like chrome. Man.. im liking this firefox 4.0 alot, I don't see myself going back to chrome at this rate.
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    HP ZR24w

    my monitor arrived from B&h photo just as planned on thursday. Got the monitor setup and inspected/adjusted. A few observations.. I had one bright blue dead pixel, 1 small contaminate, about the size of a pixel. And mild backlight bleeding in the top-mid-right position. My screen has a...
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    HP ZR24w

    I recently went though a nightmare trying to get this monitor from I do not recomend them. Ordered on December 02, was told item is on heavy backorder and it will be coming in on the 31st. I said.. ok i really want this screen, i'll wait. 31st rolled around, and nothing...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    Well, I replaced all the obviously bad components in my AC-DC converter, and some of the others just for good measure. Put it all back together, and the subwoofer is still not working. The front and left channels work, but nothing out of the sub. It will work for just a few seconds when I turn...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    thanks man, i would appreciate that. Unfortunately I can't read electronics schematics. Im pretty good with a soldering iron and can take decent measurements with a multi, but im only a hobbyist . Most of the projects i worked on where just simple PCB stuffing jobs. I replaced my R527 with a 4.6...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    hey guys, I did something kind of stupid when replacing the electrolytics on the AC-DC board. I clipped a couple caps off without looking real good at their orientation and can't remember 100% which side was neg/pos. I circled the caps in question in the below pic. Just want to confirm that the...
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I've been having issues with my promedia's for awhile, poping, hissing etc. I took mine apart and noticed the 2 main 820uf caps where bulging, going to replace them along with all the electrolytic s on the ac-dc board, and the high stress resistors (R7 and 527). When I bought these speakers I...
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    I7 Overclocked rock solid under load who crashes in idle

    this specific problem is often caused by "Load Line Calibration" which boost the vcore under load, and drops it at idle. In doing this it can drop the idle vcore to much and cause crashing at idle speeds, but boost the load vcore enough to be stable. Disable that shit, in doing this you may need...
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    Help me choose 1000$ HT setup, going nuts!

    Yeah, everywhere I go.. people tell me AV123.. and as much as I like the Infinity floorstanders.. I can't ignore this many people yelling av123 at me. I think i'd get the upgraded ULW-10 sub with it, for a total of 1094$ + S&H, then later when AV123 releases the X-series floor standers (319...
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    Help me choose 1000$ HT setup, going nuts!

    I can't decide on which of these I want. Im leaning towards the Inifnity setup for the full range, 360 towers.. Infinity Primus 5.1 pack SVS 5.1 AV123...
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    Klipsch Amp failure fix - Save your 60 bucks!

    A bit unrelated, but I got quite a performance boost by replacing the stock power cord on mine with a signal cable magicpower.. not subtle ymmv
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    Headphones for $20-$50?
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    Not impressed with my Audigy 2zs anymore

    The problem with fable is probably software or driver related and most microphones suck going through the soundcard anyways.. usb mic's are way better in my experiance. ymmv
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    24bit Crystalizer makes music sound kinda...

    no, crystalizer just sucks with good quality speakers and phones. It's perfectly normal.
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    Dealing with interference

    might try power conditioning, shielded IEC power cables, and shielded interconnects for everything, and of course make sure what your hearing is not a ground loop. (Use a 3-2 prong "Cheeter plug" on your amp and see if it go's away) Edit: oh yeah another obvious one, make sure your sound...
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    Audigy 2 ---> x-fi gamer...worth it?

    As a note i've tested X-fi's hardware SRC and found it superior to Foobar's SSRC. Noticebly so. By contrast the X-FI SRC engine has superior dynamics and soundstage. I'ts not that subtle either.. As for crystalizer, it sounds nice on my crappy computer speakers, but I turn it off on my...
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    HD595 - Amp really make that much of a diff?

    Yeah 5.1 is it's own thing. Though I'd take headphones over any multimedia surround. Once you get real surround setup like what you've got though, it's different, they fill their respective roles with much regard. I think i'd still prefer phones for music, 5.1's for everything else.
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    Chaintech AV-710 price to performance?

    it's only a decent cheap transport, nothing more.
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    Headphone amplifier suggestions?

    lol my promedia's headphone out sounds like pure shit. Barely better then plugging straight into x-fi, which also sounds like ass. My X-fi's been relegated to Transport status, as my little 200$ NON-OS dac stomps it to hell and back.
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    HD595 - Amp really make that much of a diff?

    I notice a big differnce in any headphone I plug into my amp. Even 10$ shit phones that come free with cd players. So yeah, I say it will make a worthwhile differnce. Furthermore, getting an amp allows you to get an outboard dac, and most any 150-300$ NON-OS DAC will slaughter an X-Fi's dacs...
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    What is CMSS-3D?

    lol, they might be slightly better at position but they sound like a wet fart in a can for everything else compared to orph
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    X-Fi owners

    eww turn that shit off
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    Wow, I'm pretty upset...

    eh.. they change daily, comp-u-plus is very aggresive, if someone undercuts them they will respond, generally immediatly.
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    Advice on 5.1 PC speakers

    my recomendation is to skip it haha, once you've heard real speakers, even Promedia's sound just craptacular. Get pair of stuio monitors.
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    Post you music folder here!

    200gb is easily believable not everyone ripps to 128k Mp3 crap. Flac is the only way to go
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    Am I deaf? XFi Xtreme Music

    Koss KSC-75, Sennheiser 201, PX100, Grado sr60, allesandro's, all good. I'd avoid 497, they are extremly uncomfortable and not that great sonically, bested by even the KSC75 imo.