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    Need a Basic AB speaker switch.

    Trying to find a cheep AB switch to use for my Klipsch pro media 2.1 speakers. I have 2 sets of the L/R speakers as my original sub died after about 8 years. I have two screen setups at my desk one for my racing wheel and one for everything else. I have gotten sick of physically moving the...
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    Asus 7970
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    $140 off at Motorola store.

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    New build, random lockups

    I built my Dad a new pc and it gets very random lockups. Specs include: Windows 8 Enterprise, Intel 4770, MSI H87M-G43 mobo, Corsair CX 500w psu, 2x4gb Corsair Vengeance memory, Asus 260x gpu, and a 250g samsung Evo SSD. There's no consistency to what causes the lockups, other than it...
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    Giving away Bf3 and Crysis 2 keys.

    Battlefield 3: Gone Crysis 2: Gone
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    i7 960 Gigabyte x58 motherboard 10g 1333 ram hyper 212+ bundle Intel i7 960 CPU processor Gigabyte x58-usb3 motherboard ( 1-2 years left on warranty) 10g's of ram (three 2g Samsung sticks, two 1g Samsung sticks, one 2g Kingston) Coolermaster Hyper 212+ CPU...
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    Low gpu usage after mobo bios update

    After updating the bios on my Gigabyte x58a-usb3 motherboard, my gpu usage has gone from 99% in most games to 0-50%, Iv tried different video drivers, different bios versions including going back the the version I was previously on and nothing is fixing it. Iv set bios settings to optimized...
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    Mini dp to dp question.

    Right now im running 3 monitors off my 7970. 1 dual link dvi cable to my 120hz monitor 1 mini dp to dvi adapter to my 60hz monitor 1 hdmi to dvi adapter to my 60hz monitor I assume the adapters are active? They came with my Asus 7970. I'm adding one of those 1440p Korean monitors to...
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    Will this mini dp adapter work? All the adapter on amazon say for macbook, but will it also work with my 7970? I assume it will, but just want to double check. I have 3 displays in...
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    Sound card/speaker recommendation and other questions.

    Right now I have klipsch promedia 2.1 speakers and am using on-board sound. Iv been looking at maybe going to either a 4.1 or 5.1 setup. Can I purchase 2-3 more speakers and add them to the setup? Could I plug the additional speakers into a sound card and achieve 4.1 or 5.1 still? I'm hoping...
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    refurbished monitor worth it?

    Have you ever bought a refurbished monitor from newegg? Is it worth the risk to save $45? This is the monitor I’m looking at I already have 2 and that's why I want a 3rd matching.
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    onboard video conflicting with gpu: asus laptop

    So I did a fnr on my sisters laptop. It has both Intel on board video and an nvidia 310m. Once I Installed the nvidia drivers it locks at boot. I went to the bios, where it had an option for video adapter options, I can set it to let windows decide, or other. If I set it to other it boots and...
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    Thermal paste question

    I figured its time to replace the thermal paste in my laptop as temps are much hotter than when i got the laptop about 2 years ago. On the gpu there is a thermal pad, can that be removed and replaced with paste?
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    Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-2250 Question

    Im planning on buying the 2250,but am not quite sure on one thing. on newegg is says So my question is, will I be able the have both the cable, and an antenna plugged in. This way on one tuner I can get over the air hd, and all other shows through cable on the other tuner. Im not sure...
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    Video card with tv tuner built in?

    Im looking for a video card with a tv tuner built in. Do they make these any more? I have an old ati card with a onboard tuner, but its agp. The reason im wanting a 3rd card is so i can drive a 4th monitor, as my 3 primary are in Nv surround.
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    dvd drive wont read disc

    I recently did a format and reload on my grandpas dell studio 17 laptop to remove several viruses. Its now having an issue with reading disc. Its a slot loading dvd drive. It will sometimes see the disc is in there, and other times it wont. But it will never install programs or play music from a...
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    Problem with WOW at 5900x 1080

    I have 3 monitors at 5900x1080, and when at this resolution I cant see damage or healing done or received, also when I receive xp it covers most the screen getting in the way. When I go back to 1920x1080 all is well. Is there a way to fix this? Maby a mod as a work around? and also is...
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    Portal 2 Failed to create D3D device stero3d

    When I play portal 2 in 2d it opens and plays fine. When I try to play in Nvidia stereoscopic 3d, the game wont open and come up with error, failed to create D3D device. I went to the support page and tried everything in their FAQ, I tried Drivers 266.58 and 270.61, also tried updating...
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    Windows 7 bootloader

    I have a duel boot system and recently installed some updates for Ubuntu. After a reboot I noticed windows no longer shows up in grub. Is there a way to restore the boot loader without a windows 7 disc? I'm in college and don't have the disc here at school with me.
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    Cant get punkbuster to install bc2

    For what ever reason punkbuster wont auto install when I install bc2 on my laptop. Iv tried reinstalling a few times as well as manually installing p buster from their website. Even after updating p buster and adding bc2 and updating I cant connect to servers. Iv noticed when I try installing...
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    How to stretch the desktop across 2 displays?

    How do i stretch the desktop across both displays? Im useing the CT_Viewpoint mod for WOW and want to be able to use the 2nd screen the nvidia faq says But i don't see any where to select the option to either choose the Horizontal Span or the Vertical Span option. Any ideas?
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    did i break my 570s?

    I have been overclocking my sli evga 570s memory and all was stable at 2000, I decided to make a big jump and go to 2100. It had several errors in occt gpu memtest. so I lowered it back down to 2000. still got errors. set it back to default and its still getting errors. Did I break these cards?
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    Best Tv tuner card for the money?

    I'm wanting to get a TV tuner card because there are no hd channels through cable here in my dorm room. Id like a duel tuner so I can plug an antenna to one tuner for the basic hd channels and cable to the other. Whats the best bang for the buck? Id like to stay under $100
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    EVGA 570 vs EVGA 570 HD

    Im in the marcket for new video cards and have decided on getting two 570s as I use 3d vision. I saw that evga makes 2 versions, their normal and hd version. From what I can tell the hd version adds display port, moves power cables to back of card and has fan centored instead of the back of...
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    Gigabyte SOC 480 artifacting

    Just bought a gigabyte SOC 480 and it artifacts at its default clocks of 820/1641/1900. If I set to reference clocks it runs fine and makes it through 30 min occt test fine. I already rma'ed this card once because first card did same thing. Could something else in my system be causing this? my...
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    Stereoscopic 3d issue with 266.58

    After installing the 266.58 drivers my IR emitter no longer turns on. when I try to run 3d setup wizard, glasses turn on but don't polarize, and everything has orange tint. Anyone else have this issue with the new drivers? If I go back to 260.99 drivers everything works. I have a gtx480 if it...
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    OCCT shows error on stock clocks

    I have a gtx 480 that came out of my old alienware that's showing 1 error from a 15 min test in OCCT. All stock clocks at , 1050 voltage 700 core 1401 shader 1848 memory. Should I be worried about this error. Also iv noticed when my card hits 93c it shuts my pc down. I want to sli in the near...
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    480 sli vs 570 sli for 3d vision?

    I currently have a gtx 480 and it struggles to run some games on high in Nvidia 3d vision. Should I buy another gtx 480, or would it be worth the move to the gtx 570's?
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    will these two sticks work together?

    I currently have 6g of ddr3 1333 ram from Samsung at 9/9/9/24 in triple channel. My brother recently upgraded his ram and gave me two 1g sticks that mach exactly with my ram as they both came from our old alienware systems. The only 1g 1333 ram stick I can find that matches up close is at...
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    Register Gigabyte Motherboard?

    I recently bought a new motherboard from Gigabyte and was wondering if it needs to be registered for its warranty? I cant find any thing on their site about registering it.
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    Worth upgrading?

    So Im looking to sli since my 3d vision is killing my fps. I have a gtx 480. My birthday is coming up so I can either ask for another 480 or a 570. Is it worth the move to the gtx 570. I figure it would cost me another $100 to get a 2nd 570 if i sell my 480.
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    Tv tuner card recomendation

    Im looking to buy a HDTV tuner card for my PC. It needs to be pci express and around $50 if possible. I have looked on newegg some, but many have negative reviews. Do any of you have any recommendations?
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    1333 ram running at 1066

    Just built my first system using a Gigabyte x58-usb3 mobo. I'm using 6g of ram from my old Alienware system which is rated at 1333. In the bios it shows its running at 1066. I have no experience overclocking of any type. Is there an easy way to increase the speed of the ram, or will I not even...
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    How to test Mobo before build

    My new motherboard is supposed to arrive tomorrow. This will be my first build, and I was wondering if there's a way to test the motherboard before I assemble the entire system to make sure it works. I know the rest of the hardware should work as its coming from my old Alienware unit. Is there a...
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    Transfer Windows to another Computer?

    I have a Alienware system and will be building a new Pc. I will be using same hard drive but a new motherboard. Will my copy of Windows 7 Home premium Work with the new motherboard?
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    Ditching my Alienware and need a new mobo

    I'm transferring most the hardware from my alienware aurora desktop to a new case but cant reuse the mobo Here is what im looking at ASUS Sabertooth X58 LGA 1366 Intel X58 SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard GIGABYTE...
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    Using Alienware motherboard in another case

    So last summer i bought an alienware aurora computer. My upgrade ability has been so limited I finally decided to buy a new case and psu. From everything I can tell it will work other then im not sure of how i will power my ram fan, cpu pump and case fans. This will be my first build and dont...
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    This a good Psu for gtx480's sli

    COOLER MASTER Silent Pro Gold Series 1000w about to order with my new case and just wanted to check
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    Mix matching these Cards

    I currently have an evga gtx 480. Im going to be buying another for Sli i have this card for the same price i could buy the GIGABYTE Super Overclock Series...
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    Make Windows 7 my default OS in grub

    I have Ubuntu 10.04 and it is at top of the list in grub when I boot. I want to move windows 7 to the top so it will boot by default. How do i change it to do this?