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  1. lostin3d

    Current state of PhysX? Is it well and truly dead?

    At this point I'd say SLI is more alive than PhysX. At least truly hardware based anyways. CPU's and Engines are reaching new levels and it's just not needed for a dedicated GPU. So it seems anyways. I still would would love to see some tests to truly prove but current drivers show hardware GPU...
  2. lostin3d

    are solid state batteries the next big thing?

    Bummer. Often hear of this kind of tech but it usually fails because of some kind of cost or resource our fab related detail.
  3. lostin3d

    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    Wife and I have our moments but it's gotta be something special to us. Otherwise no. That being said I'm about to drop our cable package but do now have Prime, Netflix, DC, Disney + bundle. Probably more expensive than the basic cable package but at also have some nice 4k/Atmos options.
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    This Is Probably the Movie Version of Sonic the Hedgehog

    Not even that huge of a fan of the game but thank god! Still not likely to watch though.
  5. lostin3d

    Metro: Exodus

    Did a short piece on The 2 Colonels at The FPS if anyone wants to check.
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    DOOM Eternal Delayed to March 20, 2020

    I've been joking that don't these dev's know that when a game is released in winter we can use our OC'd rigs to heat the room. It's a win/win. Kill demons and save the planet. ;) I just hope it's as polished as the last one. I was seriously impressed with that one. Could play it on just about...
  7. lostin3d

    When you have money falling out yer ass... Amazing Home Theater / Arcade

    It'd be another step up if that Tron game slid out and there was another room of stuff behind it. Either it's awesome! Thanks for the post.
  8. lostin3d

    Picard Will Lead "Radically Altered" Life in New Star Trek Series

    Saw this and I'm actually looking forward to it now. At first had some doubts after some of the premise descriptions came out. This looks downright f'ing cool!
  9. lostin3d

    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    To some extent I think that's what the WIndows Repair did to mine to fix it. Be fine since as well. Just saw this over at Tom's: "Windows 10 Update's Latest Casualties: Action Center, Network Adapters (Update)"
  10. lostin3d

    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    Admittedly the issue that happened to me might be unique. POST failed to completely finish. I should give a few more details though. Initial POST, o.k., then show's RAIDs/drive controllers, o.k., load Windows, seems o.k., then black screen with a hex code similar to changing ones I see during...
  11. lostin3d

    Guinness Book of World Records creates new record just for EA: "Most-downvoted Comment on Reddit"

    So many great memories from childhood of Origin/EA in the 80's and 90's. From Ultima, Racing Destruction Set, Pinball Construction Set, Wing Commander, to multiple piles of IP's gathering on the sidewalk now. Good job EA, you worked hard to get this far.
  12. lostin3d

    Microsoft issues new Windows 10 update warning

    When it comes to Windows updates my 2600k rig is a tank that just plows thru anything. In it's roughly 7-8 years of existence I think I seen only one or two Windows updates give me grief with the actual rig. In that time it's gone from 7>8>8.1>and all the variations of 10. Wednesday morning saw...
  13. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Never heard that before but makes perfect sense. Thanks for the tip!
  14. lostin3d

    Cities protesting 5g

    We got lucky when we found a house we could afford in the city. It's in a part of a development at the edge of the city and everything is underground. Most people don't notice it until I point out there's nothing to see except neighbors, trees, and skylines.
  15. lostin3d

    Gigabyte Enables PCIe Gen 4 in New F40 Bios for X370 K7

    Watch out for future BIOS and or CPU microcode updates. Few stories out there how support was given and then taken away.
  16. lostin3d

    Bioware has a lost a senior producer

    Melo Fernando's last day at BIoWare was Friday August 16th. He's been there for over twelve years and worked on both the Dragon's Age and Mass Effect games. He very clearly posted his reasons for leaving and indicated that it's really just a choice to move on but is incredibly thankful for all...
  17. lostin3d

    2080S + CPU or 2080 Ti?

    Connected to a free-sync/g-sync display I'd imagine it might, might, hit somewhere near 60fps, averaging 40-50. CDPR are well known for releasing games that just punish the very best GPU's at whatever the popular resolutions are at the time and it usually takes 2-4 years for single GPU solutions...
  18. lostin3d

    Inside the Game: Unlocking the Consumer Issues Surrounding Loot Boxes

    Thanks Armenius for posting this. Nice having so much info in one place and definitely on my radar.
  19. lostin3d

    Metro 2033 Exodus and Ray Tracing...

    I didn't really take any comparative snapshots during my last play through but I absolutely noticed the most differences while walking thru the train. I spent quite a bit of time during the segment before 'spring' when the whole gang was in the main car singing after Anna had her episode. The...
  20. lostin3d

    2080S + CPU or 2080 Ti?

    I'm on a similar path. Once you have a 6/12 core there's not much reason to really upgrade right now other than the 2080TI. I've got one paired with a 4930k @4.3Ghz and they're very evenly matched. I think that a 6/12 core will be good for one more, maybe two but doubtful, high end gpu upgrade...
  21. lostin3d

    2080S + CPU or 2080 Ti?

    Yeah that is the catch these days that I keep forgetting about. Their CPU's are amazing deals at the mid to high end tiers but those motherboard prices are a bit much. If for nothing else than to see the most insanely priced one, I'd recommend checking out Dan's review of the MSI godlike over at...
  22. lostin3d

    2080S + CPU or 2080 Ti?

    I understand what 5150Joker is saying and it has some validity. At 1080P most people can maintain a budget and really achieve some nice builds and performance levels. However, I really agree with Dan_D about IQ of various 1440p implementations now. A nicely OC'd 2080S should perform admirably...
  23. lostin3d

    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    Making things for, get sued for patent infringement of things, in turn they counter sue, head phonejack, no headphone jack. I'm starting to doubt these are really 2 separate companies and not just some extremely elaborate front to evade potential monopoly laws.
  24. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Me, wife, and her mom, went to see it at a Imax 3d HFR. It was pretty good but they were so packed that we all had to sit in different seats. So they could be comfortable I took the one in the very front row. I swear they shouldn't even have seats that close in an Imax. It sucked in that respect.
  25. lostin3d

    Samsung announces 6th generation V-NAND SSDs

    Agreed. Other than an OS drive they're pretty much useless. The irony is that with the speeds SSD's are getting these days we're reaching a point the average user could easily enjoy some pretty nice performance metrics putting everything on just one drive. Granted, at that point they'd be...
  26. lostin3d

    Samsung announces 6th generation V-NAND SSDs

    Have they announced when the next power failure, plant mishap, act of nature, cleaning crew forgot to turn off the lights before they left, etc., related items to cause the 1st price hike yet?
  27. lostin3d

    Intel impacted by SWAPGS vulnerability

    I know I'm pretty much asking for them to reinvent the wheel, and us all to buy into it, but remember when patching something was meant to fix a hole in something you wanted to save? Let it die already and reinvent the wheel. Sooner or later we'll all buy in just so we can move on.
  28. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Thanks for the heads up. Good to know it has happened. I did a little more searching was unable to find more specs about disc size, layers, bit rates but either way that's awesome. Movie is a too depressing for me. I've already grown up around vets from WWII, Korea, Vietnam, and some of the...
  29. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Got to admit it though, you schooled me. I knew 4:4:4 was best but I didn't know that 4k, blu-ray, etc. was spec'd at 4:2:0. Sure is a nice illusion of them squeezing water from the stone when they output to 36bit 4:4:4. Streaming just doesn't...
  30. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    I know it was in the theaters but I'm doubtful it was encoded that way on disc. It might be but as of yet I haven't heard of any making it to 4k media. Honestly, I'm not sure the current 100GB media can hold the extra data without some kind of compromise in either audio or video streams. It...
  31. lostin3d

    AMD CEO Lisa Su rumored to leave, eyeing CEO role at IBM

    I seriously hope this isn't true. I cannot begin to express how impressed I've been with how she's helped turn them around. If she does go she's established a great path for them that would still keep them competitive for a while longer but she'd definitely a tough act to replace.
  32. lostin3d

    Metro: Exodus

    Great screenshots BTW. I think there are some parts of this game where RTX is just amazing and a few spots that I can't tell the difference. Did you use DLSS? I recently did a play thru at 4k with DLSS and I honestly thought it looked great and kept everything maxed. I did go into cfg file and...
  33. lostin3d

    FCC bans Robocalls-Texts

    It's been pretty obvious to me that certain groups have gained access to phone networks for a few years now. I can call anywhere in the country and within about an hour I'll get a spoof call with the same area code. I've seen this with residential and business lines.
  34. lostin3d

    FCC bans Robocalls-Texts

    I'm all for this but so far we haven't seen any real enforcement of the past bills. I've seen posts from people stating they never got these with carrier a and then switched to carried b or vice versa and then started receiving them. I believe them but honestly sooner or later I've seen all the...
  35. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Unfortunately since I don't use HLG HDR I can't say by testing. I'm not even sure if the projector supports it. I can tell you that with 4k disc playback it's maxing the video bitstream, 4k HDR 4:4:4 24p and the cable has no problems with it. In the q&a section at Monoprice someone did ask about...
  36. lostin3d

    50 foot HDMI cable won't work anymore from pc to projector

    Looks like Nenu answered your question. I went to check the specs and it doesn't say. If it's a major concern I'd recommend calling Monoprice or a online chat. When I had questions about some 4k splitters the online rep was very helpful. One thing I forgot to mention. If you do get one of those...
  37. lostin3d

    EK Water block tester

    Good to know. With the many reviews I've read for AIO's, and other liquid cooling, I hadn't really come across much mention of testers for these setups. Having worked on cars, and seen some nightmare, I should've known that things like this exist but I'd never heard of them until now. I only...