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    Diabo 3 What are you hearing for a release date for beta and the full game?

    Diabo 3 What are you hearing for a release date for beta and the full game?
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    Black Mesa Source coming 2009
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    The Portal 2 Pre-release Thread - Now Decrypting!

    focus on "The Wonderful End of the World" since it's over halfway done
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    The Portal 2 Pre-release Thread - Now Decrypting!

    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- if you already own these games on Steam. play each one sometime today: •1... 2... 3... KICK IT! (Drop That Beat Like an Ugly Baby) •AaAaAA!!! - A Reckless Disregard for Gravity •Amnesia: The Dark Descent...
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    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance for PSN

    it's simlar to Torchlight with local AND online co-op. up to 4 players I think the game is really well done and fun to play. it's similar to other console ARPGs like Champions of Norrath, Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance 1 & 2, etc. The loot system is very simple. There doesn't seem to be...
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    Dungeon Hunter: Alliance for PSN

    I didn't see a topic for this new game. My roommate and I played for a couple hours last night. I really like it so far. Diablo copy Only $13 3 classes (warrior, rogue, wizard) local and online co-op I think the skill tree could use some work, such as increased run speed available for...
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    The Portal 2 Pre-release Thread - Now Decrypting!

    if I want to go in on a 2pack with someone for $40. is that going to have to be settled with paypal / mailing a check? none of my real life friends want a copy.
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    I think u combine fire and water to make the grey icon
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    What PC gaming titles are you looking forward to in 2011?

    Torchlight 2 Portal 2 Lord of the Rings: War in the North Dungeon Siege 3 Black Mesa Source Grim Dawn Guild Wars 2 Diablo 3 (2012)
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    Starcraft 2 Beta

    is there a way to play against better AI online? i see there is a way offline, but a friend and I want to go up against medium AI together
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    StarCraft 2 Release Date

    if the WoW expansion and Starcraft2 both come out in 2010...... which would release first? they wont release both in the same quarter.
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    Diablo 3 Thread

    ^^ article date: 10th Mar 2009 the correct info is that D3 will be out in 2011
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    SOE finally sold out EQ

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    Tomorrow we leave the vault!

    ^yeah. I went back to megaton to look for that bobble head. maybe that's why it's gone
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    Tomorrow we leave the vault!

    i got some power armor very early in the game. but i cannot wear it. how do I wear it? is there a way to run faster? I am trying to get the 2nd doll. Strength from megaton. I read where it is suppose to be, but it is not there. it says it should be in Lucas Simms' House on his desk. I...
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    HL2 Episode 3 not available till 2010

    i expect ep3 will be packaged with some other stuff. portal2 or whatever. all for the low price of $45
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    Quantum of Solace

    I ran through the demo in 5minutes it felt like. all I had to do was hold forward and shoot. no skills required. i hope the full version includes more Bond stuff than just the title
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    Quantum of Solace

    looks like splinter cell to me. i could be wrong
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    Fallout 1 no ingame music question its quiet......

    lol u didnt even get out of the first cave and you've made threads on 2 different forums?
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    Red Alert 3 Beta now open!

    I got in on the open beta this morning, my roomate just got home and wants to join me but they closed the beta. if anyone has a key they arn't using please PM me it
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    Space Siege = Disappointment

    i beat Space Siege without ever using a skill point. I couldn't find any that I were very good so I just didn't bother
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    Space Siege = Disappointment

    I really enjoy this type of game. So I am biased. I did like Space Siege, but I saw lots of room for improvement and it's not worth $50.
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    Red Alert 3 beta now open to Fileplanet subscribers

    anyone got an account I can use? :)
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    Diablo clones thread

    Dungeon Siege 1 and 2
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    TF2 Pyro Update: Full Details Inside

    that "new" bug was there right after the medic achievements updates. I think it means the server hasn't been patched yet. try a different server edit: looking at the steam forums, the respawn problem is specific to the BeetleMod.
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    Command & Conquer 3 Limited Collection $25 @ union city walmart

    the one Walmart I checked in North Carolina didn't even have the collectors edition. Just CnC3 and KW separate for $30 a piece, but not the combined package.
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    how is the grouping / raiding in AoC?
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    Red Alert 3 trailer

    the trailer looks good. the cnc3 expansion was rushed out. the first patch will just be balance issues and the game has been out for a few months. the main issue keeping me from buying the game is the desync issues. once they patch that I will buy it
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    TF2 wont remember my resolution or aspect ratio. Any way to fix that? I have to manually change it every time I go into TF2
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    TF2 performance problem

    You have a nice system, so you should be able to run it smoothly at high settings but obviously that is not working. If changing drivers does not fix the problem. you may have to resort to running in DX8.1 mode which is done by typing in -dxlevel81 in the launch options in steam for TF2 I do...
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    yes, as well as Avanti, Cornfeld, Maya, Ksour, Magelli, osaka, sandbowl, castleargh, and baconbowl
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    Official Team Fortress 2 Thread

    I run TF2 in DX8.1 mode instead of 9.0 because it runs much smoother for me. I can run at 1600x1050 with everything at max if I use DX8.1. To do this type -dxlevel 81 in the launch options for TF2 in steam I have an athlon 3000+ 7800GS AGP
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    Valve: downloadable content should be free

    then maybe Valve should stop being hypocrits and stop charging for downloadable content such as Episode1, 2, TF2 etc.
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    Oblivion multiplayer mod?

    there are 2 mods in the works. both are in alpha stages. I don't have much faith either will ever become great. both mod creaters are talented coders but both are busy and seem to be trying to do it on their own.
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    Games your cant wait for!

    Team Fortress 2 Hellgate London CnC3 some form of Oblivion multiplayer
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    Benq 15" LCd, Modded Xbox, DIY Projector Lenses/ballast/bulb

    LCD is sold added motherboard
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    Benq 15" LCd, Modded Xbox, DIY Projector Lenses/ballast/bulb

    Biostar m7viw motherboard. Socket A, AGP, DDR or SD ram (one or the other, not both at tthe same time) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also selling...