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  1. DJS4000

    EuroBros PSA: Microsoft Store UK - Rebates on Surface Devices + Free XBOne S Fifa Bundle

    So i just pulled the trigger on an SP4 (I5, 8GB RAM Version) in the UK MS store. you receive a free xbox one s bundle with the purchase of every surface device. in the end i paid ~1100€ for the surface and the xbox bundle which is a killer deal. free shipping, too. The rebates and the bundle...
  2. DJS4000

    PSA: the crimson driver may lock your gpu fans at a random percentage!

    Just a heads up for fellow [H] users. There are multiple reports that the current crimson driver locks your gpu fan(s) at as low as 20%, causing thermal issues and, at worst, frying your card under sustained load. Afterburner or other fan control tools seem to work, but have to be re-applied...
  3. DJS4000

    FS: [EU] Promise SuperTrak EX12350 12 Port SATA II Hardware Raid Controller

    i am selling the above mentioned controller. it is about 3 years old and runs perfectly. this is a true hardware raid controller with its own cpu and ram. i added a silent 40mm fan to keep it extra cool. i will also provide all the cables (3x fan-out cables for 4 SATA drives each, 6x...