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    FS Western Digital d30 external ssd

    Wish I had the cash. Been dreaming of that card exactly. Um, would you take a kidney in partial trade ???
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    Gaming in your 40s

    If you damn kids don't stop making all that noise.. I'm going to call the cops.
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    Windows 12

    Windows 12 ???? Please, someone make it stop....
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    Did I goof on this RAM? Speed question

    Did you ever think that I might have not only checked the Asus website but others as well. I've only been an enthusiast since 1998. A quick search produced this.......... "According to ASUS, the PRIME Z370-A supports DDR4 memories up to 4,000 MHz. The ASUS PRIME Z370-A has four memory sockets...
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    Did I goof on this RAM? Speed question

    If you look at the QVL for memory for that board.... It looks like the memory kit that you picked is not "officially" supported. There are very 32GB modules that board particular supports at ANY speed. You would have to install 4 x 16GB and not 2 x 32GB to have 64GB of usable memory.
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    Just curious where exactly you've seen an R5 3600 for $100. I've NEVER seen one for less than $200.
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    FS: Gigabyte 1070TI 8GB Gaming card

    You damn kids, get out of my yard. Is this the grumpy old men thread ? I'm 54, was just playing RDR Online. Waiting for Dying Light 2... patiently, well... kinda. Anyway... GLWS.
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    {Price drop}FS 2700x with Wraith Prism Cooler

    It's a really good cpu, I have one. Unfortunately, when places like MicroCenter are asking $199 for the 3600... it can made 2nd generation Ryzen a hard sell. I wish you luck.
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    PM sent
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    [H]OT - Microcenter AMD sale (2600x - 79.99, 3600x - 159.99, 3700x - 259.99, 3800x - 279.99, 3950x - 699.99) + $20 mobo discount!

    I went to MC Westmont to get a new NVME drive for another machine and wound up buying a 2600x and board.... just 'cuz. I couldn't pass it up. Forgive me... I'm weak.
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    A man walks up to you with a 1080Ti and a 5700XT and says, "Free. Choose one."

    Already have an RTX 2080. But I'd still go with the 1080ti to replace the 1070 in my #2 rig.
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    New In Box AMD FX 9590

    Anybody have a board for this chip ? I think it's a 220watt cpu.
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    Boxed ATI Rage Fury MAXX

    I had one of these... back in the day. It NEVER ran right. I would think that it's only value is collectability.
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    4790 k part out

    Bump, to find this later.
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    FS/FT: Sabertooth x58 with x5650 and 12gb ddr3. New in box R5 1600

    Hmm, this could be something interesting to play with. At one time, I had a 960 on this very board. Was a great combo.
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    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 $215 OBO

    It doesn't fit in my GTX 1000 series collection. I already have a 1050ti, 1060, 1070 AND a 1080. I HAD a 1080ti, but it died a horrible death. And, there was much sorrow...
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    FS: EVGA GeForce GTX 980 FTW GAMING ACX 2.0 $215 OBO

    Bump for a good seller and all around nice guy. I don't NEED this... but I am tempted....
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    Paranoia thread: what would you do if GPU failed?

    When my 1080 borked, I pulled the 1070 out of my secondary rig. I happened to have a small gaming network. Hardware gets bumped down when I upgrade. Once I no longer have a rig on my lan to put parts in, the parts get sold off, traded or put in something for someone else. It's a good thing that...
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    WTB 1100T/1090T

    Good luck finding one for under $100+.
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    Windows 10 Pro, Office 2016 , others -CLOSED, - new thread.

    PM coming up. And, don't sell anything Exeodus.....
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    Windows 10 Pro, Office 2016 , others -CLOSED, - new thread.

    Bump to find this in the near future.
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    WTS: EVGA 1050TI SSC

    Bump. is this still available ???
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    * Closed *

    Yeah, what he said...
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    FS: i5-3570k w/Heatsink, Retail Packaging

    Counting my pennies. Will re-visit this after work.
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    Black Friday flail starts!!!!!!

    Then, stop looking at them...
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    FS:Z170 ITX Mobo, Acer Chromebook, i7-3770 CPUs, Philips Over-ear headphones

    Need to come back to this. Might need a 3770.
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    Dude Eats 26 Year Old Ghost Buster Fruit Snacks

    You never see women doing things like this..... do ya'. That why they live longer than we do.
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    FSFT Only Users Not Contributing to the Community - You Will Be Banned

    I'm probabaly one of those on the bubble. I'm here everyday, read the articles, read the reviews and check out what's for sale. I used to post more under hardware. There was a time when I had played with almost every AMD Black Edition cpu ( AM2, AM2+ and AM3 ). But, I got tired of people telling...
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    s939, s775, LGA1366, LGA1155, HD 7870, 2x8GB DDR 3

    Wow !!! I worship at the alter of the beloved socket 939. I think that I still have some ddr 500 around here... somewhere.
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    FS: 3570k, Corsair 650D (SF BAY)

    Bump, might need to find this later...
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    FS: 3770k Setup, alienware m11xr2, 16gb ECC ddr3 4x4gb ram, samsung gear s2 3g verizon

    Another 3770k ???? Really ???? Where were these when I was looking for one ?
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    OEM Intel i7 3770k - SOLD!

    I don't NEED this... I already have a 6700k and a 4790k. Why do I want this so much ?
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    2 GeForce GTX 670s with SLI Bridge

    Yes, but not at that price. Well, not here anyway. GLWS.
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    WTS: RX 580 8gb -Sold!

    Where were all these 3770k's hiding when I was looking for one ??? I was forced to get a 6700k.