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    Need to upgraded CPU, MOBO, RAM. Advice needed.

    So I've been out of the game for a bit and back when I was hard into computers it was all about 939 and AM2 and the quad core LGA775 was only a dream.. Anyways, computers been acting up and a new HD didnt fix it so its time for that upgrade I've been wanting. I currently have. DFI...
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    ATI X1900XT giving no signal after windows loads.

    Earlier today I opened ATI tool to check my temps while CCC was running (7.6) and everything went black, froze up so I rebooted my computer. I would get POST and everything would load fine, I would see the windows loading bars and then it would go away like the desktop was going to load. I get...
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    mic stoped working,

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    Swap ram?

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    Reformating Dell.

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    This ram good?

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    DVD Burner Help.

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    FS: My System :( Whole and/or Parted

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    DVD Ripping Questions....

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    DVD Burners?

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    DVD Burner Final Question

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    Firewire Problems.

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    Help on DVD Burners?

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    IS7, Good Buy?

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    Can it fit?

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    Anyone seriously looking for a FX 51?

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    Computer cant boot anymore.

    Last nite I was playing 360 with my brother, and then I looked over at his computer and it gave me a BSOD without anyone on it and then rebooted. Now whenever I try to get it into windows I get the Windows did not start successfully. I try last known settings or start normally and it will...
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    WTB: GRAW 360 Case Only (No Disc)

    I got the GRAW bundle but it only came with a paper sleeve. Now I know the chances of this are slim to none but I am hoping that someway some how I'll get one. I don't want to pay a fortune for this thing but I would like one. If anyone owns one or happens to work at a store where they have...
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    Setting up another router in a routered-network.

    I currently have a WRT54GL as my main router being fed from my modem. From the WRT it has 4 cables comming from it. - My Computer (top floor) - Fathers Dell (top floor) - Fathers Notebook (top floor) - Server (basement) Now with the PS3 and Wii coming out I would like to be able to run...
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    FS: Sapphire X800 GTO2 at 16pipes with AC5 Rev2 Silencer - $80

    Sapphire X800 GTO2 with a Arctic Cooling 5 Rev 2 cooler and its been flashed to 16 pipelines. It comes with everything in retail box. Great card and ran everything I threw at it. I was getting some great overclocks on it but its been a while since I had it in since my X1900XT came so I dont...
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    Creative Z5500's and cellphone causing a morse code beeping

    I don't know why this is happening, or if its a known problem or anything but google found nothing. I have a Motorola V635 and Z5500s and whenever I get a call or a text message and my cellphone is anywhere on my computer desk I will get a beep beep de beep beep beep somewhat like morse code if...
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    Cant hookup L.I.S2 VFD via Internal USB

    First off all, this is probably the wrong section so forgive me for posting here but it was the best guess. I bought a Lost In Space2 VFD and it worked great when I tested it via my external USB cable, but that was ugly and when I put it in my case I want it hooked up via my internal one...
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    Fitting WC setup inside a PC65B

    I want to cool my CPU which is a 939 ATM and my x1900XT, so it would be a CPU and GPU loop. I have a Lian Li PC 65B which is a great case and I love it and I don't want to change cases. I am wondering how I can get a WC setup inside this case and still maintain functionality. Now I have...
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    IRQ BSOD Issues.

    Keep getting reboots while playing D2. I am getting the IRQ not less or equal to error. I checked event log and this is what I got.... The COM+ Event System detected a bad return code during its internal processing. HRESULT was C0000005 from line 44 of...
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    DFI Ultra-D having problems with harddrives.

    So I have 2 x 250's in my computer which you can find my specs in my sig, and my brother had a 300 GB Maxtor with different specs. Anyways the drives work fine and I have had no problems, however they seem to be getting lost during a cold boot, warm boot or a reboot at times. In order to get...
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    Hardrive's dropping out boot after boot.

    I am having a little perdicament here. I have two 250GB SATA2 Maxtor harddrives (6V250F0) and my brother has a 300GB SATA2 Maxtor drive (6V300F0) They are good drives and I like them but I am having some problems as often when I reboot my computer and my brother reboots his computer they are...
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    Problems booting up new system. Help!

    Specs are AMD 64 3200+ 939 DFI UT Ultra-D 2 x 512 Crucial Balistix 3200 Sapphire X800 GTO2 with ATi Silencer 5 Maxtor 250GB SATA DVD Burner and DVD Drive and Floppy Antec True Power 480. Alrite on the to the bad stuff. I put everything in the machine last nite and made sure...
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    DVI or don't bother?

    WIth my new rig comming in I found the Samsung Syncmaster 920N 19' which looked like a good monitor. I did my reviews and it seems to be good, but somehow I overlooked the fact that its analog.... doh! So.... when it comes I am wondering if I am really going to be at that much of a...
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    More power or less power?

    I am thinking of building a new system. What I see right now is a 939 3200 or 3000 on a NF4 939 DFI Board with a PCI-E card. Possibly a X800 or something of that caliber. That is going to be more expensive obviously but I don't know if its over kill for me. Or I could go with my old setup of...
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    DHCP Problems.

    I have been having some problems with getting the network setup after this reformat. I have reformated the computer before and no problems with the network. At first we thought it was the cable because thats what windows was telling us, so I brought it upstairs and tried it on my cable in my...
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    Firewire Problems.

    Trying to get the computer to detect an iPod after I reformated the computer. The firewire is in a SB Audigy with a 1394 port in it. I can charge the iPod via the port and all but it won't find it when I connect it and try to install the software. In device manager it says that the device...
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    How many hits?

    How many hits would a lower end review site (not to popular but enough to get noticed.) My hosting is down and I need a guestimate. Monthly and a 6 Month Basis
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    How much should I ask for my case? are the pictures. I am trying to sell it but I am not sure on what price. Its a Lian Li PC65. It comes with: 5 x Blue Led Fans Fan Controler as seen in the pictures. LianLi 5.25 Bay Temp Moniter that needs new batteries. PaxMate...
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    ATi XT PE in Stock for Rich People Hefty price, but if you have the cash, and want a retail one, and live in Canada or the States and wanna take advantage of the currency conversion, HF and no I don;'t work for bigfoot
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    FS: My System :( Whole and/or Parted

    : ( Well my report card came out, and the mother is angered. Tho its also good timing because I need the money, and I need the rest of it for my cellphone fund. I will sell the system whole, or in parts, or in combos or whatever. Tell my what you are interested in and I will let you know...
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    FS: 3rd Gen 10GB, Dock, FireWire, Headphones, ebony iSkin and Custom External Charger

    Alrite, selling my few week old iPod. Got this from about two or so weeks ago. I am selling it because I wanna get a cell phone and I gotta pay off some debts to my dad. The warranty has easily over 11 months left. This iPod has virtual no scratches at all, the back is...
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    ... how much can I get for this babey ?

    Pictures here Abit IC7G 2.4C Zalman CPNS 7000 ALCU 9800NP flashed to Pro with ATi Silencer 1 SB Audigy 1 120GB WD Harddrive 512 Kingston HyperX 3200 Pioneer DVR 108 16X Black DVD Drive Enermax 420W PSU Custom Fan Controler and 2 x LianLi Face Plates Lian Li PC 65 ( see pics) All...