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    Do the "funny shapes" on modular power supply cables match up with voltages, etc?

    ^^^ Modular psu cable compatibility chart or something All I can say is pay close attention to this. I've blown two good power supplies by just using cables that were laying around without checking properly
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    Destiny 2

    Picked up WQ deluxe edition. Wish they would put a LFG finder in game too. Dumbasses like me start an activity thinking there might be matchmaking but turns out I'm alone and can't even get past the first mobs I'm power level 1570 on a titan grinding activities like crucible, Vanguard's and...
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    Hell Let Loose

    Humble choice for November includes Hell let loose. I think I'll resub just for this.
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    EC2 instance

    That's why they have auto scaling to bring down the instances when they're not needed.
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    xbox series x controller disconnecting from bluetooth on win 11 during gaming

    Seems to work okay here. I have my BT dongle plugged into a usb port on my keyboard and I think it's because it works best there. It's a shite no name one too from Amazon.
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    Is Linux Ready for Prime Time?

    Weren't you already running Linux? Could've sworn I saw posts from you asking how to install so and so through apt. I assume you've used it all this time ? If so, do you think it's ready for primetime?
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator is now playable in VR

    What do you play with? kB+M or controller or what?
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    Thanks but to be honest I don't mind the upgrade much.
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    Pretty sure I had both mine and my wife's machine say something like "windows 11 has been downloaded and is ready to install, click here to install" but hey I don't want to open up that discussion here.
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    Installing Windows today, Win 10 or 11?

    If you install 10, won't you be nagged to death to install 11 and eventually have it upgrade on its own ?
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    Hell Let Loose

    Anyone have it on sale ATM? I know it's been on sale a few times over the past few months but I never snagged it.
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    Asus GPU Tweak II is not loading my profile

    Afterburner works fine with a lot of different brands. Been using it for more than a decade with Asus all the way to Zotac However there is a GPU tweak III, have you tried that
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    Insane GPU prices in 2022 WTF?

    You guys don't have to worry about me buying current gen parts! I'm too poor! I always buy previous gen stuff, like this TUF 3080 I just picked up for 580 off Facebook marketplace. It has all the power I'm ever going to need for the next while.
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    NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang hints at ‘exciting’ next-generation GPU update on September 20th Tuesday

    I feel bad for those parts. Thousands of hours to r&d, manufacture and distribute this pristine piece of technology only to be fumbled and dropped by some dummy live on stage
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    [EXPIRED] RTX 3090 Ti $999.99

    Jesus on it's 2k what a downer
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    Robert Hallock to Leave AMD After 12 Years

    I remember this guy, he was on forums but wasn't affiliated with AMD. It was around the time when the Ashes of the singularity benchmark came out and when Async compute became a buzzword. He was all about Async compute
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    Forensic Analysts Accuse Billy Mitchell of Cheating for Donkey Kong Record

    Love this guy keep it coming His hair, his tacky get ups and cowboy hats, his obsession with cheating In old ass games, it's gold I tell you
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    This forum quiet lately. No new issues?

    I tired to get into Reddit but I dunno, doesn't feel right
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    32 vs 64 GB of memory for gaming

    I fired up watchdogs2 when it came on Xbox pass on a machine with 8gb of ram and despite getting warnings about the framerate being unstable, the game was pretty playable Ubisofts client is crazy bad though so I wouldn't be surprised if it was that gobbling up more ram than necessary
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    Is a high refresh rated monitor worth it if I cannot get more than 45fps in a favorite game?

    Yes that's a mistake. Your monitors refresh rate (in Hz, not MHz) is independent of the actual framerate being displayed. Your monitors refresh rate is a maximum value. What is actually rendering frames is your graphics card. So to answer your question, no a monitor with a higher refresh...
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    Any chances a router will work properly with incorrect input power? Wants to talk

    Must be some router if it needs 2.3 amps to function
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Usually I give them to my gf, or if I have enough parts already to justify another build, ill build another build. Or else I sell them.
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    By that standard, windows must be absolute shit Office, a very useful piece of software for some, has been a target for malware for like 20 years. Quite plainly, the point I was trying to make was about upgrading your software and how package managers make that simple. You're talking about...
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    All software can have bugs or vulnerabilities, good and bad. This is basic knowledge. If you prefer to babysit loose binaries and system upgrades, that's good for you. I have more important things to do so I run one magic command that upgrades the majority of packages I have on my system and...
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    I don't understand what you're saying. I didn't say anything about bad software. It actually happened to a friend, he installed some flavour of the week RDP program and forgot about it. Months later he saw Bitcoin transactions he didn't recognize, logins to his online banking he didn't do...
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    Download exe, execute, forget about it for the next 6 months, then some Chinese hacker breaks into your machine and steals all your info because you forgot to update that remote desktop software you installed and used once Package managers help with updates too
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    I strapped a 4tb external Seagate drive to a rpi3b running minio for backups. I don't even remember where it is physically
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    Do people actually upgrade just the CPU and keep using existing motherboard?

    Been about 4 years that I've been on this board and I've gone through a 1700x, 2700x, 5800x. No point in switching out a board that's working fine and has all the features you need. Literally adds nothing to your experience lol
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    Rumor: Google Stadia May Be Getting Shut Down

    I find the streaming services to be good enough for kids and old people. Most don't know any better. I think the competition killed off Stadia. Once the other well established names got their subscription and streaming services up and running, there was no reason to go out and get Stadia if...
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    This thread had no point
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    Finding work?

    Your About me section might need a little more work. I'd really expand on who you are, even personally. Why do you like to program? Really sell what makes you a good programmer / developer. Try to make connections with people in the industry or already in jobs at places where you'd like to work.
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    Finding work?

    Are you on LinkedIn? How's your profile? Beef up your profile a little with where you've been, what you know, what you're learning and so on. Shine it up real nice Make a few connections with recruiters. In time you will be beating them away with a stick
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    Data Recovery

    Such a shit feeling, sorry OP!
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    Maybe that was supposed to be a screenshot of your desktop, but that's a lot better
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    How to write Linux script that adds custom lines to files and executes a command?

    You can use ps aux to get pids and then grep to find the name of the process You can use scp to copy files from your local machine to the destination maybe ? If you want to move the files from one directory to another...
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    Are all software platforms going to cloud?

    Facebook has a gazillion servers cause they're facebook, in addition to being on the cloud, they're one of Amazon's biggest customers. Also, as per usual this car analogy is flawed as well. Owning vs leasing a car is nothing like owning servers/datacenters vs using a cloud service. With the...
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    Server build for work

    Azure boasts being cheaper than AWS with their Azure SQL database so would be worth looking into 32GB was an example. What you save upfront by building and supporting some welfare servers, you'll pay for (probably more) in the long term
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    Server build for work

    With that budget I'd opt for something like RDS on AWS. 8 core, 32 GB instance is about 400$/month when used for 8 hours a day Forget hardware and software provisioning, support and maintenance. just live your life
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    And they still wonder why linux isn't more popular.

    For Corsair devices I've been using ckb-next which you can find on GitHub. It's a little buggy under 22.04 but it gives me pretty much everything i need that iCue does in windows