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    New Headphones Needed. Recommendations?

    So as of now I have an aging and crackling pair of Turtle Beach 5.1 headphones. I KNOW that stereo headphones are the way to go and that the 5.1s that are out are not "true" 5.1, but lets bypass that road. I'm in the market for a new set of headphones. I have given myself up to $200 for the...
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    Vista build 5308 Download from MSDN?

    I'm an MSDN subscriber, and this new release is supposed to be up there for beta download, but all I can find are the February release notes without a download link on any of the pages that I've scanned through. Any subscribers that are having the same problem? Or am I just really really blind.
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    Boards blown, no apparent reason...

    Sorry to do this, but I'm borrowing my sister's account here, since my registration link never seems to get to my Gmail email.. Sally said it was ok to use. Anyway... I'm having computer problems that I cannot figure out. I think that somehow both of my boards, the IC7-G Max 2 Advance and...
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    Republic Commando?

    Anyone else pick this up? I was walkin through CompUSA, picking up a new scanner, and I passed a rack holding this. Kinda picked it up on a whim cuz it looked interesting. I havent read a ton about the game other than that it is squad based and that you play a "Republic Commando" lol...
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    EQ2, time to show yourself ^_^

    So... I looked through that nifty WoW thread where people posted pics of their characters. I had a great time seeing all of them, and its really neato. I figured that since we have a nice little thread for WoW, we might as well have one for EQ2 characters as well ^_^. I dont want this to be...