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  1. TheCur

    The Division 2

    Alpha invites going out. Check your email, agents!
  2. TheCur

    Time to upgrade

    PC Hound - Build a PC in Seconds Thoughts? I keep going back and forth between a Noctua NH-D15S and the Corsair. It'll be a mild OC if anything. FPS gaming Arma 3, OverWatch, new Doom, etc Some online games WoW, etc
  3. TheCur

    SSD Bootmgr missing...

    So I just had the BOOTMGR Missing error come up on my Intel 80GB SSD. I popped in my Win 7 Pro disc and started recovery tools. Got to the point to load the AHCI driver and it just kept failing. Tried a couple different downloaded version and none would install. "Installation failed". It's...
  4. TheCur

    FS: HRT Music Streamer II and CL SB X-Fi Titanium HD

    HRT Music Streamer II CL SB X-Fi Titanium HD $110 each, obo. Used for about 6 months each. Work fine, just simplifying my setup and clearing out unnecessary clutter that can buy me ammo. $200 for both. Dog not for sale. Amazon payments preferred. eBay profile under tyyche if...
  5. TheCur

    WTB Ipad 4th Gen Wi-fi / Verizon

    PM me with what you got. Paypal or Amazon GC for payment.
  6. TheCur

    General use pc for parent...

    ...watching Youtube / Netflix, surfing the web, flash browser games, printing out cross word puzzles, solitaire-like card games. As you can see, nothing too major. I have a copy of Win 7 x64 I'll be using for this build. Monitor will be an Asus VE247H or similar (~$150ish) LCD. Must...
  7. TheCur

    WTT: Denon AH-D2000 for Beyer DT770 80 ohm

    Like new, adult owned, covered / hung properly when not in use, with maybe 50-100 hours of use Denon AH-D2000 (MRSP $329) in trade for similar condition Beyer DT770 80 ohm. Will consider selling for $250 in Amazon payment only. No other trades / offers wanted or considered.
  8. TheCur

    WTB Bioshock Infinite on Steam

    Can do PayPal or Amazon. PM me. eBay under tyyche is 160. Heat is like... 2-0-0? Don't use it but some people think it's important. Or something. Preference given to GenMay people.
  9. TheCur

    WTB iPhone 4 Verizon 8/16gb

    Craigslist retards giving me an aneurysm. Inbox me. eBay fb under tyyche, preference given to GenMay members.
  10. TheCur

    Crysis 3 alpha invites...?

    I heard a rumor that there are alpha invites going out... anyone get one?
  11. TheCur

    Free Year of Road And Track
  12. TheCur

    Free Year of Road And Track

  13. TheCur

    WTS G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 16GB (4 x 4GB)

    Brand new, unopened package of G.SKILL Sniper Gaming Series 16GB (4 x 4GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 2133 (PC3 17000) Desktop Memory Model F3-17000CL9Q-16GBSR NewEgg link eBay fb under "tyyche" (it's 100%) $105 shipped USPS priority / delivery confirmation No trades, verified PayPal only
  14. TheCur

    What would I be missing...

    ...question from a relative newb getting into "better sounding audio" for my movies and tv shows. I'm building a new computer and considering which route to go in regards to audio. 1) Motherboard SPDIF to A/V reciever driving headphones (AT A700's / Denon AHD2ks) and a decent set of 2.1s...
  15. TheCur

    WTS/T Corsair H100

    Slightly used (~3 months) Corsair H100. Works fine, mounted on a LGA775 but have most of the other bits from the kit for other sockets (or can get a hold of Corsair, and I'm sure they'll get you what's missing) Comes with two fans (I think I stuck some extra YateLoons on it). Sell outright...
  16. TheCur

    BF3 weapon damage chart

    Being a former min/max'er I found this pretty interesting BF3 Weapon Damage
  17. TheCur

    BF3 Co-op thread?

    Do we have one? The G3A3 is one of my all time favorite battle rifles and I'd be willing to run some co-op to get some unlocks. SenseiCur on Origin thingie. I'm usually on around 6pm EST and play for a few hours and what not. Post up here if you want to get some of those unlocks done.
  18. TheCur

    WTB Q(X)9550/9560

    Yeah, title says it all. If you've OC'ed, I'd like to know what Vcore you've had it up to / cooling. Payment through PayPal. eBay feedback under 'tyyche'
  19. TheCur

    Free: Motor Trend subscription Woops, apparently it's Road and Track, sorry! (Mod fix title please!) Was still working this morning!
  20. TheCur

    Time for an upgrade...

    ...of my video card maybe? Currently using a HD4870X2 on a 3.4GHz C2D / 8Gb RAM / Dell 30". I play a lot of BFBC2, Borderlands, WoW, and usually the FPS-of-the-day/week/month. I'm using an Intel motherboard, but I'm not brand loyal, just looking for the best bang for the buck. I haven't looked...
  21. TheCur

    WTS 9800GX2 / WTB HD4870 1GB

    Title pretty much says it all. GX2 is an EVGA, still have box etc. For folks in the US, I'll gladly RMA it for you should it ever die. Stock cooler, never modded, will OC a bit more than what's in my sig, never really tried that hard to see what it could do. Looking for $205 shipped...
  22. TheCur

    Check your eyes! I couldn't break 3 >.< (lower is betterer) Guess I'm old.
  23. TheCur

    Time to upgrade? I'm a bit rusty

    I currently have a 9800GX2 in my rig and looking at a ATI 4870 512Mb b/c of the price point they are at right now. Is this card an uprgade? downgrade? sidegrade? Computer is below...
  24. TheCur

    FS: E6600 C2D

    Upgrading to an E8400 and new mobo so gonna see if anyone wants this. Still selling for $230 on the 'Egg. I ran this 24/7 at 3.0GHz at 1.375V and found a max stable OC on my board of 3.465GHz at 1.5 with a Tuniq (Air). The processor is a L644, btw. Also come with stock HSF combo which has...
  25. TheCur

    9800GX2 and dual display ?'s

    I have a 680i SLI mb (Gigabyte DQ6) and currently running an 8800GTX. It drives my Dell 30" and another 19" LCD just fine. I'm thinking of step'ing up to a GX2 (only cost ~130$) but am worried about the inability of the GX2 to drive two monitors while in dual-gpu mode. (No, I can't afford...
  26. TheCur

    Quake Wars...

    ...does anyone play it still? I got two (yea, two!) copies with my wifes 8800GT. I do like mass scale combat ala Tribes, but is this game worth installing? If so, does anyone have any good servers? Just curious as to the current general opinion.
  27. TheCur

    Another what do you think build....

    ....for a budget gaming rig for wife (yes, she plays WoW) and kids (WoW, Oblivion, CoD3 & 4, various fps's). Most from NewEgg cept for a BFG NVIDIA GeForce 8800 GT OC 512MB I got from Bestbuy for $249. Antec Sonata III Black 0.8mm cold rolled steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case 500W Power...
  28. TheCur

    Need a new AGP card...

    ...but not sure what to get. So I thought I'd turn to you guys... My budget to upgrade is probably 200$ (this is the kids computers) for a P4 3.2GHZ 800MHz bus CPU, 2gb RAM, driving an Acer 22" WS @ 1680x1050. I am replacing an ATI X850XT PE. Mostly WoW gets played, but also some of the BF...
  29. TheCur

    8800GTS/X Users...

    I'm currently building my system, and will be installing XP tonight, and drivers for my 8800GTX and was wondering a couple things... Which drivers do you use? How often do you update them? (Every release? Only if you have problems? Depends what was fixed? etc) Looking around a few...
  30. TheCur

    Help: XP Pro install doesn't see Raptor, but bios does...

    So I just put together my new E6600 / Gigabyte 680i / Corsair mem / 8800GTX system and I got into bios, I've enabled "IDE" mode for SATA controller in my bios, and and trying to install Windows XP Pro on a single 74Gb Raptor on my brand new build. When I get into the beginning of Windows, it...
  31. TheCur

    For an extra $27 USD...

    ...would you buy the Xeon 3070 over the E6700? Are the Xeon's better OC'ers being a "server" cpu? (Maybe a higher bin?) Going to put together a new system soon and haven't really read anything about the Xeon cpu's being used by people. Are they new? Or do people just avoid them? Thanks for...
  32. TheCur

    Much ado about nothing? Mobo help...

    Hi folks, long time lurker here, but 1st time posting. 36 y/o electrical engineer, who loves to game. Hoping to get some advice from those of you that have "been there, done that". I'm in the midst of a new C2D system build and have come upon the old "Which mobo do I buy?" question. A little...