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    Power limit question

    This thread can be deleted
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    Monitor does not wake some times 7950

    So I bought a refurb Powercolor 7950 Boost. Like the V5 with the non reference cooler. Anyways for the last month card has worked great. I have monitor turn off set to 10 minutes and sleep set to an hour. So the card has moved from a Windows 7 old machine to my new machine in the signature...
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    Roaf's FS Thread "iPod/DigiCamera etc"

    Heat: eBay: Polices: Payment is check/money order or Paypal. Prices will include tracking/confirmation. iPod Classic 6th Gen 80 GB - Silver. Comes with Belkin case/charger with charging block and headphones. Like New...
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    Getting Signed Out instantly

    Using Firefox 22, without cookies anything like that (private mode). I have rebooted, cleared cache etc. For some reason almost instantly after I sign in I am signed out, like within seconds. I can't remember adjusting anything in user cp that would do this? Any advice would be appreciated.
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    Warning for trolling?

    I received a warning for trolling after which one of the moderators restored the messages because they were not trolling, however the warning still remains, now the moderator will not respond to any messages about removing the warning. Thanks.
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    2 SSDs/New motherboard?

    So I have a dilemma. I for sure want to switch to SSD and I am looking to hover around 300-400 gb of space for my needs. Even after thinking about moving the non essential data off the drive. I want one volume so it is easier, hence where raid comes in. I don't foresee there being a sale on a...
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    How is there no backlash over the Assassins Creed 3 ending (all spoilers inside)

    So all the Mass Effect 3 fanboys who also play Assassins Creed 3 should find reasons to shit all over this game due to the ending. Multiplayer aside which honestly was fun for like the first game and then dulled out. In my opinion ME3 was a better multiplayer. However I know a ton of people that...
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    Dumb question about DDR3

    So I am hearing different responses when searching and until my OC broke I was assuming statement A, but I am not sure if that is correct or if statement B is correct. Preface: Socket 775 Intel 2 Core Duo/Quads 1333 mhz FSB quad pumped on DDR3. A. DDR3 1333 for example sakes is ran at 667...
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    Has anyone seen a BSOD like this?

    I figured to post here in OC forums because I believe my BSOD is OC related. Computer is prime stable, memtest the works. 2.66 at 3.2 on the specs on the sig. No voltage increase. I have never gotten a BSOD like this even after I did. Basically I just went to get some food, had the game...
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    Disappointed in AC: Revelations

    Anyone else completely disappointed with AC: Revelations?
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    Dead Rising 2 Off the Record thread

    Anyone pick this up? I enjoyed Dead Rising 1 to a point where the save system pissed me off and then I got rid of it. I never played DR2. Is this version any good?
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    FS: Red Dead Redemption XB360

    For sale is a like new Red Dead Redemption for Xbox 360. No scratches to disc and no shelf ware. Game has been owned for 3 weeks and after 50 hours into it I am ready to sell it. Price: $26 shipped USPS First Class mail. Price is firm. If you do not like it get a shitty copy from the amazon...
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    FPS differences in new WoW xpac - 5850

    Anyone else noticing any FPS differences between zones in the new WoW xpac with ATI cards? My Macbook Pro with a 8600GT seems to perform about the same across all the zones in the game. Settings are around medium My desktop however (specs in sig) seems to get 30 FPS around the new zones...
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    Do you have to install Starcraft 2

    With WoW all you really needed to do is just move the folder over and make a shortcut to the launcher. This would be a PC, but can you just move the Starcraft 2 folder to a different computer and launch the program? I would try to find out myself, but it would take forever to transfer the...
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    WoW Headset questions

    I know I probably should post on the Creative forums, but just registering to post one question grinds my gears. So if you have the WoW headset (wired and wireless) I have a few questions below.
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    5850 Fan Speed after hibernation/sleep

    Anyone have any issues where the fan speed will ramp up to around 60-100 percent when waking from sleep or hibernation with a ATI 5850? Probably happens only like once every 2 weeks. Sapphire card on 10.3 drivers. Not sure what the BIOS is, probably stock or whatever Sapphire shipped...
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    Thanks admins

    For the quick response in troubleshooting my account. I thought I was hacked for a moment. Not sure what happened, but good to see I didn't lose my account.
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    FS: Synology DS-107 1 Bay NAS

    Price: $90 shipped Description: Used this for about a year. It has great to me, but recently work allows use to VPN from home into the Mac servers so there is really no need for this. Comes in original box with all accessories/software and is in like new condition. Hard drive is not included...
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    Any OSX admins that bind to AD?

    Our old server admin left (smart as hell guy and certified up to 10.4 as ACSA) and now our servers are up in arms. I have taken the reigns to my building and I really wanted to always integrate into Active Directory. We have an Active Directory already and I was wondering if I can just bind...
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    Quick memory question about timings

    Have DDR1333 ram (was cheaper than 1066 and wanted to future proof) running alongside a Q9450 on a P43 board at 400 FSB. Refuse to up voltage on my processor as I do not own the processor. Anyways running 400 with a 3:4 divider with the ram at 533 mhz (1066) at 7-7-7-18. I had to drop it...
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    FS: Canon Powershot A530 5MP 4x optical zoom camera

    Like title says: Canon Powershot A530 5MP 4x optical zoom camera. Comes with transfer cable and camera. You will need a SD card of your choosing and 2 AA batteries to use this thing. Condition: Very good. LCD is in like new condition. Price: $35 shipped Review...
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    FS: Gigabyte 7800GT w/ Zalman VF700 cooling

    Like the title says: Gigabyte 7800GT w/ Zalman VF700 cooling (from Gigabyte) PCI-E - $36 shipped (comes with PowerDVD 6, SpellForce, Component Breakout box, manual, DVI-VGA adapter) This card has never been overclocked for more than a day. The most it got up to on my machine was 470/1100 At...
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    Memory Timings on DDR3

    Is Patriot correct here? Figured the [H] would know. My last build was on DDR1 so some of these timings are foreign to me. Thanks in advance guys. Motherboard: Asus P5P43TD ( Memory: Sector 5 G series 4 GB 2x2GB PC3-10666...
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    Sharing a printer in Windows 7

    Have a Canon MP760 printer. It is about 3 years old, but there is Windows 7 drivers etc. for it. Running Windows 7 64 bit and before I was running Windows XP where everything was working great sharing the printer. Now when try sharing the printer my Macbook Pro running 10.6 will not even...
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    10.3 Disk Utility Problems

    Have an old eMac. Have a GUID formatted drive that really only works with newer 10.4 machines and all 10.5 machines. It has a 10.4 and 10.5 image on the external. Anyways on the older machine I have 10.3 disk that I am using to boot up the machine. Does not have a DVD Drive so it will not...
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    FS: Socket 939 barebones. CPU/RAM/MB

    For Sale: ***Bundle price is 165 shipped anywhere in the 48 states*** (since I have one box for it). Motherboard: Asus A8N Premium SLI Very Good condition never overclocked and all accessories included. Newegg Link:
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    PCI Express 2.0 needed?

    Simple and easy question. Buddy wants to sell a P35 board cheap that supports 1333 FSB and I just picked up a 775 quad core and I have my heart set on a 5850. Problem is P35 only supports PCI Express 1.1. Is PCI Express 2.0 needed for the 5850? Thanks.
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    Sound card for Windows 7

    My old computer in my sig is getting an update. Basically a Socket Nforce 4 939 board most likely going to a socket 775 board. I am getting a processor free on loan so I am pretty much locked into 775 path. I realize it is a dead path, but oh well. My question is concerning if I should even...
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    Roaf's Worthless Stuff for Sale Thread

    List of items in the picture: PC Games - All games come with manuals and game unless noted Company of Heroes: Collectors Edition: $6 (complete including box) Spellforce: $1 (game only) Need for Speed High Stakes: $1 Apogee's Greatest Hits $1 GC/Wii: Star Wars Rogue Leader: Rogue Squadron 2...
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    Top ten tatics in video gaming, that really get my goat

    1. L4D 2 being announced along with L4D DLC content being charged on the 360 when it was implied it was going to be free. Thanks Microsoft. 2. Resident Evil 5 Versus mode not being included in the core game 3. Super Street Fighter 4 not being DLC 4. Anything else Resident Evil. Thanks for the...
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    RDP caused Windows XP Pro to corrupt profile?

    NOTE: "Tim will be the name of the made up user account on my machine" Ok I have never seen this. Up until about 5 months ago I had always used my PC locally with me sitting at it with a monitor etc. I would log into the only user profile (Tim) on that machine that was the administrator. In...
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    Oracle data in SQL database

    Been out of the databasing loop since a year ago in college and even then I was better in C+ and network communication than SQL which was during my drinking years. Anyways just had a client ask me to help him with a program he has been running. He wants to update it to allow Oracle data in...
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    Online Dynasty

    Gamertag is roaf85. Looking to join or get an Online Dynasty in NCAA10 for the XB360. Respond back to this thread if interested.
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    FS: Bluetooth headsets

    Selling my 2 bluetooth headsets as I never use them thanks to Ford Sync in my new car. Both of them are in like new condition. Pictures will come up when I get home: Motorola H300 $8 bucks shipped Blueant z9...
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    Non credit card Paypal payment

    Stupid question, but I am confused what does this mean? If someone sends you a Paypal payment how do you know whether they are paying by credit card or directly from their bank account? Thanks.
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    Ada's story worth it in RE4?

    I have RE4 for gamecube and I have only played a few minutes of it. Got it a while back. Thinking about selling it for around 3-4 dollars and upgrading to the Wii edition with Ada's story "Seperate Ways" for around 10 bucks. I was wondering if the extra content is worth the price difference...
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    Deleting files does not return disk space

    Maybe this is a stupid question, but I am working with 10.4 and 10.5 OSX here at work and I have 3 drives. 1 is FAT the other 2 are MAC OS Extended (Journaled) I am trying to reimage computers, and because of the file size limitation of FAT (4 GB) I can not use that drive. For some...
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    FS: Roafalita sale (Xbox 360 games, DVDs)

    Everything is used unless stated. Expect everything in like new condition and includes all manuals boxes unless stated otherwise Following DVDs for sale: Radio (brand new in wrapping) $5 shipped Panic Room $5 shipped Pearl Harbor 2 disc 60 anniversary edition $5 shipped Xbox 360...
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    Best 24 inch for around $300 US

    Gave up my Dell 2005FPW to my parents. Had great color, but it was a headache with all the backlight bleeding. I will be using this for a computer monitor to browse the web and play some computer games. No consoles etc will be hooked up to this so I would like a 1920x1200 resolution. I am...
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    Wii Virtual Console question

    What happens to this content if your Wii breaks? Has anyone had this happen. Supposedly you are suppose to back up your content to an SD card and then be able to transfer it, but I am not sure. I know for Xbox 360 there is this...