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    FS: XB1 Asassins Creed Season Pass, Lian-Li mATX, i7 930, Escort 8500 Radar, XB360 Kinect

    I've accumulated a bit too much stuff in my work area at home so some of it has to go. Mostly old parts and spares leftover from a bunch of upgrades I did this year. Smaller items include USPS shipping in the price (continental US only). Local pickup available in Orange County, CA. All items are...
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    Hisense 43H7C / 43H7C2 - Anyone using as a monitor?

    Anyone using the 43" 4k Hisense as a monitor? There seem to be two model numbers but they appear to be identical. Amazon has it for $313 right now and Best Buy has it for $322. I've been looking for a cheap 4k TV to use as a monitor but am wondering if anyone has first-hand experience? I...
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    Short height optical drive?

    Figure this is the best place to ask since the SFF enthusiasts are the ones most likely to run into problems like this... I have a Caselabs S5 and I have an Arctic Cooling Liquid Freezer 240 mounted onto the front flex bays. My problem is that the radiator is just long enough where it's making...
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    FS: Assassin's Creed Syndicate Season Pass (XBox One DLC Code)

    Have some game codes from recent purchases that I never redeemed for sale: Tom Clancy's The Division (PC) - SOLD! Redeemable to your uplay account via Rise of the Tomb Raider (PC) - SOLD! Redeemable to your uplay account via Assassin's Creed Syndicate...
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    6870 low framerates in Civ V

    Got a new 6870 but I'm getting very disappointing results in Civ V. Card seems to work fine otherwise (haven't tried other games, but my Vantage scores seem to be where they should). OC'd to 1030/1130, temps seem to max around 65C. Getting 15-20 FPS in game (default zoom) at 2560x1600 with all...
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    6870 or 6850 for SC2 and Civ V at 2560x1600

    I've been waiting for a while now to get a new video card for the system I built about a month ago. I knew the new 6800 series was coming out, so I built my computer with a placeholder card. Now that they're out I'm having a difficult time deciding between the 6850 and 6870. The *only* games I...
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    FS: Smartphone, PSU, USB Sound Card, 9400 GT, Old laptop parts

    I'm moving across the country next week and have a bunch of stuff that I don't want to haul with me. Most of this has been sitting in my closet for years so I just want to get rid of it. I'll be adding more as I go through the boxes I have. Everything includes shipping via USPS Priority unless...
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    Looking for a card for 2560x1600

    I'm building a new system and am struggling to decide what graphics card to get. It's going to be a Core i7 system inside a Lian-Li PC-V351. I'm looking at ATI cards because of the Eyefinity feature - I currently have a Dell 3008WFP and plan on getting two 2007FP's to use along with it, so I...
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    iPhone coming out June 29

    So yeah, the new commercials confirm that the iPhone will be available June 29. Who here's going to go and try to get one? I think I might go if I have time. I probably won't use the phone, but I know I have friends who'll want it and will buy it from me plus take me out to dinner for it. I...
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    Best Mac software for creating notes in class?

    I just got a MBP, and I use it in my programming class and some other classes. I was wondering what some good note taking programs are. I like things to be able to have multiple tiers (like with bullets) and the ability to link different sections together would be nice. I've been using the...
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    Just got a MBP, questions about Windows

    I just bought a Macbook pro since I broke my old laptop and need to send it in for repair. I've been wanting to learn how to use OSX for a while, since up to now I've never really sat down to use it for more than printing something out or browsing the web. I also need to run Windows in order to...
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    Installing IDE devices

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    FS: Pentium M 745 Dothan 1.8 Ghz, Antec 430 TruePower, fans, lights, switchbus, round

    Pentium M 745 Processor - $225 shipped obo -Dothan core, 400 mhz fsb. Should be good for the pin mod to 533 mhz fsb, but you should research it if you plan on doing it. Never used, new with box. Box has been opened to verify contents. Heat: Eric1285 eBay: mistasupreme AIM - InsouciantRSX
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    FS: Pentium M 745 Dothan processor - 1.8 ghz - new with box

    Selling a Pentium M 745 Processor. Dothan core, 400 mhz fsb. Should be good for the pin mod to 533 mhz fsb, but you should research it if you plan on doing it. Never used, new with box. Box has been opened to verify contents. Asking for $275 shipped or best offer. PM offers please, no thread...
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    Does the SN45G V3 have Soundstorm?

    I'm moving my rig over to a SFF PC, but I need something has both SATA and Soundstorm. Does the V3 of the SN45G have soundstorm? I'm pretty sure the V1 and V2 have it, but I can't find any info on the V3.
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    WTB: Shuttle SFF with soundstorm and SATA (SN45G)

    I'm looking to buy a Shuttle SN45G V3. It must have SATA and soundstorm. If there are any other shuttles that have this and support an AMD chip with 400mhz FSB, I am interested as well. I prefer to have a 250 watt power supply and all the faceplates included. Looking to buy ASAP. Heat...
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    Hard drive corrupted, what to do?

    My secondary hard drive is corrupted. I can't read any data off the drive, and attempting to modify its contents, such as emptying the recycle bin, causes my computer to restart. When I open up the drive in My Computer, everything is jargon and it says the drive is like 189mb, when it's really...
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    Anyone play Project Entropia?

    Anyone play this game? I've been playing for the past day or so...kinda slow to start, but it seems to have some potential. I don't want to deposit real life money, so it's been tough getting started. Anyone else play?
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    E-MU 0404 vs 1212m vs Soundstorm

    Okay, so I had a sudden influx of unexpected cash. Much of it is going to pay off my credit card bills, but some of it can be spent on an audio upgrade. I'm trying to decide whether it's worth upgrading from my Soundstorm mobo to a E-MU card, and if so, which one I should choose. My current...
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    Time to upgrade...need bookshelf speaker recommendations

    So my birthday is right around the corner, and I'm going to ask for a nice set of bookshelf speakers. I'm sticking with 2.1 right now, since I'm in a tiny dorm room and 5.1 would serve no purpose. I'll probably upgrade to 3.1 before the end of the school year though. Anyways, here's my current...
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    Polk R20 speakers any good?

    Circuit City has the Polk R20 bookshelf speakers on sale tomorrow. Are they any good? Will they be better than my home theatre in a box JBL speakers? I currently have these JBL's in a 2.1 setup with a Velodyne VX-10 and an Onkyo 501 receiver. Will the Polk speakers be better? Link to JBL's...
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    Ibuypower laptops?

    Anyone ever had any experience with ibuypower? I'm looking at their Battalion 101 Slim Series laptop. It looks like a great deal, and comes configured the way I need it for around $1300. Any comments on quality would be nice. They don't offer extended warranties, but I'm hoping I can get...
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    FS: eMachines M6805 laptop / notebook - like new with extended warranty!

    SOLD!!!!!!!!!! I'm off to college and I would like a more portable laptop, since I will have a desktop for gaming. The machine is about 3 months old and has not been used much. Specs are: Athlon 64 3000+ 512mb PC2700 memory 60GB HDD (4200 RPM) Radeon 9600 with 64mb...
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    Installing IDE devices

    Okay, I have 4 IDE devides I need to install.. HDD HDD DVD-ROM DVD-RW My friend told me that if I put the two HDD's on seperate channels, I'll get a slight performance boost, since IDE cannot read and write at the same time...having them on different channels will allow simultaneous...
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    New router (WGT624) causing problems in starcraft

    I just got a Netgear WGT624v2. It's the fanciest 802.11g flavor they have. Anyways, it works fine for internet and downloading stuff, but then when I fire up Starcraft and try to play on, I get this stuttering in games that's very similar to lag. Now, there's a few settings on the...
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    Getting the wireless card on an eMachines M6805/7 to work with 108mbps super g?

    I think I read somewhere, on one of the many forums I browse, that it was possible to get the 802.11g card in the eMachines laptops to work with the new 108mbps routers. I just bought a Netgear Super G router, which has this feature, and I was wondering if anyone could find any info on this...
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    Netgear WGT624 802.11g Super G 108mbps router - $17.49 AR/AC/PM

    1. Staples has the WGT624 (turbo 108mbps) router for $149.98. Add a filler to get over $150, and use a $30 off $150 coupon (from email, the ones in the thread are dead). Place the order. Link to item. 2. Call back and ask for a price match to who has it for $74.99 for today's deal of...
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    FS: New Maxtor 160GB 7200 RPM 8mb drive, $105

    New Maxtor 160GB 7200 RPM drive with 8mb cache. Sealed in static bag. $105 + shipping. Heat: Eric1285
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    Woot! Installed new DVD Burner into M6805

    Since I got my laptop from Best Buy, there was no option to install a DVD burner. I recently got in on the $29 deal for the Toshiba DVD-R drive. I stripped the drive of its bezel and such, replaced it with the mounting brackets from the eMachines laptop, swapped the bezel, and popped it in...
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    First attempt to open the M6805: Failed

    Well, I just spent about 30 minutes trying to open up my M6805. I tried going with one of the tutorials posted on the M53XX series, but the keyboard housing is entirely one piece. This means that there is no simple piece to pull off, unscrew, and then remove the keyboard. So, I tried unscrewing...
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    ATITool on M6805

    Anyone else have trouble running ATITool's tests? Test max mem, test max core, test artifacts? The program crashese everytime I try, but the overclocking still works.
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    FS: eMachines M5312 widescreen Athlon laptop!

    Laptop is gone, thanks for looking!
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    New laptop! Pics (.5mb total)

    Cliffs at end. Just got this laptop yestarday from Best Buy. It's an eMachines M5312. Specs: Athlon 2400+ 60GB HDD 802.11g 512mb PC2100 ram 15.4'' 1280x800 Widescreen LCD :drool: Radeon IGP 320m graphics (~Radeon 7000) USB 2.0, Firewire DVD/CDRW All I can say is that it's...
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    Zalman heatpipe + ramsinks = yes/no?

    Will the Zalman heatpipe (the 80C one - grey/silver) work with ramsinks? I ordered OCZ copper ramsinks (not the flower ones). Hoping I'll be able to fit them under there. If not, I'll have to sell the Zalman and get me a 1U cooler or something.
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    3.5'' baybus with pilot switches...where to get?

    Where can I get a baybus like this... that has 3 pin connectors for fans? That one wants you to screw bare wires in, and while I could easily take some tails and cut them to make connectors, something that's done for me would be nice.
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    Sound dampening material? (Noise absorption)

    Well, I installed a 120mm side intake into my case, and it is LOUD. It's rated at 84CFM/31dBa, but it is much louder than any of my other 31dBa fans. I have rubber grommets between the side panel and the fan, but I want it to be even quieter. I bought a bunch of this rubber foam material from...
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    First hole cut with dremel, pics

    Got my dremel a few days ago, and this is the first hole I've cut. It's a 120mm side intake hole. Gonna put an Evercool aluminum fan in there, 84 CFM, 31dBa. As you can see, I slipped and went a bit too far with the dremel in two or three places, but overall, I think it turned out okay. With the...