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    Laptop USB Port Question

    Is it possible for laptop USB ports to register as being self-powered when in fact they are actually bus-powered? If so how can one tell if this is the case?
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    Is anti-virus in x64 necessary?

    So I'm contemplating the move to Vista x64 and I'm making sure I have all my bases covered. Drivers, programs and what not. One question I'm having difficulty answering is about virus protection. Is it necessary to have an anti-virus program running in Vista 64? Personally I think the OS X...
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    8800 GTS Question

    So I have an 8800 GTS (validation). I've run and rerun Driver Sweeper in safe mode, uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers using the device manager, and even tried using the nvidia uninstall app in the 'Program and Features' section of the Control Panel. Each time I'll get down to a driver that...
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    X2 3600 (939) Enough?

    So I'm looking to build a media center for the home and I already had a 939 motherboard and DDR memory laying around. Go over to newegg and purchase an X2 3600 for socket 939, $50 Shipped. I didn't even know they made the 3600 for the 939. It looks like is has 256k of L2 cache per core. Will I...
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    Size Comparisons for SFF Cases

    In quite a few posts people are looking for size comparisons from one case to another. A while back I came across a website that would take product's dimensions and display them in 3D. When I first saw it I thought "web 2.0 at its greatest :rolleyes:" But now heres a good use for it, comparing...
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    DreamScene Final Edition is Available!

    From the pages of "When pigs Fly" Microsoft finally did it, they released the final version of DreamScene for download today. While I still have a paper to write and class to attend I thought it would be prudent to say "wow." Now comes the question of performance. But its great to see that the...
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    Copy Protected DVD playback in Vista

    For some reason, I cannot play back copy protected DVD's in Windows Vista. When I try the same DVD in XP it works fine. I've installed a CyberLink mpeg2 decoder and using the XP DECHECK Utility I've selected it as my preferred decoder. Is this something else thats new under the hood preventing...
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    SATA Cables

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    Do I need a bigger PSU?

    First and foremost, is the Silverstone Element 500 EF Plus SC enough to power the following: AMD Opteron 170 2 x 1GB OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum @ 2.8v Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS EVGA GeForce 7900GT KO (500/1500 Factory Overclocked) SoundBlaster Audigy Xi-Fi Music VisionTek...
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    New PSU Calculator

    So I'm Googling 'Opteron 80 amps' (yes at 4am) and (in essence) I come across this on the second search page: It's an updated PSU calculator. I know these have been popular in the past but I have not seen an updated one for a while. This one is...
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    Is it dead?

    Well I just finished building my new SUGO and I was all excited to welcome myself into a new era of computing when I notice that my second hard drive was reporting a temperature of 0 degrees celsius. I know i don't have watercooling or phase change, so I checked windows explorer ans sure enough...
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    Pushing my A64 4000 Further

    Here are the specs: Processor: Athlon 64 4000 San Diego (KAB2E 0544) Cooling: Zalman CNPS 7000B CU Led Memory: OCZ EL DDR PC-3200 Dual Channel Platinum (Rated for and run at 2-3-2-5) Motherboard: Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS (Bios Date 6/28/06) Video: eVGA Geforce7900GT KO 256mb Power Supply...
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    Mac TV Tuner Recommendations

    Ok, heres the deal: I have an Ati Theater 550 Card kicking out to a 20" LG 204WT (the new hotness) along with 5.1 surround. This is all brought together with the beauty that is MCE 2005. I show my friends and they're wow'ed. My friend who owns a mac wants to do the same thing for her mac...
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    SATA Cables

    I just bought two SATA 3.0 hard drives and I'm wondering if I need to get SATA 3.0 rated cables to go with the 3.0 rated drives. Or is it like USB 2.0 where it's incumbent upon the device in the sitsuation and not the cables?
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    Aerocube Thoughts

    Well the last thread was locked for syntactical reasons, but I still want to post my thoughts about the case. It seems like another revision of the XQpack frame. It's an inch shorter than the Microfly, but not as short as the Q-Pack. It also appears that it has only one 120mm fan in the back...
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    Is Foxconn the only mATX that allows changes to vCore?

    I've been looking at the motherboard list in the sticky and googling like crazy, so far the only board that seems to have any BIOS based CPU voltage control is the Foxconn 6150K8MA-8EKRS. DFI does to (and thats an RS482), but I don't want to pay $100 for a motherboard. Sudihan reviews ASUS...
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    Where is the Micro Fly?

    Besides Tiger Direct is the Ultra's Micro Fly available anywhere else online? I'd love to order a windowless version of this badboy without a power supply. I spoke with Tiger Direct over the phone and they weren't too helpful on the matter, essentialy sying what they have is what they got. Is it...
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    DDR Memory now or later?

    With AM2 comming out, all the leading platforms are going to be DDR2 so my question is this: should I buy DDR memory now or wait until DDR2 is available for both platforms? I already have an MSI mATX mobo and an A64 4000. I'm still looking for a graphics card too and I know I should wait on the...
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    I finally retired my original SideWinder

    I've been using one of the orginal 15-pin Microsoft SideWinder game pads for about as long as I can remember (at least since before the turn of the century ;)). Well my birthday just passed and I decided to splurge. Among other things I bought myself a corded XBox 360 controller. It was like...
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    Windows Live Review

    Microsoft's new search engine is out and apperantly it needs some work... my favorite line: "Using this interface for more than thirty seconds made me want to tear my eyes out with a spork." read for yourself, what do you think...
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    X2 / Opteron Question

    I posted this question in a thread already but I just want a quick answer: Correct me if I'm wrong but an Opteron 170 architecturealy the same as an X2 3800 Toledo, the only difference being that the 3800 has half of it's L2 disabled? If thats the case will I really miss the extra 1mb of L2 cache?
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    PQI memory, what's the difference?

    Browsing through newegg I came across these, aside from cost and heat spreader style, is there any difference between these 512mb sticks of PQI Turbo? PQI's websites didn't help either... PQI3200-512SAH PQI3200-512SBH
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    Qpack PSU Recommendation

    I'm thinking about putting together a Qpack of my own and I wondered which power supply you all thought was better the Antec Neo HE 430 of the Enermax Liberty 400 (500w model reviewed)
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    HTPC quiet with Full Desktop Power

    Ok I'm looking to build a new computer which I want to be quiet enough to be able to put on my desktop yet also be able to play games. I'm looking to do some moderate overclocking as well. Here's what I'm thinking, tell me what you think: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ Venice 1.8GHz + Case Badges – $=...