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    Looking for Office XP Pro ISO, I lost the install disk

    Hey guys, anyone have a source for the MS office XP ISO, I have a software key for office XP w/o Frontpage, I just need a disc to install it with. any help is appreciated, thanks.
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    Schematics for Acer Aspire 5000 ZL5

    one more bump, on a weekday morning
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    Schematics for Acer Aspire 5000 ZL5

    Hey all, My Mother in Law has an Acer Aspire 5000 Mdl# ZL5 There is an issue with the power plug, between the outside of the computer and the motherboard, I am just looking for the appropriate part numbers so I can get this issue repaired. If anyone has access to or knows where to find...
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    Broke Wife's Wireless Antenna

    I was switching out My wife's trackpad (she had worn right through it) on her Toshiba Satellite 2410 and I had the system half apart, just the wireless antenna cords left connecting the screen to the rest of the machine, My son started screaming or something, and I had to leave it for a few...
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    FS: Nintendo Wii (Cheap!) + Canon MP160 + Audigy 2 + Linksys Router + Other HQ Stuff!

    I'm sending a PM about the modem/router unit. thnx
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    Think I busted a 2.5" drive

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    Looking for a standalone PVR DMA device, anyone seen one

    I have a PNP enabled NAS, and would like to get a network enabled PVR that can both record to(or at least transfer recorded files to) and play from a NAS drive. Anyone here of one from any manufacturer? I can find nice players for this, but they can't record... and I really don't want the...
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    Best "free" wallpaper sites Great fractals and 3D stuff, has dual monitor backgrounds too
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    laptop ram, ddr/pc100 / pcmcia wireless G etc..

    I'm interested in a stick of sodimm PC2700 512mb, I'm assuming your in Canada (me too) just wondering if you'd drop prices for keeping stuff this side of the 49th. sorry just saw the date, ignore if you no longer have the stuff
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    Vista uses 800MB of memory WHILE IDLE????

    just think of the poor sods buying up the Dell machines with 256 Mb ram and 80Gb hdds, I am sure they will love paging 500+ mb back and forth just for the operating system, nevermind all the spyware they start getting hit with.
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    Debian/php/apache "kernal BUG"

    so re-run memtest on the system for a couple of itterations? see if I get errors I guess. if anyone has any other recommendation for figuring this out, please let me know.
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    Debian/php/apache "kernal BUG"

    hey guys, I got an error on my debian sever overnight, it threw a "kernal bug" in file page_alloc.c, does anyone know what's going on, or the best way to fix it? here is the error, the server was crashed, so I got my camera :-( by ctrl-alt-delete I was able to send a reboot command, but it...
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    The First Annual.... (Contest)

    sign me up, just hope I remeber to leave my machine on all day :-)
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    Great Prices lots of good stuff

    you got a pic or brand/model on that KVM? I'm interested
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    2.4c, MSI 865pe, Raptor, Heat Sinks, 120mm Fans, Xbox Stuff, DVDs, and Other Misc.

    I'm interested, you have a brand? and is that with or without cables? thanks for the info
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    antec aria heat? no way! [pics]

    not to mention.... built in dust reduction :-)
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    Your Thoughts on 3DMark threats to HardOCP.

    Mod should sticky this to the first page of the thread... if thats possible, some people might not have been keeping track
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    Turning on system w/out power button?

    I just keep an old momentary contact power switch from some old case I threw away a long while ago, just hold the switch and punch it and your system comes up. Every once in a while I do use a screwdriver when I can't find my switch.
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    Default Browser

    I have a question on this as well.... is their a way to con MSN messenger to use firefox as it's browser??
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    Free satellite imagery of the entire earth (zoomed also): Nasa World Wind Proggie

    someone want to host the file for the [H]orde :-)
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    Woke up, computer broken

    What are your system specs (including PSU)
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    DFI NF3 256GB IDE controller issue

    I'm not seeing this problem, but I only have a HDD (master) and CD-ROM (slave) on my Primary channel
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    Cant get over 240 on DFI LP UT 250GB

    go look on forums, I remember reading that if you use SATA 3 and 4 you can go over, but not on 1 and 2, don't quote that, but someone posted about it there.
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    what does a pop sound mean coming from a computer? [HELP!!]

    your right about 939 3000+ chips, sorry about it, but man 250 USD, I'll hang onto 754 thanks.
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    what does a pop sound mean coming from a computer? [HELP!!]

    if they did put out that chip, not bothering to look, it probably would not cost that little, esp the way 939 has been, otherwise I am sending this new 754 back and swollowing the restocking fee.
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    what does a pop sound mean coming from a computer? [HELP!!]

    anyone else notice that these don't work together??? not to be mean or anything, but does the processor chip cover ALL the holes in the socket?? you listed a 939 motherboard, and what I can only guess is a 754 processor.... could cause some wierd stuff
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    How fast will PC's be in 2010?

    think about it this way.... in the year 2000 what did you think computers in 2005 would be?? then take that figure how the actually turned out.... and then formulate a theory of where they will be then I honestly believe SMP will become mainstream, or at least multi core tech, ram will...
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    BIG Problem with DFI UT Setup - Help!

    PSU issue.... just a suggestion
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    DFI UT's are in for Canadians

    I kinda like the splash screen, butI am going to have to turn it off so I can see what is going on during post. I really need to get the PSU that is backordered befor I start overclocking though. so far only problem is Winamp, it doesn't play more then a couple of songs, but I think this is WIN...
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    DFI UT's are in for Canadians

    I only paid like $11 or $12 in shipping but I guess I am closer got this board running, and it is awesome... not OCing yet cause the PSU I am using is pulled out of a friends system I am "fixing" right now, and the 12v+ rail is only 'holding' 11.3v dropping as low as 10.95v and jumping to...
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    DFI UT's are in for Canadians

    ME TOO it's HERE
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    F/s - 512mb Crucial Pc100 Ram

    This is PC100 SDRAM or is it PC2100 DDR??
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    Stable Mobo for 754 (non-OC)

    I think all boards are holding pretty close at stock, just pick a good brand name with the features you like, and maybe pay most attention to the Chipset, I know nforce3 is spossed to be good, not sure what VIA ones are doing best, but find out and grab a good brand board. if your not OCing I...
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    Load and PSU temps!!!!

    is there any good places to look up the relative efficiencys of power supplies?? I have a truepower 430 on back order, just wondering where it will "sweet spot"
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    DFI UT's are in for Canadians

    mine was AT MY DOOR but my wife was at a doctor's appointment..... no one to sign for it :-( gotta wait till tomorrow.... it's hard thinking it's in the city but not here
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    FS: Lots Of Items @ HOT Prices!

    rheobus.... pic???
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    Hard Drive Problems - Please Help

    if you are running that drive now.... stop first thing you do is stop, shutdown, unplug the drive until you have a plan of action. ok, now that that's out of the way, what filesystem was on the drive... if it was NTFS you could easily be out of luck, but if it was FAT32 I know that it's...
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    My computer in my recording studio is wayyy to loud!

    two words.... power ...... switch now really, I know that some guys have had success with rubber gromets for hard drives, gaskets for fans, and fanbusses, any one or all of these won't run you a pile (except maybe a fanbus) you could try a few of these things, but if you have 5 fans, check...