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    Titanfall 2 Free Weekend

    Titantall 2's Free weekend is now Live. This game harkins back to the fun I had with Quake 3 and even early Counter-Strike back in the day. This game deserves your attention, and you should try this out. Excellent PC version, smooth as butter with lots of options.
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    TMNT: Mutants in Manhattan (Platinum Games) Trailer, 4 Player Online Co-Op Trailer is amazing and this actually looks rad. Totally nailed that late 80s, early 90s art and style.
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    World of Warships Enters Open Beta! I've been playing the Closed Beta for awhile now and its legit fun.
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    Halo MCC : Official Trailer I don't currently own a Xbone, but this is an incredible value in one case and the recent price drop on the console is pulling me in.
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    Old Computer Parts to ZFS NAS?

    I currently do not own a home NAS solution. I use a combination of what free cloud storage I have between Google/OneDrive and a local cheap solution of using Microsoft SyncToy to replicate data to a USB drive. Not ideal. In fact, every time I've thought about building a home NAS solution I...
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    My E3 2014 Experience (video)

    Here is a quick montage of my E3 show floor experience this year. I usually go with a few people but this year they couldn't make it. So I grabbed my new gopro and thought I'd have some fun.
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    Monitor often times will not wake up, but KB/Mouse PC seem alive

    Windows 8.1 Sapphire R9 280X stock currently About 1 in 5 times I sit down at my PC, my monitor will not turn back on when I jiggle the mouse or press keys on the keyboard. I have to hard power off the machine by holding the power button, then bring it back online. No other way to recover. I...
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    Major Nelson interviews Phil Specer (new head of Xbox)

    Surprising interview, Phil was born to lead Xbox. MS made the right choice by putting him in charge, it sounds like they're steering the ship in entire different direction already.
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    (Announced) Universal Windows App Across All Windows/Xbox Devices Microsoft announced at the Build conference that with a simple re-compile of your application it will run across Windows, Windows Phone and Xbox devices. Universal apps, in that buy it on one platform and use it anywhere.
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    Good "affordable" USB Headset?

    My wife has started gaming on her laptop.. also that mean pigs have started to fly. Unfortunately her laptop does not have a MIC in port. She is currently using a mono ear plantronics headset with a mic to game and chat on mumble. I am looking to upgrade her audio to a standard 2 ear headset...
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    Mantle is REALLY here now! (Driver out) Get to it [H]
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    Introducing EVOLVE : Next Gen (PC/XB1/PS4) Game by Turtle Rock (L4D) & 2K Games What is it?
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    Aliens : Colonial Marines $1.99 on Amazon Perhaps finally a price worth biting on if you're an Aliens fan. Game is pretty rank, but for $2 I figured it was worth posting here if you're looking for some cheap fun in the universe.
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    Sapphire R9 280X Vapor-X very loud

    Under full load this thing is like a jet engine... waaay louder than my old 5850 with a single small fan. Outside of changing the cooler (which I'm not going to do) and say manually controlling or locking the fan speed... is there anything I can do?
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    The Banner Saga : Chapter 1 (ex BioWare devs)

    Official Trailer Website What is Banner Saga? I think this looks awesome. Apparently there is a free MP arena out on Steam now, but this SP campaign is in the works. Anyone else interested?
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    Target B2G1 Free Starts Today (PS4 included)

    Starts today! I'm not getting a PS4, but I am getting a Wii U for Christmas so I went down and picked up Pikmin 3, Sonic Lost World and Rayman Legends .. only paid for 2 :) I believe this sale applies to all consoles, PS3, 360 etc.. There are no XB1 games to buy so thats not really part of...
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    Reviewers Reporting Frame Rate Problems With 'CoD: Ghosts' On PS4 So there has been a bit of controversy lately about the PS4 version of COD Ghosts running at native 1080p while the XB1 runs at 720p upscaled to 1080p. Lots of finger pointing and laughing, but now this?
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    Trouble Overclocking XFX Double D 7950

    I seem to be running into all sorts of issues trying to overclock this card. I believe its possible that it may be voltage locked, no confirmation. However, I am able to get some stable OC @ ~1020/1400 but when I run any bechmark I get much worst performance than I do w/o the OC. To me this...
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    [VIDEO] New Titanfall gameplay (PC/XB1/360) I said Wow
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    Microsoft's officially pulls DRM on XB1 & Region free!
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    Broken Age Teaser Trailer (Double Fine) - Adventure Game

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    New thermal compound on aging 5850? (higher temps)

    Looking for some general input from the community. Here are some things to keep in mind as to why I am looking to do this. Hardware : Diamond 5850 Idle temp : 58c Load temp : 86-90c Load temp w/900/1200 OC : 90-92c note : Games running good, but due to higher temps my stock GPU fan is...
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    Dust : An Elysian Tail

    Official Trailer Platform : XBLA Genre : Metroidvania Developer : Humble Hearts Publisher : Microsoft Game Studios Cost : 1200 MS Points Release Date : 8/15/12 Game comes out next wednesday, looks hot...
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    Screen Orientation option missing? (Windows 7)

    I have a 3 monitor setup and I am trying to change the orientation from landscape to portrait. However when I go into screen resolution options in Windows, the Orientation drop down option is completely missing. I recall this worked like 6 months ago, the only difference being I had 2...
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    Announced : Mechwarrior Online & Shadowrun Online

    Mechwarrior Online Developer : Piranha Games Release : Summer 2012 Platform(s) : PC Price : Free to Play GAMEPLAY Standard "sitting in your mech" FPS gameplay Supported Modes (More to come, surely): Conquest Versus Supports the creation of Mercenary Units...
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    Force 1920x1080 on 16:10?

    Setup is 1 BenQ V2400W (16:10), and 2 Dell 22" (16:9). I have all the parts for Eyefinity but the scale is not the same on the monitors. I know the BenQ can do 1:1 mapping but I was curious if its possible to force it to do so, and then be able to get 1920x1080 on the display? If so, I could...
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    Official : Aliens Colonial Marines to launch Spring 2012 Video Teaser Downloadable Teaser with added (what looks like) gameplay appended...
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    New Space Marine Dev Diary w/Gameplay Footage One of the few titles I am buying day 1. Game should support 4 player co op (but that hasn't been confirmed yet) and it has large loot tables a la Diablo, but perhaps more like DOW2. Game looks rock solid. PC, Xbox 360, PS3
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    Alan Wake $1.74 (Full game code, Amazon) Its legit, but you have to pay shipping. I paid $40 for the game shortly after launch and its still one of the more memorable games this gen. Not perfect but its beyond a steal at...
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    Clint Mansell composing Mass Effect 3!!

    :eek: I ... I ... I ... *passes out* This guy is my favorite composer, he did the famous Requiem for a Dream score, and most recently Black Swan and Moon. Man, this game just got even better :) Who is Clint and what song might you know...
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    Steam Beta client update : Universal in-game screenshots, Better voice quality.

    You can see how it looks on profiles, here is mine. On the right you can click on screenshots (keep in mind these are ones I chose to publish). Once after selecting a screenshot there is an option on the right to View Full Size ;) Also, the universal key...
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    Adding 2 more 24"?

    I've been gaming on a single 24" for the past 2 years, love it. However I'm starting to wonder if I should start looking into multi monitor gaming. In the past, I always had 2 monitors (CRT days) for video editing and I never did that after getting my currently 24". The 2 additional would be...
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    Kinect and FPS (video)

    While this is still very concept type stuff, I think we're starting to see that with a little ingenuity and team of 1 or 2 guys can create some pretty impressive stuff. I think many people believe (or want to believe) that Kinect will be limited to simple hand gesture party games. This video...
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    New Dead Space 2 Trailer \m/
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    50+ minutes of gameplay : Guild Wars 2 !!
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    Micrsoft CES Keynote : Kinect sells 8 million (in 60 days), 50+ million 360s sold

    50+ Million Xbox 360s sold 30+ Million Live subscriptions 8 Million Kinects sold
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    Sony : Playstation Network is not profitable. Yikes. I'm going to assume this includes PSN+ and Home since the article does not separate any portions of PSN out. Sony has some serious re-evaluating to do regarding PSN and its future.
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    Forza 4 Announced (trailer) Lookin good, I saw dirt, snow, rain day and night and what appeared to be several references to Top Gear :) Turn 10 are monsters and if anything unbelievably efficient at content creation and development cycle management.
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    Games for Windows Marketplace : Deals Thread

    It seems MS is continuing these sales, so instead of making a new thread everyday we can just put them all in one place, easier to track. Todays deal 12/06 : Max Payne 2 for $0.99
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    Blacklight : Tango Down $0.99 on GFW Marketplace today Another awesome deal.