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    Finally got my password back. Per Kyle block the hard do Ian :-/ anyway...

    Finally got my password back. Per Kyle block the hard do Ian :-/ anyway...
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    Professional Video Shoulder Mount for iPhone 3GS

    I don't care what you say, Alex Lindsay is the man :)
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    Dell Netbook for $199

    Now, keep in mind my mini 9 is running OS X... I installed MAME and played a quick game of WWF Wrestlefest. Ran fine, sounded fine... ISSUE! The keyboard is not recognized once you're in the game :( I plugged up an external KB and that worked.
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    Dell Netbook for $199

    No, but that's a hell of an idea :D To the intrawebs!!
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    Dell Netbook for $199

    Nice deal on a neat little machine. I picked up a refurb'd mini9 early last week. It ended up about $60 more than this with 1Gb DDR, XP and the 16Gb SDD after the refurb price minus an outlet coupon I found. Mine looked brand new, YMMV of course. A certain apple'y OS sits on it very well...
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    iTunes Server?

    So, a follow-up question (which might be even more off topic.) is there any way that two separate user accounts can operate this way? i.e. My wife and I both buy songs from different itunes accounts. Sounds like I just need to cross-authorize everything?
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    Windows 7

    I was going to try VM'ing it first - but I may just bootcamp it once it's public on Friday
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    Left4Dead Anyone?

    I may have to pick this up
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    Guns N' Roses Album On MySpace

    Well, I like several of the tracks...
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    Making the MBP more desktop friendly (laptop stands)

    +1 for the mStand. Got mine from FRY's about a year ago, not long after 'semi' switching with my MBP purchase. Looks as good as the day I unboxed it and still just as striking.
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    Can a harmony go through walls?

    that was SO my first answer! :D
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    Do you have 3G in your area?

    Houston is FULL of it...
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

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    GTA IV any availability problems?

    No special editions where I tried to grab one he in South Houston. I ended up at BBuy and they had a messy display with a few regular edition left.
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    dang, beat me by a minute :D
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    Wiretap Theater [complete]

    nice arrangement if you can get it :D
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    A few pics of my new MBP covered in Best Skins Ever armor.

    Got mine today. Not installed as yet - I'll take photos and report back.
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    A few pics of my new MBP covered in Best Skins Ever armor.

    i LIKE! My MBP requires constant cleaning also, so this might be exactly what I'm after.
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    iPhone ran over. Pics.

    i may iCry... ;)
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    I Received My MacBook Pro ...

    welcome, MBP brother :)
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    Free Raffle from and MicroTemp

    htown local!
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    Wall Mounts

    I have an A/V side-business and TRY to use Peerless where-ever possible, yes they're expensive, but they always seem to fit just right. I've tried omnimount too, but at that point you may as way try out the monoprice mount first.
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    So I got a DLP HD Projector for .99 cents on Ebay

    congratz you sir... way to go~!
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    ATI Radeon HD 3870 X2 Drawing

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    Recommend me a protective sleeve!

    It's not a hard shell, but I use this:
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    Show Your LCD(s) setups!!!

    no won't quote GCTonyHawk7 again, but add mu kudos to your growing list :) The shot/colors are amazing! BTW, I think some people could actually use the wallpaper on you monitor AS a wallpaper ;)
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    Blu-ray a sick joke on the consumer?

    Did we make hardc0re run for the hills or something? :)
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    Blu-ray a sick joke on the consumer?

    Er... have you SEEN a blueray movie? Old or not, with a good transfer (the new release of the 25 year old Blade Runner.) you're getting so much more resolution.
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    Question about RockBand (360) and my profile...

    or do the cheat if you're just looking to jam?
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    Xbox Live in Rock Band?

    I have it here in the States, on the US servers there are all kinds of extra content already. Sorry dude :(
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    Gamestop refused to sell me an unopened UT3 Collectors Edition

    not to be off topic or anything, but... HOLY S%&T! UT 3 is out!?!? :eek: TOO. MANY. GAMES!!!!
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    home theater projector

    Mitsubishi HD1000
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    FS: NIB Xbox 360, with games and accessories

    Bump for a good price. Good luck Rhino
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    Macbook pro upgrades

    I recently switched out my brand-new 15" LED display (I'll leave out the part where I admit cracking the screen against my iphone's earbuds :mad:). Having been all around the insides, I'd say that the HDD is a pretty simple switch-out, with the hardest part being getting the damned casing open.
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    Little boxes appearing around stuff on the screen?

    If it's talking to you too, then try the apple key and F5
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    Anybody Get The 360 Messenger Kit?

    got one today. bbuy still had them in the storeroom, so i asked to confirm they were for sale. i find it MUCH better than that crappy virtual keyboard and it doesn't all that much weight to the controller overall.
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    Wiretap's Home Theater

    Did I miss, or did the server eat, where the seating was purchased from?
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    Any descent movie players for osx?

    As a three-day-newbie to OSX, I'm finding myself trying everything anyone suggests, so far I'm diggin' niceplayer