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  1. NickJames

    FS: Oculus Quest 64 & 128GB NIB

    Oculus Quest 128GB (Soldout) $7̶7̶5 $725 Shipped Oculus Quest 64GB (Soldout) $6̶5̶0 $620 Shipped Firm pricing will guarantee delivery before Christmas in US. Also listed on eBay so availability subject to change.
  2. NickJames

    Steam No Longer Accepting Bitcoin
  3. NickJames

    Playstation 4 Glacier White Bundle and New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Edition Black

    New Nintendo 3DS Super Mario Edition - Black - $SOLD Sony Playstation 4 500GB Glacier White Bundle - $SOLD [H]...
  4. NickJames

    When to build mini ITX?

    So I plan on finally putting together my Ncase build but I had a question that some of you mITX vets could answer. I know manufacturers tend to announce ATX and EATX boards alongside new sockets to have available for launch. So if I were to adopt to say next gen AMD or Intel, about how long...
  5. NickJames

    WTS MDPC Sleeve Kit (Black)

    I have a full set of black sleeving with heatshrink brand new unused from MDPC that I never ended up using. It's been sitting in my closet for about 6 years. Paid about $60 for it. $25 shipped.
  6. NickJames

    WTS Koolance and PrimoChill Stuff Cheap from i7 920 Rig

    This is old stuff from my old i7 920 watercooling build everything except tubing is used. Koolance CPU-350 Waterblock with AMD and Intel brackets, no fittings. I had two of these but the acrylic one went bad so I threw in the bottom of it in...
  7. NickJames

    WTB: Metal Gear Solid V Phantom Pain

    Willing to pay $35 for an Nvidia Key Hit me up PM.
  8. NickJames

    EVGA GTX 780 Includes Backplate

    EVGA GTX 780 SC with backplate $220 shipped - SOLD,RZAEKOs,EKicxmy Heat:
  9. NickJames

    I am looking for the perfect PC/Console gaming monitor.

    I have gone through so many monitors and currently sitting on the ROG Swift. I have been searching for something that would let me enjoy both console gaming and PC gaming at the switch of a button. Unfortunately the ROG swift does not allow for console gaming. Does such a thing exist? Main...
  10. NickJames

    Chinese Hacker Stole Some Files

    So I had an old server setup in DMZ mode (yeah my mistake I am lazy). Mostly hosting stuff like VOIP servers and Minecraft and movies. I notice a sudden spike in upload using Netlimiter and saw about 10MB/s was being uploaded to an outside IP which turned out to originate in China. After killing...
  11. NickJames

    [Hot] Logitech G930 Wireless Headset $69.99 Lowest price ever on Amazon.
  12. NickJames ? Virus/Malware ?

    Just recently had this happen to me. Certain websites such as are inaccessible on my PC but work perfectly fine on others. Here's the source of the page I get redirected too. <html><head><style type="text/css">*{margin:0px;padding:0px;background:#fff;}</style><title>HTTP...
  13. NickJames

    FS/Trade: Assassins Creed Black Flag Season Pass Steam PC

    Someone steam gifted me Black Flag Season Pass but unfortunately I have the Uplay version :( So looking to either trade for Uplay key or sell for $15. Heat: 10-0-0
  14. NickJames

    Xbox One Amazon Limited Stock 11/20 8AM EST

    Got this email today from Amazon.
  15. NickJames

    Super Typhoon Haiyan to impact Phillipines, Thailand Next? Not sure what kind of impact this could have on HDD manufacturing but this typhoon is one of the strongest ever recorded. If it and when it hits Thailand, it could be real bad. Just a heads up.
  16. NickJames

    Warm: Western Digital Black 1TB $75 Shipped Egg

    Newegg has the WD Black 1TB for $75 with promo which I believe is the lowest price it's ever been. Promo EMCWWXR98 2TB also has a $10 off promo. There is a massive Typhoon inbound to the phillipines, one of the strongest...
  17. NickJames

    FS: EVGA GTX 680 2GB / Sapphire 7970 3GB (Reference)

    USED: EVGA GTX 680 2GB ( $275 Shipped SOLD) (Includes box and manuals) USED: Sapphire 7970 3GB ($200 Shipped SOLD) Fresh from RMA (Bare card, RMA coffin, no accessories) Both are reference coolers. Local Pickup: Miami, FL
  18. NickJames

    FS: XFX R9 290X BNIB

    You know what this is. Brand new unopened. Will give a copy of the invoice for warranty registration purposes. Includes BF4 voucher. I bought 2 780's on the Amazon price mistake and so I can't afford to keep the 290x. $580 Shipped SOLD Paypal or Amazon payments. $550 Local pickup Miami...
  19. NickJames

    R9 290 Delayed Due to Driver Improvements (Competes with 780?) Interesting..
  20. NickJames

    Sapphire 7970 Literally Caught Fire Too

    So my friends 7970 just burst into flames at the PCI-E slot charring the mobo and the card. I'm contacting him for pictures, he uploaded them to FB but they aren't showing up on PC only on phone and I can't seem to download from the messenger app. *EDIT* Contacted him, he was running a Maximus...
  21. NickJames

    WTT Red Individually Sleeved Corsair AX850/AX750/AX650 Cables for White Type 3

    Basically I want to trade my used for...
  22. NickJames

    FS: ASUS DirectCU HD 6870 1GB (2) 3-14-13 SOLD Looking for $110 shipped each or $190 for both. I'll throw in a crossfire bridge (your choice of size) if you buy both. 3-14-13 SOLD Both in excellent working condition, didn't get a chance to crossfire them due to the...
  23. NickJames

    [Warm] $72 CM Storm Quickfire TK Cherry Blue w/ Blue LED BKL Cheapest it's ever been according to camel.
  24. NickJames

    2500K What happened to this contact?

    I recently purchased a 2500K from someone here and I got this.. what is this?
  25. NickJames

    kijikadal For Sale Thread Situation Updates The user kijikadal made the FS thread above. I sent him a couple of PM's in the days following to which he responded that he sent the stuff to ship to his friend. This past week I was sick but remembered about my CPU which I paid for on...
  26. NickJames

    Newegg Cyber Monday, $25 G.Skill 4GBx2 DDR3 1600mhz Awesome price on this RAM.
  27. NickJames

    Silverstone ML03B Slim cooler for accessible rear fullsize expansion slot?

    I have this case Recently I found a need for the rear expansion slot to stick a full slot size 1x capture card. I am wondering if...
  28. NickJames

    Why console gaming is dying.

    Look even CNN agrees! Although most his points suck.
  29. NickJames

    SSD Raid 0 Performance not what it should be

    Just installed 2 Samsung 830 256GB SSD's in RAID 0 and am only getting performance in the 400-500MB/s r/w range. Pretty I should be getting 800+, first time setting up RAID 0 so what am I doing wrong? ASUS Maximus V Gene both drives connected to onboard intel sata 6gb ports. Stripe size...
  30. NickJames

    1Saleaday Headphones (Logitech G930 Wireless $80 Shipped)

    Factory refurb and more at You have to register to view. They also have the Xbox/PS3 version of the G930 for $60.
  31. NickJames

    Unlocked AT&T Galaxy S III Red Garnet 16GB - Ends 8/28 @ 7PM - $490 *SOLD*
  32. NickJames

    Best Available Low Profile GPU ?

    I am looking for the best low profile GPU I can buy online. Right now I have looked at the GT 450 and the HD6670 which are the easiest ones to find, everything higher end is impossible to locate. Thanks.
  33. NickJames

    Weirdest Subtitled AVI Ever!

    Ok I have this AVI at work that I am trying to convert to get into Adobe Premiere. It has soft subs which is usually no problem to rip using various freeware but this one is giving me a problem. No muxing or ripping software can find the subtitle. AVI-Mux shows that there is a subtitle existing...
  34. NickJames

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. 2 [Frozen] Dev's Open New Studio To Make MMOFPS Survarium Not sure if want.. *UPDATE* Free 2 Play confirmed on official site. :mad:
  35. NickJames

    WTT/S EVGA Classified X58 E760 + Waterblock

    Looking to trade my EVGA Classified X58 E760 for an ASUS Rampage III Gene X58 board or $140. (make an offer) ALSO LOOKING TO BUY ASUS Rampage III Gene X58 LGA1366 WILL PAY CASH (ANY CONDITION) WATERBLOCK SOLD Board still available. My board...
  36. NickJames

    Suggestions on a good percision screwdriver kit

    I am looking for a nice kit of percision screwdrivers, both philips and slotted. I have been getting by using mostly oversized screwdrivers or small swappable bits but the ones I buy are usually junk and the tips snap off or end up with a bored out screw. My Kobalts have been eating my screws...
  37. NickJames

    LIAN LI PC-A05FNB $75 Shell Shocker Looks like a great deal on a fine case.
  38. NickJames

    First Budget Gaming Build (Submit your opinions and advice)

    Looking to build a PC for my cousin and he's really short on cash. He managed to save up $400 and now I want to build him a nice rig to game on. He wants to be able to play pretty much anything I throw at him so Battlefield 3 on medium-high 60 FPS at 1600x900 res would be great. Here's what I...
  39. NickJames

    Braided/High-Quality 3.5mm Extension Recommendation?

    I have a pair of Steelseries 5XB's that I tend to give my friends but the cable is pretty short restricting any movement. Could someone recommend a good Male to Female 3.5mm cable? Preferably braided or of high quality, would like the cable to look good and not just regular rubber. Looking for...
  40. NickJames

    CompUSA Online Only 7970's Instock XFX and HIS $559

    Currently in stock, doesn't seem to show up if you just do a website search though. HIS XFX...