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    FS: Gears of War 4 Code

    Edit: Purchased a code from a different source. Hope your first trade goes well :)
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    WTB: Gears of War 4 PC code $30

    Edit: Bought one
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    FS: Rise of the Tomb Raider Nvidia Code

    Selling 1 Rise of the Tomb Raider code I got with my 970 for SOLD Verified + Non-CC Paypal only Heatware:
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    WTB: Rise of the Tomb Raider

    PM sent
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    [W] Rainbow Six Uplay [H] Paypal

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    [W] Rainbow Six Uplay [H] Paypal

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    [W] Rainbow Six Uplay [H] Paypal

    Looking for a uplay promo code for the full game of Rainbow Six | Siege Paying $23 paypal. Willing to go first if you have better Heatware than me. Heatware
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    Watch Dogs is $32 @Amazon.

    I was hugely disappointed with the graphical issues and the multiplayer failures at and well after launch. When it worked, it was a reasonably decent game. Would have been worth the whole price tag if everything worked at launch imo. Not the best game ever but certainly a decent game,
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    Tom Clancy's The Division E3 2014 Trailer

    Ubisoft did an excellent job with AC4, especially the sailing parts, but Watchdogs was such a mess especially in the online parts. I'm conflicted, though if Nvidia has Division promo codes with video cards, I'll probably still pick the game up. Nothin beats a brand new $20 AAA game :D
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    Google Glass Detector Cuts Off Glassholes’ Wi-Fi

    I still shake my head whenever anyone actually uses the term "Glasshole". Does anyone seriously think that's cool/clever?
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    Oculus Rift Coming To Chuck E. Cheese's

    Chuck E Cheese is still a thing?
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    FS: Watchdogs from Nvidia card promo

    My mistake, didn't know. Fixed! Just used to seeing that as the standard on other trading forums.
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    The Best Free PC Games EVER

    PS4 has some free games. Not a ton but it's not zero.
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    FS: Watchdogs from Nvidia card promo

    Have an Nvidia promo code for WatchDogs. Asking [B]SOLD/B] Paypal - Non Credit Card. Heat in sig.
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    Asus T100TA 299.99, free shipping

    Seen a couple in CT. Might be a New England/East-ish USA chain.
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    Logitech G400 randomly disconnecting/reconnecting in W7

    Same exact thing happened to my G500 literally 1 or 2 weeks ago. Odd thing is, it works on every other computer and every other mouse works on my computer (so I'm thinking it was a software conflict?) nevertheless Logitech sent me a G500s for free and didn't ask for the wonky g500 back...
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    Hacked Adobe Users Had Easy-To-Guess Passwords

    My last boss had a stupidly easy password and I told him several times that he should change it and why. But he didn't care. I think a lot of people are like my boss.
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    Selling Nvidia Holiday games

    You've got a PM :) ( a second i gotta write it first)
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    WTB Assassin's Creed 4 - Coupon Code $20

    Lookin to snag one of those nvidia codes for AC4 for $20 via paypal.
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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

    ^^^ Hardforum member sale! Reduced price by 2.50 for Hardforum members.
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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

    ^^^ Added Steam Wallet to payment options.
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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

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    WTB: Payday 2

    I've got one copy left over from my four pack for $22.50 if you're interested. Sent a PM as well :)
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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

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    WTS Payday 2 Steam $22.50

    I have 1 steam copy of Payday 2 from a 4 pack left over. Looking to sell it for SOLD on paypal or steam wallet. Steam 4 pack page. Message me here or on steam if you want it. Edit: Hardforum member sale! Reduced price by 2.50 for Hardforum members. Edit: Two people requested, item...
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    WTB Splinter Cell Blacklist Deluxe Ed

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    Pay Day 2 - 4 pack 22.50 each

    Doh, i hope you atleast got it for $24 from GMG or something.