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    WTS 2x EVGA GTX 780 Hydrocopper

    Looking to sell off my 2x GTX 780 Hydros that I have been using for little over a year. Looking for $325/each or $600 together (includes shipping). Paypal verified only and must have good HEAT. You pay first - no ifs, ands, or buts. Only shipping to US. Not looking for trades right now...
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    Backing up an internal Wiki without backend access

    I work for a pretty big company out the IT Security side of things and the company uses IBM's Connections for their Wiki basis. Our team has a wiki for new hires and general information for the team. One of our team leads is nervous about putting our information in the hands of global IT. So...
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    WTB Counterstrike GO

    Thought it was on sale this weekend and been wanting to buy this for a friend.. Wanting to spend $5-$10 (I know its $15 on steam but figured I would try cheaper first. Lamesless is my heat -
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    XFX 7970 Core Edition

    Decided to go back to the green team as have had nothing but problems with my setup due to drivers. I take Certified Paypal only. Its never been Overclocked as I usually do not ever overclock my GPUs. Will post up pictures in a few. Exact item listing from NewEgg...
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    FS: 2x EVGA 570 GTX

    I have two EVGA 570 GTX up for sale. One is a normal 570 and the other is a HD versions which is a little smaller. Looking for $190 for the HD and $210 for the normal one BOTH SOLD. Plan on getting some pics up after work. They will be coming in their original boxes. Cannot promise it will...
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    EVGA 280 GTX and BFG 280 GTX

    Moving to a 570 GTX and need to get rid of these. The EVGA card is just the base card. The BFG is the first OC model. The EVGA I have had since they released and RMAed it once for heat issues(common problem on the first batch) and has worked flawlessly since then. Very mild OC with no voltage...
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    HP2405wg @ NE - $199 w/ free shipping

    Heard the gray scale and viewing angles are not the best but I LOVE the 1200 res compared to my Samsungs @ 1080.. VERY tempted to pick up 3 of them.. DEAD
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    Offical Call of Duty Black Ops Thread

    Post info up. I am personally waiting to get off work and jipping my easy class tonight to play... [H] User's Servers Info (PM or post on here and I will update the information)
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    WTS: Asus P6T SE

    Great for a backup board or just wanting something lower end. Getting rid of it because I want to go SLI with my 280s and so buying a new board that comes in tomorrow. I will not be able to ship out until next week but will come with retail box and some accessories. (do not know where...
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    Bad Company 2

    Figured we could start this thread and get away from the BETA thread. Comments/Opinions? Grips/Complaints? Lets hear them. Flame on.
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    FS: MW2 (360)

    Sick of the game. $35 shipped gets it. Played maybe 6hours of it and cannot stand it. Will trade for the PC version of it to play with my friends.
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    FS: Silverstone TJ09-BW

    Would perfer local pickup as this will cost a little bit to ship. The case is perfect other then a minor nic on the upper right corner and few minor surface sctraches from moving it to install new parts and clean. It does have the side window. The case was bought I think right after it first...
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    F/S: Samsung 226bw

    Just bought 2 new 2494sw so looking to get rid of this one. Will ship in orginal box. The whole monitor is flaweless other then I cannot seem to get the back cover that covers the cables to stay on completely. Other than that, no dead pixels or sctraches. Excellent monitor and is one of...
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    Samsung 2494SW

    Anyone try out this monitor yet? Thinking about replacing my 226BW for it and maybe get 2 of them to knock out my 20.1 samsung also for 2x 24". Good idea? It being a new monitor, cannot find really any reviews on it and was just wondering if anyone has had experiance with it or not.
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    WTS: Corsair + GSkill + Scythe

    Getting rid of some old things as they are just collecting dust as I have moved to an i7... Everything is without shipping unless stated otherwise. Everything is OBO but please, no lowballs. I will NOT ship first. I have had a few mishaps on other forums where I shipped first and got...
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    Hard drive setup...

    Recently upgraded and grabbed 2x 500gb WD Blacks and have them in RAID 0 with OS on them. Out of bordom, I benched the RAID 0 setup and my 150gb ADFD Raptor with HD Tune. On the raid, my transfer rates are doubled and burst rate is about 25mb/sec faster then the Raptor. But comes in at a...
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    WTS eVGA 8800GTX

    Like the title states, selling my evga 8800GTX. It's one of the originals with the black PCB. Never been overclocked and runs pretty cool. Looking for $220 + s/h. Will post pics once I can find my camera. Also selling a FSP/Sparkle 700w PSU - $65 + s/h OCZ PS 600W PSU - $50 + s/h...
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    EP35 vs P35?

    Is there really any difference besides energy output?
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    WTB: s775 motherboard

    Need it to be able to handle a C2D e6750 and DDR2 1066 Ballistix. Would like a board to be able to handle my new e8400 but doubt I can get that for under my price range. Don't really need OC ability as this will be my spare setup for the time being while I RMA my DS4. WTB s775 Motherboard for...
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    P35-DS4 Realtek LAN transistors

    Just got an 8400 and was installing it tonight and had to reseat my heatsink a few times and after the 2nd time my net all of sudden didn't come on and didn't see lights in the back. Spent like 2 hours researching online about the problem but couldn't find anything. So I decided to go look...
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    FS e6750, 2x1gb DDR2 1066 Ballistix

    Accept Paypal verified only. Ship only in the lower 48 states. Prices don't include shipping but usually around $5ish for shipping. E6750 running at 3.4ghz on air everyday. Never has hit above 45c. Rock solid. Asking roughly $135 OBO Then have some 2x1gb DDR 1066 Ballistix at 5-5-5-15 2.2v...
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    RAM Hates me...

    I have no idea what I'm doing wrong. Not sure if it's my new motherboard or I just have horrible luck with RAM.. I just bought GB P35-DS4, E6750, and 2x1gb DDR2 1066 Corsair Dominator about 2 months ago to replace my 680i, E6400, and 2x1gb Ballistixs. Last month I've noticed windows is...
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    FS: 680i, E6400, Ballistix

    Hello all. I'm kinda new around here and just found about Heatwave after joining here and I haven't used my ebay for a year or two (maximus8763). But I can having many different people give you a good word about me. Plus will give you all my contact info if need be. I only accept Paypal...
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    G15 going nuts

    Well I've had my G15/G5 Combo for about a year and in the last month when my 680i board was frying my RAM and some fan connectors not working anymore, my G15 started acting weird..Well it just got more weird. The backlight flashes once in awhile..turns it self off...then turns it back on in...
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    P35-DS4 rev 2 Not a good board?

    I don't see to many threads about anything good or bad about the DS4. I just got mine in last week and it's doing 400FSB on a E6750 on stock volts. The BIOs are a little 'meh' when it comes to doing voltages and stuff but overall I'm liking it so far. Not many people own the DS4 or?
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    CoolMaster 600W PSU Free (After MIR)

    Figured this was worth putting up knowing MIR SUCKS!