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    What happened to Displayport 1.2?

    I remember hearing something about being able to have 1 Displayport 1.2 output go to a hub that then outputs 3 monitors (which would work fantastic on cutting down cabling for me since I have my monitors 15-20 feet from my computer). I did a search and found reviews from 2010 mentioning this...
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    When will we be able to buy Brazos motherboards?

    Anandtech, Tom's Hardware, and numerous other sites have reviewed Brazos motherboards over the past few weeks, but I still can't find any on sale for consumers to buy. Has anybody heard a specific date for when places like Newegg will be selling them?
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    Ads not working when you click on them

    I tried clicking on one of the linksynergy ads and it just directed me to a page that said: Invalid Publisher Code, Offer, or Publisher - Advertiser Partnership Status
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    Anybody had Asus do this to them?

    I got an Asus notebook a few months ago, and one of the best parts was suppose to be 'more reliable, but if something does happen we 2nd day a replacement, we're rated top in customer service etc etc' yet when you call the number you wait on hold for 30-45 minutes. Get a guy, who as quietly as...
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    Anybody get two of Trendnet's 500Mbps powerline adapters?

    500Mbps powerline adapters have been promised since early this year by Netgear, but finally Trendnet shipped a 500Mbps powerline kit. I can't find any reviews though. Would it be fair to believe if the 200Mbps theoretical adapters resulted in real world 40Mbps throughput that the 500Mbps...
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    How fast do capacitor's age? (Corsair HX520)

    I've been having stability problems (total lockups, no BSOD or logged error messages) lately, and narrowed it down to either a bad processor or a bad power supply. If I use all of Intel's power saving features, don't push the system hard, and run at stock speeds it stays stable. If I leave...
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    Eyefinity and Samsung

    Did they say anything at the Eyefinity event about what screen size, resolution, release date, or pricing would be like on the thin bezel samsungs? I read that Eyefinity will need at least 1 monitor to be a Displayport enabled monitor; will the new samsungs have a Displayport?
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    Firefox and problem with Cool'n'Quiet

    When Cool'n'Quiet is on I have a problem where the processor ramps down to 800Mhz, and Firefox will stutter terribly when trying to type web addresses or scroll down a page. If I open up Prime on one core they all go to 100% speed and Firefox runs fine. I've found I can also alter power...