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  1. FlawleZ

    WTB: Corsair 900D (or similar Super-Tower)

    Looking for a Corsair 900D or similar Super-Tower case. I know a couple people here have listed them for sale but haven't been online in a while. LMK what you have. Thanks!
  2. FlawleZ

    AMD Surpasses Intel Market Cap My how the times have changed...
  3. FlawleZ

    FS: X58, LGA1366, LGA2011, X5675, X5687, 1620V2, Kingston Triple Channel DDR3, G.Skill DDR3

    Clearing out extra stuff just sitting around in my closet. Asus P6T Deluxe V2 - Includes X5675 and 3x4GB DDR3 - $SOLD LGA1366 Xeon X5687 3.6Ghz - $SOLD LGA2011 Xeon 1620 V2 3.7Ghz - $20 Kingston HyperX T1 DDR3 1600 CL9 KHX1600C9D3T1BK6 3x4GB - $40 *removed G.Skill memory for now Heat...
  4. FlawleZ

    SOLD - Nvidia GTX 780 TI

    Little background on the card: I received this from a friend years ago who ran under water for a long while until he later upgraded. He had misplaced the original hardware for the stock HSF so I used what I had that was compatible when reinstalling the the HSF. I also had to modify an IO shield...
  5. FlawleZ

    WTB: GTX 1050TI - RX460/470, etc

    Looking for a GTX 1050TI, RX 460/470 or similar. Needs to be a GPU that doesn't require external power but can still do basic gaming. LMK what you have. Thanks in advance.
  6. FlawleZ

    FS Sapphire Nitro Vega 64

    Selling my lightly used Saphire Nitro Vega 64. I'm not gaming much currently and still have an R9 Fury to hold me over until a later date. The Sapphire Nitro Vega 64 is widely regarded as the best air cooled Vega card. The massive HSF keeps this thing chilly and quiet. This example is in...
  7. FlawleZ

    Panasonic 3DO M2 FZ-35S These are very rare. If you're a 3DO fan you can appreciate this. Although, his description stating "Bought used. Missing power cable...Never...
  8. FlawleZ

    SEGA GENESIS HOLY GRAIL Blockbuster World Video Game Championship II
  9. FlawleZ

    Ryzen 3 1200AF - Wrong Reviews on NewEgg?

    Am I reading this wrong? All the reviews for the Ryzen 3 1200AF on NewEgg seem to for the Ryzen 5 1600AF. They're not the same product or SKU of course so how are these reviews "Verified"?
  10. FlawleZ

    Devil May Cry 5 - $14.49
  11. FlawleZ

    Star Wars Battlefront II - $6.30
  12. FlawleZ

    *SOLD* FS i7 3770, Extreme4 Z77, Sabertooth X58+i7 950

    Adding a BNIB Asrock Extreme4 Z77 Board and i7 3770. These were purchased for a family member years ago and were never installed. The board will come with the box and all accessories including IO shield, SLI bridge, etc. $100 + shipping. I also have an Asus Sabertooth X58 that I used for...
  13. FlawleZ

    *Rare* Black Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

    Dreamcast Broadband adapters fetch a pretty penny these days due to their rarity, but the black ones (for the Sega Sports Dreamcast) are very rare. I believe these were only avail on Japan and in very low quantities...
  14. FlawleZ

    WCCFTech - Ryzen 3000 can OC to 5Ghz single and 4.5Ghz All Core

    I would still take with a grain of salt but the source has proven credible in the past. That Aida64 screenshot of 3900X @ 4.6Ghz looks tasty too.
  15. FlawleZ

    WTB 1100T/1090T

    Looking for an 1100T or 1090T to throw in a test system at home. Not looking to pay eBay prices. Motherboard is a 790FX chipset so FX chips are a no go. Thanks in advance
  16. FlawleZ

    WTB Nvidia 7800 GTX 512MB

    Looking for an Nvidia 7800 GTX 512MB. This must be the 512 MB and G70 GPU. Needs to be fully functional.
  17. FlawleZ

    3970X+Rampage IV Overclock Issues

    Recently purchased a 3970X + Rampage IV Extreme combo and I've had the toughest time achieving any overclock across all cores when loaded 100%. No matter what speed I set it at after 5-10 seconds the multiplier will drop to default. This happens at default voltages and low CPU temps (low 60s)...
  18. FlawleZ

    s939, s775, LGA1366, LGA1155, HD 7870, 2x8GB DDR 3

    ****UPDATED 12/10/2017**** The following items do not include shipping prices and I prefer to keep things stateside but if you're not in the U.S we can still talk. All of the items here work and are guaranteed NOT DOA. I5 3470 SOLD Xeon W3565 $25 E6600 $15 Q6600 $25 Sapphire...