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    XBox Elite Controller - Wireless Range question

    Greetings: I recently purchased an XBox One and I find the wireless range (on the controller!) to be a little disappointing. I'm constantly plagued by "please reconnect controller" messages. Does anyone know if the Elite Controller has better range? I'm not that far from my xbox (maybe 15...
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    Best $200 Android Tablet

    Looking for a $200-250ish android tablet with a 10 inch screen and an SD card slot. Anyone got a recommendation? Right now I'm leaning towards a Galaxy Tab 4, which would fit the bill perfectly.
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    .Net 2013 (VB) in a web page: Test if user is member of AD group

    Good Afternoon: I'm trying to whip up a little utility, and I'm almost done. It's a web app that is written in VB. I'm trying to lock down some specific buttons based on group membership in Active Directory. In reading, I should be able to test a users group membership with something...
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    Outlook 2010: Strange UNC with startup

    Greetings: Anyone ever seen Outlook 2010 try to contact weird UNCs when starting up? I didn't believe it until I saw the screenshot, but it's hanging for about 20 seconds trying to contact No idea what is causing it to look for that UNC. Looks like is...
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    XBox One + Titanfall, $499

    Got this in my email a few minutes ago... New XBox One Titanfall Edition is $499 and they're taking pre-orders now. If you're going to buy the console for this game (or when it comes out), this is surely the way to do it. It also comes with a free month of Gold. If you order by 3/8, it looks...
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    HP Servers - Drivers and firmware updates are now $$

    Just a heads up for those of you dealing with HP Hardware. Looks like they're trying to convince people to keep their support contracts active by forcing you to keep machines under contract in order to get software and firmware updates. I received this in my email today: So once your...
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    Looking for a laptop deal, any help?

    Greetings: I'm in the market for one, possibly two, laptops. There are so many choices available, I'm not entirely sure where the best bang for the buck is. I'm hoping someone here just bought something they love and want to share, or maybe saw a killer deal! I would like to get a 1080p...
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    Technet Forum viewer (fixer)

    I hate the technet forums, but I love lurking and reading. Anyone have any software know of any software that reads the forums and presents you with a better (readable) interface?
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    FS: Windows RT 64GB w/ Touch Cover

    Sold Locally. Thanks for looking.
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    Win2012 R2: Storage Spaces

    I know there is a lot of hate around here for Win2012, and Storage spaces. I'm hoping that R2 might change some of that. Microsoft announced R2 at TechEd today (not that we didn't expect it with the release of 8.1). They've expanded on the storage spaces with some new features: Three way...
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    Surface deals for TechEd attendees: $99/$399

    Even more exclusive than a Fry's or Microcenter deal -- Microsoft is offering TechEd attendees a great deal on Surface tablets: Surface RT 64GB with cover : $99 Surface RT Pro 128GB : $399 Chanel 9 link Limited one of each models per attendee... Great deal if you're already going...
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    Run Win8 "Metro" apps in a window

    Stardock just released Modern Mix. It takes metro apps and puts them into a window and allows you to interact with them more like a regular app. I know lots of people aren't a fan of Win8 because of the lack of a start menu, and the modern UI, but for $10 you can get Start8 and Modern Mix...
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    .list files

    Greetings. We've got a guy in the office who has some pretty intense internet usage here in the office. Upon examining his PC, we've found quite a few .list files and I'm not sure what they are. They seem to be plain text files. Inside it looks like a path to a web server. In the path...
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    Sound Bar recomendations

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    WTB: Video Card

    Greetings: Don't have a lot of cash and my wife's video card is on the fritz. Currently running GTX260, looking to get something better than that. Anyone got anything? Cheap is the word!
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    HyperV guest can't participate on private network

    Greetings: I'm playing around with some VMs and I'm using Win8 as the Host and using Hyper-V. I created two virtual switches: The first switch is called Worldwide access and it's configured to use the external network. The second switch is called Isolated Access and it's configured to...
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    Gaming Mice: Why do I like cheap mice better?

    I was wondering if someone could help me figure out why I like cheap, inexpensive gaming mice better than the expensive ones. Until today, I didn't even realize it until my mouse died and I had to plug a temporary one in. I used to be spot on with the mouse (mmo gameplay, targeting and...
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    GOG: Silver

    GOG is running a special on Silver today. It's a fantastic RPG that I played "back in the day". The graphics aren't the most impressive, but the game itself really holds up well. Check it out -- can't go wrong at $2.39!! I'm going to grab it just so I don't have to worry about the disks...
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    WiiU Preorder up now

    Online Pre-Orders: Remember, release day is November 18th, 2012, which is a Sunday. Regardless of vendor, if you order online, the soonest you're probably going to get it is Monday the 19th. If you want it sooner, try to get an in-store pre-order so you can stop in on Sunday and pick it up...
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    HP Laptop parts: where to buy?

    Howdy: I have a friend who's laptop went on the fritz. I've diagnosed it, and determined it's the video cable (it wraps around the hinges, so when you open/close them, it flexes the cable and eventually wears out). I've ordered two from ebay, and neither one worked -- LCD powered on but no...
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    Laptop Keyboard LED mod

    Howdy: I've got a laptop that I use on occasion to work in front of the TV. I don't use laptops often, and they all seem to have a different keyboard layout, so I often find myself hunting for keys (especially the fn keys for things like volume up/volume down). I've decided to do an LED...
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    [WTB] 11 56 CPU for Virtual Host

    Greetings: I'm looking to learn some newer technologies and have decided to put together a new rig for VMs. I have a 1156 motherboard and some RAM, so I'd really like to find a CPU to complete this rig. I'm looking for a beefy i5 or better. I would also consider a cheap motherboard/cpu/ram...
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    Deadlight (XBox Live)

    I picked this up last night, but I haven't had a chance to play it yet. My internet (or live) decided it didn't want me to play as the download was going sooooo slow (~3% after 1/2 hour). Video It's a limbo'esque zombie thriller game (or so I hear). Anyone play it yet and care to...
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    WTB: 1156 CPU (i5-661)

    Greetings: Looking to get back into having a "media pc". I've got everything except a CPU. The motherboard I have is a 1156 socket, so I'm looking for something to put into it. I don't need anything super powerful (quad core would be overkill), but I'd like at least an i5-661 (it's what...
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    PDF Combine via Explorer Context Menu

    Greetings: I'm looking for a piece of software to combine, or merge PDF files via the context menu in explorer. I have done the google research, and I've tried about 30 different programs and none of them work (they don't have the context menu). The best one that I found was Quick PDF Tools...
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    Context Menu Handler

    Greetings: I'm working with some AppV packages and I'm trying to configure a feature of Adobe Standard to work. The feature I'm looking to get working is the right click > combine context menu. I've tracked the menu option back to a DLL. I was expecting an EXE somewhere, but I can't seem...
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    Uncharted 1/2 $25@ BB

    I went to pick up my ico/sotc combo and saw the Uncharted 1/2 combo was also on sale for $25. Uncharted 2 alone is going for $30... link
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    Device that streams Hulu, Amazon Instant (not on demand!)

    Greetings: I'm looking for a device that streams Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime OnDemand. I have a TiVo and the Hulu integration is god awful, and it won't do Prime. I was looking at the Roku. Is there anything else out there that does Hulu and Amazon? Amazon Prime is not the Same thing as...
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    Advanced Adobe: Remove "signature" on document change

    Greetings: I'm looking to take advantage of a feature of adobe that, hopefully, is already there. My company does engineering designs. They get saved as PDFs. Currently, these get signed with and an image is placed to represent this signature. It is common that edits are made to these...
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    Kinect Zoom: Play 40% closer to your Kinect

    Anyone tried the Kinect Zoom yet? It's a lens that snaps to the kinect allowing you to play in smaller rooms with less hassle. I picked one up last week for $30 at best buy (had some gift certificates) and I have to say, it really did what...
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    JoWood getting a "reboot"?

    I got this in my email today:
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    3DS Price Drop: $169.99

    Kotaku announced that the big N is dropping the price on the 3DS. Looks like it will be available at $169.99 starting August 12th. If you purchased before August 12th, you will be eligible for 20 free game downloads from their market. Looks like they're adding a NES and GBA virtual console...
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    IE Zone Permission Problem

    Greetings: I'm troubleshooting an issue where IE Zones are getting somehow locked down. I can't add any sites to the Trusted Sites becuase the button is unvailable. The one thing that stands out the most is that the icons are changing for the security zones -- isntead of showing the...
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    PS3 and Netflix

    I finally got around to installing netflix on the PS3 last night and I'm having problems getting it to work. Am I wasting my time messing with it becuase of a PSN outage, or should I be able to use it now? The problem I'm seeing is that the app starts up, then it goes to the Netflix screen...
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    WTB: 1156 Mobo or SATA3 Card

    Greetings: I just bought a new SSD thinking my mobo had SATA3 on it -- and it doesn't! Would love to get a Asus P7P55D with Sata3, or something similar. Looking for a good deal. I would also consider a SATA3 add-in card, though I would prefer the motherboard so it doesn't increase my boot...
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    Corsair Force Series 3, $180 AR

    Not sure if you guys saw this deal in the Newegg deals -- it's a solid deal. But then a $30 rebate was added bringing the total to $180 AR making it a great deal! $234 - $25 instant (with code above) - $30 rebate card = $180 There appear to be some problems with the Drive, but Corsiar has...
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    Cloning Clyde: $2 @ D2D I played through this on the 360 and it was a fantastic puzzle game. Not tough tough, but always fun! Looks like you can even play the full game for an hour before you decide if you want to buy it. This is part...
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    WTB: Adobe Creative Suite Web Standard

    Greetings: My wife is finishing up her degree and signed up for a Web Design class. They're requiring Adobe CS 4 (or higher) Web Standard edition, and even at student rates, it's still pretty expensive and we can't quite afford it at this time. I'm looking for a copy that will get her by --...
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    Gamesave Manager

    Anyone used this? I just installed it and it found and backed up all of my saves. I'm going to give it a shot, but I figured I'd pass it on. The program scans your machine for known saves and then allows you to back them up to an archived file. It can also...
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    Looking for a flight sim

    My father isn't very tech savy, but he love flying virtual planes. I remember an old DOS game that we used to play called F15 Strike Eagle. Ever since that time, flight sims have gotten a little too complex for him (remember, he's an old man and wants to take off, fly, shoot things and make...