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    Cooler Master Stacker

    Not mine, but these are nice to fill up with the 5.25 to 3.5 multibays. I bought one but it didn't fit under my desk :(
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    Bios sizes

    What’s the feeling for minimum bios size to get through 4 generations of Am5?
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    Did the Intel 2.5gbps problems ever get solved

    I know intel had tons of issues with the i225 chipset, did those ever get solved, or is it an avoid at all cost type deal still?
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    Facebook announces ads in Oculus Headset So it begins…
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    AMD Stacked V-Cache gonna be sweet when we get it.
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    [DEAD] WD Red Pro 6TB for 132.99

    Western Digital has Red Pro 6Tb drives for 132 each, limit 2. Newegg has them for the same price, also limit 2. Bought 2 from each for some hot raidz2...
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    3900x weird behavior

    Finally got around to running some tests on the new machine and noticed some weird behavior. No PBO enabled in the BIOS, never overclocked. Ryzen balanced power plan Win 10. During a blender workload one of the cores, Core 11, starts off with all the others, then falls down to well below base...
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    Asus X470 Strix F Version Notice

    As a community FYI, I received an X470 Strix F from the egg without the ryzen 3000 ready sticker on it. Happily, it shipped with the 5007 x64 bios from June and accepted the 3900x no problem. If your box doesn't have the ryzen 3000 ready sticker, try it out, it may be ok.
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    About those X470 MAX boards from MSI

    Has anybody actually seen them in the wild?
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    WTB: VGA Cooler from 700 or 900 series GPU

    I have a passive K40 tesla on the way that I'd like to convert to active cooling. I'm looking for a cheap 700 or 900 series cooler off of a dead card. Please let me know what you have and price shipped to 98001. Thanks for looking.
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    Used Nvidia Tesla K20X and up

    I'm seeing these used on fleabay for decent prices. Just curious if anybody has tried these in their workstations at home for the CUDA cores and high memory capacities vs regular cards. I've got a few 3d printers so creative cooling solutions aren't an issue. Any thoughts on using these for...
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    WTB: Nividia 600 or 700 Series GPU

    Found one, thanks!
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    Ikea desk "case"

    I've been hosting an Arma 3 server on my old phenom 2 machine, but wanted to do a fun build, so I picked up an 880g itx board and p2 945x4 proc on fleabay. 3d printed a mobo tray, HDD holder and a PSU bracket. All screwed to bottom of desk behind cross support for a hidden PC. OS install this...
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    Skylake 6700K on Asus Z270 Prime A

    Hi, I'm using this board and don't have an AVX offset option available. I am using the December 2016 bios, not at home so can't remember the revision. I understand that Kaby lake should have this option available, I'm just trying to figure out if anybody else has a skylake on it with a later...
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    Skylake 6700K and AVX Offset on Z270 Motherboards

    Used the search and didn't see anything, but does anybody know if AVX offset is strictly a Kaby Lake feature or is it available to Skylake users on Z270 motherboards with an appropriate BIOS revision. Thanks