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  1. DrezKill

    Metal Gear Games Released on GOG... I assume this is the original MSX version? I wonder how good the ports are. They should throw Twin Snakes on PC as well, as well Metal Gear 2 from MSX.
  2. DrezKill

    Creator of the Konami Code has passed away...

    The creator of arguably the most famous cheat code has passed away:
  3. DrezKill

    Gran Turismo creator Kazunori Yamauchi thinks 4K is enough, wants to push higher framerates for PS5 instead He thinks 4K res is enough, and he's far more interested in pushing framerates up to 120fps or even 240fps. "I think that’s what’s going to be changing the experience from here on forward." Would be...
  4. DrezKill

    64-Core Rome Infrared Shots

    More here: "What you see above is a clean die-shot of AMD’s 64-Core Rome CPU. This might look familiar, as it’s a shot of the same chip we had pictured in our previous coverage. Except, there is one...
  5. DrezKill

    "8K Association Sets Minimal Specs for 8K Ultra-HD TVs"

    "The 8K Association, a group led by leading makers of TVs and display panels focused to facilitate growth of the 8K ecosystem, this week introduced a list of minimal technical specifications that should be met by a TV carrying an 8K logotype. If the initiative is embraced widely by the industry...
  6. DrezKill

    "Nvidia GTX 990 Ti 24GB And AMD R9 395X2 16GB Benchmarked and Reviewed"

    Gotta love April 1st.