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    Notebook Cooler & Dual 12" Cold Cathode $25.34 shipped

    Hardware Cooling has the Cooler Master Notepal P1 with Cooler Master 12" Dual Purple Cold Cathode kit for only $25.34 shipped. The Cold Cathode Kit is worth $10. It's only 50 cents with the notebook cooler purchase!! To get the cold cathode kit you have to choose it from the dropdown box...
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    $5 HDD Cooler, System Cooler, Fan Card is having a memorial day sale. Offer expires Monday at midnight. This is the email I just got from them. Vantec Spectrum UV Fan Card $11.99 Extended Slot Cooling Fan $4.99 Ball Bearing System Exhaust Blower $4.99 Ultra Silent S-Flex 120mm Fan $9.50 Scythe Kama Bay use...
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    Kensington Wifi Finder $4.99

    Just got mine today. It's so small I could fit it on my keychain. Kensington Wifi Finder It is priced at $4.99 and s&h is a flat rate of $6.95. Lowest price I found on a wifi finder.
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    Arctic Silver 5 Thermal Paste -$1.01

    Hardware Cooling has the Arctic Silver Thermal Paste priced at $5.99. If you use coupon code "silverpot" without the quotes, you get $7.00 off your order. This gives you a credit of $1.01. You can add some screws and stuff to finish up with that credit. Shipping is a flat rate of $6.95. Please...