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    Still alive!

    I have an OCZ Vertex 3 (120gb) that was my primary drive until last year (Upgraded motherboard had an nvme so i also upgraded the drive to a 970evo). The PC it's on just died and i'm considering what to do with it. This SSD was bought back in 2011, at the time i was worried about it wearing...
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    Graphic editing help. What do you call this?

    I'm trying to learn video editing but I don't know enough terms to put in the search box. The thing I'm trying to learn is how to track things on video. I made a green card and tracked the corners, then used it as a mask for some transparency and skewing. Just basic stuff, you can even see...
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    YouTube Paid Music Industry $1 Billion From Advertising Alone

    Would this be related to the BGMs used in videos? This isn't mine, but one of my own videos used a BGM that got flagged. Youtube didn't take it down but ads got force enabled and the revenue from that apparently goes to the music label.
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    Windows 10 Free Upgrade Offer To End Soon

    Would also like to know. My motherboard just died on one of my PCs and i won't be able to replace it this week. How do i reinstall? Do i reinstall 7 and still upgrade to 10?
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    Tesla vs Edison Mortal Kombat Style

    The stick was interesting tho. Two conductors separated by an insulator with your hand acting as the bridge.
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    Volvo Cars Tests Replacing Keys with Smart Phone App

    OT: What? As in no more manual? Did i miss this? Where?
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    FPV Drone Racing In A Warehouse

    I wouldn't say that. You just need to pile on the flight hours.
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    FPV Drone Racing In A Warehouse

    Manual. It's like the little bird in Battlefield, only faster.
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    There Are Now More Drones Registered Than Piloted Aircraft

    What do you think it means?
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    500mph Ping Pong Ball Cannon

    Mach 1.4
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    India Introduces Net Neutrality Rules Barring Facebook's Free Internet

    The facebook sponsored free internet we have here only means your facebook app and facebook chat will keep working, and even then, attachments like pictures and videos are not allowed, nor are we allowed to visit other sites, WE DON'T EVEN HAVE EMAIL!!! It is strictly facebook.
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    There Are Now More Drones Registered Than Piloted Aircraft

    Yeah, registering a plane is not the same a applying for pilots license to actually fly the thing. This is how it is over here. (FYI, we don't actually have a fancy UAV industry, by UAV, they're specifically referring to hobby drones, not...
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    I'm Too Out Of Shape For Virtual Reality

    Mechwarrior style. Never leave your chair. How much room Game knows where you and your hands are, and can set warning boundaries That carpet is their...
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    Police Training Eagles To Take Down Drones

    Yes. Have you seen an Eagle fly like this? And i don't think an eagle can take too many hits of this. It's a brushed quad running on a 2S battery, its motors are so weak it had to use gears to...
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    Snowboarding Using A Drone

    Yes there are gas powered multirotors. But they work a bit differently, electric motors can change RPM instantaneously so they can change lift by simply making itself spin faster or slower, internal combustion engines are too slow to react to throttle commands. So instead of four gas motors...
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    Snowboarding Using A Drone

    Main reason i moved to quads is the ease of use. Do you realize how much work goes into the maintenance of an RC helicopter? The hours you spend just hovering hunting down the vibrations so it flies smooth on the field? Checking the belts, gears, blades, slop in the linkages, periodically...
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    Star Wars: The Force Awakens VFX Breakdown

    One of the biggest shocks in the movie is how much abuse the millennium falcon was able to take. Are all of Star Wars ships built like that?! I thought the cockpit was the weakest part of the chip, but it got dragged through the ground and didn't even crack the glass.
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    Spider Man Drone Uses A Net To Catch Other Drones

    One of the demos showed the drone chasing and netting a running person.
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    Disney Made A Wall-Climbing Robot Atleast the disney one's bigger and doesn't need a seal around the base.
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    Destroying A Hard Drive Permanently

    Does that actually work? These things have crazy strong magnets right next to the platter, would a magnet on the outside matter?
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    How to Avoid Immediately Destroying Your New Drone

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    Real 272HP Hoverboard That Costs $20,000

    Looks like they didn't use counter rotating fans. All the videos show it spinning clockwise.
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    How Nutcrackers Are Made

    It didn't show how it cracks nuts. How long do these things last?
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    Man Hit By Car While Playing Fallout 4

    From my corner of the world. Driver claims he was pressing hard on the brakes and claims the car is defective (Note: No brake lights). Car company sued.
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    VR Godzilla Simulator

    Video's been blocked. Tho it would be interesting if you could zip around watching the fight scenes in Pacific Rim. Imagine watching one of them being punched through a building while you're standing on a nearby rooftop.
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    iPhone 6s Chipgate: TSMC vs. Samsung

    @evilsofa Benchmark and interaction
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    Teacher Arrested After Drone Crashed Into Stands At U.S. Open

    Drone tail gunner!
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    Teacher Arrested After Drone Crashed Into Stands At U.S. Open

    I'm more interested in the story because it's a drone incident that doesn't involve a Phantom :p Phantom crashes in highway Phantom crashes in times square Phantom crashes in highrise Phantom... Phantom... Phantom... ... ... ... Uno!
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    Manned Multi-Rotor Super Drone Flying Machine

    Any reason it couldn't go higher? Even the little quads we use go up atleast a kilometer (i.e. cloud surfing). Once you're no longer supported by ground effect, you can just keep going as long as there's air... and batteries... Or he wants them there so he doesn't end up in china if it does...
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    Curiosity Rover Snaps Selfies On Mars

    This made me look up the different mars rovers. Holy crap! Opportunity's still alive!
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    Just want to add Flying chew toy
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    This Laptop Has Bugs

    Noted. I'll try that next time ants get into my gadgets.
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    Using iPhones As Brake Pads

    Interesting. I thought ebrakes were cabled to the calipers. Didn't know the car also had drum brakes.
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    Eagle 1 - Drone 0

    Wait 'til you see one downed by the smaller predators. When i started flying helicopters, i thought i had something in my eye coz there were always dots behind my 450. Turns out it was being chased by insects. Persistent little buggers. Overall, these events aren't all that unusual...
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    Using iPhones As Brake Pads

    The iPhones may have been destroyed, but they're still there. I don't really know how ABS works, but i assume the makeshift brake pads are messing with it and keeping the brakes from fully deploying (full deploy = wheels lock if using any normal brake pad). Emergency brakes bypasses the ABS...
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    Don’t Fly Your Airbus Into A Hailstorm

    Saw this reference on a previous incident Say what??? Bad luck is one thing, intentionally flying a plane through that should count as homicidal.
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    Star Trek-Style Home Elevator Could Replace Stairlifts

    @MisterClean That's also how i understood it.
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    Star Trek-Style Home Elevator Could Replace Stairlifts

    In what way is this like startrek? I thought star trek elevators were still the traditional closet types and can move in any direction. When it said startrek i thought the house had rails zigzagging around the house that the elevator travels on. The guy that demonstrated put his foot...
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    Researchers Call For A Ban On Autonomous Weapons

    Does this mean they'll ban Tomahawk Missiles? They have onboard AI that finds a path to the target zone using cameras that scan the terrain, and then when it decides that it's found the target, divebombs into it and detonates itself.