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    Upgrade from Nexus 7 2013

    I returned a Shield tablet I wanted as a replacement for my Nexus 7 which I'm giving to my nephew. The Shield just felt kinda cheaply constructed. I know it's been well-received, but I wasn't overly impressed. Now, I'm looking at the Samsung Tab S2 8" version. I prefer a smaller tablet and...
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    iOS 9 jailbreak is here!

    And, a lot sooner than expected!
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    iPhone disciple looking to try Android...

    I'm sort of a reverse Zorachus when it comes to phones. Been with the iPhone since the 3GS. Tried Android with the HTC Incredible, but was back to the 4S in less than six months. Nothing against the 6S+, but it really doesn't inspire me to upgrade, at least not until iOS9 is jailbroken. So...
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    Cydia Impactor

    I used this cool app, last night, to revert my jailbroken 6+ to stock iOS without having to update to the latest version which is unjailbreakable. I was having some quirky stability issues, so wanted to clean out my phone and start over with a fresh jailbreak. Impactor restored my phone to 8.3...
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    Auralex Isolation Pads $24 on MassDrop

    Nice price if you're looking for some good speaker isolation pads. Price includes shipping...
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    FS: CM Storm Quickfire TK (Brown switches/White backlit) $70

    I'm not using my Quickfire TK gaming keyboard, so it needs a new home. It's in excellent condition and under warranty with CoolerMaster until January, 2017. This model has Cherry MX Brown switches and white backlighting. $70.00 with free USPS insured shipping. The original box was tossed...
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    Mass Effect Trilogy $11.99 on GMG

    I'm a huge fan of Mass Effect, so feel duty-bound to report the full trilogy is available for $11.99.
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    TaiG Released Jailbreak for iOS 8.3

    You can download it here: There are some problems being reported, but it seems pretty stable for most users. I couldn't get it to work, though. Will monitor for updates.
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    SOS iPhone 6+ jailbreakers!

    This morning, my 6+ got caught in a boot loop. I managed to get it working by holding the Vol Up button during power on, but my phone now is operating in an odd state. I still can get into Cydia. I also can get into the file system through iFile and iFunBox. But, everything else functions like...
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    iPhone 6+ not charging to 100%

    I've noticed as of late that my 6+ doesn't charge to 100%, even after a couple hours attached to a wall or computer charger. Once in a while, I'll see 100% but as soon as I unplug the phone it drops to 99% or 98%. Anything to be concerned about? I've not found anything about this on Apple...
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    Dell P2715Q 4KHD IPS $498 FS (Reg. $699)

    I've been waiting for a price break on this sweet monitor and just found it on SlickDeals...
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    iPhone 6+ vs. iPad Mini Retina

    I just picked up an iPad Mini Retina and really like it. However, I've got an iPhone 6+ on order and I'm reading a lot about people ditching their iPads for the 6+. Anyone here on [H] have a 6+ and iPad? Do you find the iPad somewhat irrelevant after owning your 6+? Or, do you find good use for...
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    FS: Nexus 7 16GB 2013; Silicon Power 120GB SSD; Logitech K750

    Nexus 7 16GB 2013 tablet SOLD!! Silicon Power S60 120GB 7mm SATA 3 6Gb/s SSD Sealed/never opened. Bought it for a laptop, but the laptop died. :( $50 shipped UPS Ground Sealed/never opened. I got it as a spare. Ended up switching to a mechanical keyboard, instead. $40...
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    Nexus 7 2013 16GB + Poetic cover $130 shipped

    My Nexus 7 tablet is in mint condition and updated to Lollipop 5.0.1. It's been in the cover since day one. I have the original box and accessories, too. $130 shipped UPS Ground PM for any questions or my PayPal info. eBay: thor7763 100% 755 transactions. Thanks!!
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    FS: Logitech K750 wireless/solar keyboard $45 -- New/Sealed

    This Logitech K750 keyboard has been on my shelf since late October. I bought it as a spare, but switched to a mechanical keyboard. It's still sealed in its box, never opened. $45 shipped UPS Ground PM for any questions or my PayPal info. Thanks!!
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    FS: MSI GTX 780 (Blower cooler) $225 shipped

    $225 shipped UPS Ground (I'll e-mail the tracking number) Never been overclocked and runs perfectly. I've got the original box and all accessories. Warranty is good through July 2016. Packed and ready to ship. eBay feedback: thor7763 100% on 754 transactions PM for my PayPal or...
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    FS: Far Cry 4 Download Code $30

    PRICE DROP -- $25.00 I'll PM the code and instructions for downloading the game as soon as payment hits my PayPal account. PM for my PayPal or any questions. eBay feedback: thor6377 100% on 752 transactions. Thanks!!
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    FS: Far Cry 4 Download Code $35

    PRICE DROP TO $30.00! I got this free Far Cry 4 download code with a new Samsung SSD I bought over the weekend. I'll PM the code and instructions for downloading the game as soon as payment hits my PayPal account. $30.00 PM for my PayPal or any questions. eBay feedback: thor6377 100% on 752...
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    MSI GTX 970 Gaming 4G New/Sealed: $340 Shipped

    I bought two of these with the thought of building an SLI rig, but I'm plenty satisfied with a single in my ITX build. FWIW, no noticeable coil whine from the 970 4G I'm using. $340 shipped UPS Ground eBay feedback: thor7763 100% 743 transactions PM for PayPal info Thanks! :)
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    Suggestions for a small tablet for reading books, magazines, newspapers?

    I started out wanting just an e-reader, but the best models (Amazon Paperwhite and Kobo Aura) are only about $30 less expensive than some pretty good 7" tablet refurbs. I'm trying a Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 7", right now. Its performance is kinda slow and choppy so I'm returning it. I think the 2013...
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    Gaming desktop to gaming laptop... Opinions?

    I'm thinking of dumping my gaming desktop and picking up a good gaming laptop like a Sager or MSI with a 780M or 870M. I won't transport the laptop anywhere. It'll just stay on my desk, hooked up to a monitor. Budget is $1800 tops. I'm just tired of maintaining my desktop, swapping parts...
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    Integrated amp or stereo receiver for PC 2.1?

    Tax refund is on the way and I want to upgrade my PC audio to a really nice 2.1 set up. I've got the speakers (DefTech SM55) and sub (SVS PC12-NSD). Now, I'm deciding between an integrated amplifier or stereo receiver. I'll use it primarily for games and music. It has to have a powered sub port...
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    Mophie Helium Juice Pack for iPhone 5/5s $55 shipped

    I bought this Mophie Helium Juice Pack about six weeks ago, but have used it only twice. I just haven't needed the extra battery power as much as I thought. This case adds 1500mAh battery capacity. It's virtually brand new and has all the accessories. It's for the iPhone 5 or 5s. Regular price...
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    vasi0n iOS 7.x Jailbreak released today!

    I'm trying it right now. Will report my success/failure in a few minutes.
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    Blackberry keyboard for iPhone 4/4S/5/5S

    For any iPhone convert who still misses his Blackberry keyboard, I just found this pretty cool combo case + hard keyboard adapter for the iPhone. Available for pre-order now, to be released in January. EDIT: My bad on the headline. It's only for the 5/5S.
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    Sony BDP-S5100 Blu-Ray / DVD NEW $85 shipped

    SOLD!! This was an impulse buy that didn't work out. I really don't need another Blu-Ray player, so here it is. It's brand new, never used or plugged in. I opened it only to take the photo. It's got all the original accessories and is ready to ship immediately. $85.00 includes UPS ground...
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    FS: Dell 3008WFP 30" $500 OBO shipped

    Selling my Dell 3008WFP to help pay for a second VP2770. My 3008 is in excellent condition, no bad/stuck pixels, bezel and stand are clean/no scratches. I'm the original owner, but no longer have the box. I'll have it professionally packed and shipped by UPS. $500.00 (Or Best Offer)...
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    I hate my iPhone 5...

    I should begin this rant by declaring that I love Apple products. I’ve owned MacBook Pro laptops since 2008. My current MBP Retina is the best built, best performing laptop I’ve ever seen, used or owned. I have no need for an iPad, but I love it. The new iPad Air is a really cool...
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    FS: Seasonic 760XP2 PSU NIB $120 shipped

    I was going to use this brand new Seasonic 760XP2 power supply in a second build, but decided to get a laptop, instead. I never even took it out of the box. Too late to return it to Newegg, so here it is. I did cut out the bar code to get the $20 rebate. $120.00 includes UPS ground...
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    SS 760XP2 enough for GTX 780 SLI?

    A friend sold me his month old GTX 780 for $300. He's selling off his gaming components and offered me that incredible price before listing everything on eBay. If I go SLI with my 780, will my Seasonic 760XP2 be enough to run my system? I have an i5-2500K, Z77 mobo, 16GB, 1TBx3, 1 DVDRW...
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    Newest MacBook Pro Retina is here!

    I've been waiting impatiently for the Iris upgraded MBP to arrive. By chance, I just clicked over to, checked their MBP page... and there they are!!! My new 13" MBP Retina is ordered. :D
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    Theme It app/website closing 10/31/2013

    If you've ever used Theme It to buy/download themes for your jailbroken iDevices, know that they're closing down at month's end. I saw the message when I opened the app on my phone, today. You can download/backup any themes you've purchased until the end of the year.
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    Denial of service attack on Jailbroken iPhones

    I just read the on Redmond Pie's site. It's a warning about the potential for denial of service attacks on jailbroken iPhones. I've looked for the GlyphPatch fix on Cydia, but haven't found it, yet.
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    Corsair HX1000 dead. PSU recommendation?

    My HX1000 dropped dead... again. :mad: It's the 2nd one to fail on me in the past three years so I want to go with something else in the 800 - 1000 watt range. The Seasonic X-850 is my top choice, at the moment. It received [H]'s Gold Award in April. Any others worth considering? My PC...
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    Jailbreakers: Any problems with Cydia updates?

    I used to receive Cydia updates for my installed apps 2-4 times/week. For the past several weeks, however, there's been nothing. Not a single notification from Cydia. I did some investigating and it seems to be a problem with quite a few jailbroken iPhones, recently. None of the fixes I've tried...
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    FS: GTX 680 Lightning, EVGA 770 backplate, E-Readers...

    Barnes & Noble Nook Simple Touch E-Reader and SanDisk 32GB Micro SD card: SOLD Amazon Paperwhite E-Reader and Marware Leather cover: SOLD EVGA GTX 770 Backplate: SOLD MSI GTX 680 Lightning 2GB $350.00 includes FREE UPS ground shipping. I'll e-mail the tracking number to the buyer. I just...
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    FS: GTX 680 Lightning, EVGA 770 backplate, E-Readers...

    Sorry, I posted this in the wrong forum. Please delete ASAP!!!
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    Downsizing my PC audio rig

    I've got a pair of SVS MBS-02 bookshelf speakers that I'd like to replace with something smaller like a dual 5.25 array pair of speakers. The MBS-02 sound great, but are huge. I'm switching to a smaller workstation. No way can I continue using them. Any thoughts on good sounding smaller...