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    WTB: Division 2 code

    Looking for Division 2 code ~40 bucks Thanks
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    Looking for a smallest case that can fit a 400mm x 200mm rad.

    I am currently on home made case, as nothing at the time gave me what I needed. 400mm x 200mm rad support, small (relatively), and quite. running 2 x 200mm noctua fans at 50% PWM. But not having power or front usb is kinda bummer, so checking to see if anything new now that I can stuff...
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    290 trifire setup

    Selling my three XFX 290 500 for all 3. 200 a piece thanks
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    Help: non SSL device to google drive

    I have a semi-dumb datalogger. I can script it to generate a "POST" data to google drive. I can do this from a webbrowser on PC, but from the device it failed due to lack of SSL certificate. Is there way using small netbook or pc, where I can send data to PC via HTTP, then have it relayed...
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    WTB win7 key, legit one

    looking for win 7 pro serial thanks
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    FS: AMD6970, water cooling gear and stuff

    Cleaning out room Reference AMD 6970 $135 shipped SOLD Was underwater since purchase, put stock sink back on and ran it for a week. Selling cheap, cause I know someone could use it, otherwise it would go into a work comp which would be over kill. Cyberdruid (OCN) custom 4 bay reservoir...
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    intel 4000 or ATI 4890 ?

    Hi, I got a new 3570k and an old ati a temp rig to do some work on. I was using lucid virtu MVP, but turns out it crashes the main software I need to run. So now I have to pick one or the other to run. Which is a better graphics choice at 1080p monitor and light gaming...
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    Looking for a case....very specific size needs

    Looking for a case mitx or matx (desktop format preferably) format. Ideally this is the case I want, the windy MC3 2nd age. Since I can't get it in the us for under $500, looking for something similar. Needs are m-itx or m-atx able to house full atx PS able to house upto 11" vid card...
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    AMD HD3D frame rates

    Stupid question but I got a toxic 6950 and tested dirt 3 in 3D. The benchmark gave me 45 fps average. 1080p preset high, 4xMLAA Is that 45 effective ie its really equivalent to ~90 fps in non 3D ? or does it mean effectively its 22.5 fps in 3D ?
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    Need temp card recommendation

    I will be waiting for a 7xxx card, however in the mean time, I needs a new vid card as my current 4890 wont be able to connect to my new monitor without a display port. All I need is something that can do 1920x1080 with max settings driving a single display (s27a750) a 120hz 3D monitor. I am...
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    Zalman flower and gigabyte M-ITX

    Just wondering if height is not an issue.... Will any of the Zalman flower type coolers 9300, 9500, 9700, or 9900 series fit on a gigabyte m-itx board ? Assume I have normal size ram.....I am going to have to take off the heat spreader on my vengeance sticks. Thanks
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    Smallest PSU I can get away with

    I am looking to build a caseless Mitx system. Its just i3 2100 with a gigabyte h67 mb 1 sata3 HDD 4 gigs or 8 gigs of mem nothing else, no video card, no dvd OC Just wondering what is the smallest PSU I can get away with, smaller (size) the better. Thanks guys
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    Help with port tranlation how to make it work

    Is it possible hit 2 separate devices on the same internal network from the out side, that operate on identical ports ? Internally, Device 1: :its web server port is 12345 Device 2: :its web server port is also 12345 Note: the ports are locked, I can not...
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    WTB: healkiller GPUx2 for 4890

    Looking for heatkiller GPU block for 4890 model 10181. 85 or below shipped should have included spacers. Thanks