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    Just a reminder

    Well I'm posting this because I'm a noob and hadn't cleaned out my system in awhile (probably 5-6 weeks) and was having massive heat spikes on my gtx 295 well finally just cleaned it all out and repositioned my pc closer to the window shaved 30c off the temps :D bring the oc's back on woo woo...
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    ich 511's:(

    title almost explains it all i have 6 511 pointers going right now my ppd dropped like 6-8k oh well i guess as long as work is getting done that's all that matters but meh lol
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    I think i lost a power supply in my main rig last night. This sucks thats 30k gone right there oh well i think i'll be going by frys sometime this afternoon so hopefully then.
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    ft 9800 gx2

    Ok I'd prefer to trade as paypal and i have had some disagreements in the past. I'd like to trade one of my 9800 gx2's for a 260 216 It is a BFG unused out of the box I think a straight trade would probably be fair but i'm open to suggestions. ok basically what I've done I listed the card and...
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    reconfiguring boxen

    Hey guys i've been thinking about reconfiguring my 9800gx2 box I've been having a fair amount of heat issues as I live in so cal and it's already getting in to the high 80's on some days. I was thinking about selling the 9800's and putting in the 260 216's as the power draw would be about...
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    Countdown to 2,000,000 ppd added

    Alright guys we need 200 folders to add 10kppd to get get us to ~ 5 million ppd if you can add 10k ppd put it in this thread! I'm adding a 9800gx2 today so 10k ppd = 199 folders needed
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    Time to get motivated!

    Ok guys I don't know about you but being the number 4 ppd producing team is starting to get to me!!! I was a bit bummed out about evga but not that upset then we had putting out over 4mill per day but we have team Creamsicle out producing us SRSLY!!!! we need to get some "D" in the...
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    vm-gpu question

    I might be stupid(likely) but i finally decided to play with stuff to get a couple of the vm/notfred vm's up however when i do on my amd i'm getting severe choking of the gpu clients how do i fix that? is that where the affinity thingie comes into play?
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    mmm pron

    Time to teach those whipper snappers at evga a lesson rofl
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    Contest at newegg

    Hey guys here is a chance to maybe win a nice folding card:) good luck!:D
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    MOAR D

    well i had a few extra bucks laying around so I acquired a couple more bits o kick ass:D now i'm not sure if you can run a 9800gx2 on 2 6 pins but i didn't want to risk it so my main folding box is 2 9800 gx2's and one 9800 gtx if anyone has a suggestion on how to mebbe get the other...
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    ? dual vids

    ok i installed a 2nd vid card into my folding machine and installed a new instance of folding gpu however when i did that the first instance i had running dropped from like around 5k ppd to 3500 could i have accidentally installed 2 instances on one card? If it helps in FahMon both instances...
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    mmm pr0n mmmm

    hey guys i'm tired of getting mowed so time to get some new hardware up and running so here is a pretty pic of the new setup still needs a few more cards but it will get there!!!
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    I just got an e-mail from a friend that bodes well for multi core folding;) he's an oem dealer so i hope he has good info:D I've been informed that Intel will have a price drop on Core 2 Duo Processors effective 4-22-07. Price drops will range from 11 to 40% depending on models ^^ copied...
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    woot just added a C2D 1.8ghz;) gonna test for a couple of days then gonna start turning it up a little bit:)
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    I love Setting up new offices:) got at least 8 if not 12 new cores up, so woot here comes a point increase:D also more machines for the cause! i love my addiction
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    I finally broke down and bought a new CPU for my Main Computer athlon x2 3800 with some OC coming as soon as i put it in so happy days i've been wanting one for a while but finally done it
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    add 1 more

    well i added a p4 3ghz xeon today with another one tomorrow and i just started work on this office so it will prob be 10 more comps over the next month or so:D so woot stomp some roo
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    if any one needs hosting let me know i just upgraded my server account and it was cheaper and went from 20 gigs of transfer to 300 and 20 gigs of storage so i'll be happy to max that out for yall e-mail me something esp if it will benefit the [H]orde!!! e-mail =
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    pray for me guys:)

    Alright I am submitting a letter to a company that I do consulting for to allow me to borg their computer lab of about 20-25 computers all the latest dells!! so heres to getting it cause i need it for the getting the crap smacked out of me by a roooo contest. from what I can tell their...
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    1 Meeelliiioon pts:)

    I am almost at one large:) I so happy it's been a long haul
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    up to about 2-3 months ago i was pc only :D well the looks and the smooth interface has started winning me over to at least buying one soon. I do a ton of photography and was wondering if anyone here has used Aperture? if so how do you like it? what is the best feature? is it better then...
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    just bought a new lens!

    yaaa finally got some new glass for my 20d i can't wait to get it on my camera and go shooting.
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    wtb hp laptop screen

    alright looking for a hp pavilion zd8000 screen it's a 17" laptop i helped pick this lappie out for a buddie who was in iraq and the screen got cracked so i am helping him replace it. so lemmie know guys i would really appreciate it.
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    kido1986 lets go

    Hey Kido currently your putting out a few ppd more then me but not much and i do have a bit of a lead so do you wanna go at it huh? race to 50 or race to 1million pts? lemmie know heres our comparison.
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    yosemite pics DUW

    Bridal Veil Falls Across the merced river Steam rising on the main entry loop at the first meadow The Stream leading off of Bridal Veil Falls The Capitan -- El Capitan Looking across meadow near Camp Curry comments always welcome!!
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    A pic from recent vaca DUW

    i thought i would share some pics with fellow [H]orde members of my trip to yosemite Bridal Veil Falls Across the merced river Steam rising on the main entry loop at the first meadow The Stream leading off of Bridal Veil Falls The Capitan -- El Capitan Looking across meadow...
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    Woo hoo

    First time over a 4000 ppd avg :cool: :D
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    2 Nintento DS Gaming Systems

    both SOLD to noacess thanks for everyone else looking in! I have 2 Nintendo Gaming units new in box sealed. reason selling need to pay for a trip. I will only ship first if you have Fantastic heat otherwise don't ask. I accept paypal cc is ok i also accept us postal service MO and...
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    how many of you are ramping up?

    show us a pic of what your folding looks like over the last 5-8 months or weeks even just so we can all see how your doin. well heres mine to start with
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    new borgs

    i was at on a job site and had a few minutes break and a buddys computer was open so i sat down and started looking at my stats he was like whats that? so i explained it to him about what it was how it worked etc... well he was like send me your e-mail and where to get this program and i'll...
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    waves at ZROUT

    I am passing JOO today:) i have 143 pts to go i'll be in the 140's in the next week or so soo watch out yall :D sorry don't mean to toot my own horn but it's fun screaming up the ranks marty i am coming for ya as soon as i can get my pts to 10k a day;)
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    help getting a 2 ghz cellie up

    hey guys i got a dell mobo pull and i am trying to hook up all the power sw reset sw hdd light etc... and i am having a hard time identifying anything:( heres a link to the mobo if you could give me a heads up or...
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    cpu clips?

    does any one have any cpu clips for a cpu heatsink? i'll buy it or whatever i just need it in order to get another folder up they look like this 699 k pic
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    top 200

    i just broke into the top 200 on Yeaa should be in the top 150 in the next month or so
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    Help get a boxen up!

    Hey guys I have a boxen that i am trying to get up and it's kicking my ass:( it's a s754 and i bought a sempron 3000 for it and it's not even posting the fans just turn and thats it! I am wondering if their is anyone in the the southern california area that either has a s 754 board or chip...
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    WTB looking for s754

    hey guys i am looking for a cheap/inexpensive s754 cpu i don't care if it's sempron or A64 i am trying to get my newest folding box up and think i blew a chip out:( my e-mail = william @ ahpathfinder . com you can pm me or e-mail me
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    help with a rig?

    hey guys i am looking for someone local to loma linda ca that has a socket 754 mobo or cpu because i built a sff gitup and it's not bloody working and i am trying to figure out what died so if you anyone could help that would be awesome. thanks
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    man i want this rig;) ooooh that is sweet! i could fit that in my room!! but i would vent that bad boy outside with some dryer ducting or something hehe
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    whats up with us??

    I have noticed that we are no longer overtaking the ROOS they seem to be hopping away from us haha i know stupid pun! but nevertheless whats up it seems like everyone is kinda just bleah i know it's hot but come on lets fold fold fold and fold some more ;) alright i'll get off my soap box now