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  1. Ocellaris

    [Rumour] Intel to cut back on Arc discrete GPU

    Intel has made a lot of mistakes and not learned from them. If they are one and done in Arc, they weren’t really committed to it in the first place.
  2. Ocellaris

    Ars got ahold of the OnePlus 10t

    Don’t count on OnePlus to fix anything in a timely manner. They are slowly turning into a low tier phone maker:
  3. Ocellaris

    Microsoft has no plans to change Taskbar customization

    “We have received a lot of feedback and chosen to only listen to the feedback which matches our existing plans.”
  4. Ocellaris

    Battlefield 2042

    I’m dreaming of a game like Warhawk on the PS3 with modern conveniences and budget. That game was really fun (to me) and very easy play casually or for hours at a time with a small group. BF2143 could be amazing though, this franchise always pulls at my hope strings 🤓
  5. Ocellaris

    Gran Turismo 7

    For Sport, you could just buy whatever cars you wanted for $1 to $5 max: In 7, $10 gets you 1 million credit, and some cars cost millions of credits. It would take multiple long play sessions to grind out the credits for the most...
  6. Ocellaris

    Gran Turismo 7

    I I believe it’s because cars in previous GT games were MUCH cheaper.
  7. Ocellaris

    Horizon Zero Dawn

    The game has a decent plot reveal as it goes through the story, but this is probably a fine one for you to miss.
  8. Ocellaris

    Battlefield 2042

    They will do anything to not acknowledge they released a bad quality game missing key features. EA is talking to the end users like they are attempting to cover their asses to their management. BF2042 doesnt have enough players to warrant additional major development. They are going to...
  9. Ocellaris

    Sony buying Bungie!!!!

    Destiny 2 has fairly high and stable player counts on XBox, PC, and PS. Worth 3.6 billion to me? Naw, however it’s been one of the most played games for a coupe years. Recent D2 content has been fairly consistent compared to many other live services.
  10. Ocellaris

    Microsoft to buy Activision Blizzard

    I don’t know how huge deals like this work, but I never would have thought Activision was worth 10x Bethesda in a buyout.
  11. Ocellaris

    Official PS5 Thread

    These were in stock at for about two minutes today. Stock must be catching up if they lasted that long :eek:
  12. Ocellaris

    Official PS5 Thread

    i stood in line for 4 hours at a GameStop… :( Though recently I’ve known people who had luck following Mark Swider’s Twitter and also the NowInStock PS5 Telegram channel. Gotta Just follow a few sources and be ready to act when things pop up. Locally I’ve seen Series X in multiple stores...
  13. Ocellaris

    Apple will remotely install software to scan all US phones for child sex abuse images

    Meanswhile, So not only does someone have to get your phone, they need to bypass security on it, then download illegal images which ALSO exist in the database of bad photos, but haven’t been scrubbed off the internet. Seems remarkably unlikely. And even then, most copies of the photos...
  14. Ocellaris

    Official PS5 Thread

    I just got the beta invite as well. My WD SN850 won’t be here until next Tuesday though, boo.
  15. Ocellaris

    Can a graphics card run on different vram-chips

    What kind of card is it, was the card sold as working, and why do you think the RAM chip have changed? I have strong doubts someone “replaced” the RAM chips and then did anything except sell the card as scrap.
  16. Ocellaris

    Official PS5 Thread

    What part of this is horse poop? We knew it was only ever going to work with fast Gen 4 drives.
  17. Ocellaris

    New World Amazon's MMO

    Since this only appears to be affecting EVGA FTW3 3090 cards (and nothing else), certainly seems like a poorly made set of cards from EVGA.
  18. Ocellaris

    Thermal paste on Ryzen CPU pins

    Use a very soft toothbrush and very gently brush it over the pins. Add a few drops of iso alcohol or a cleaner meant for CPUs and it should come off with some patience.
  19. Ocellaris

    I know a lot of people got a Synology DS-920+ from Amazon my question is what drives did you get for it?

    I had ordered a Synology 1621+ for $680 a couple weeks ago. Sent that back for the much cheaper 920+ on Prime Day. For drives I ordered 4x 6TB Red Plus drives for $130 each. Wanted 2x 10TB helium drives, but couldn’t get those for close to $20/TB.
  20. Ocellaris

    Cyberpunk 2077: Night City Wire premieres June 25

    At this point they seem to have dug their grave towards trying to make the game function better on base PS4 and Xbox console. As they try to make the game run reasonably, they are just taking stuff away from those platforms so there is less game logic and screen rendering to do. Maybe for...
  21. Ocellaris

    GPUs available and shipped from Amazon Japan

    It’s the opposite. They don’t want cards used for mining dumped back into the secondary market when crypto crashes. Nvidia wants to sell GPU dies, that’s what they do. Affordable and accessible old GPUs hurt new GPU sales. So Nvidia pushes to make mining cards with no video output and...
  22. Ocellaris

    Amazon sharing your internet without consent

    Here is where I get suspicious… Ok this sounds great, let’s see if it works… * I have three Echo 4th GEN devices + my primary WiFi SSID and password saved to Amazon * I also have “Simplify Setup” enabled, so Amazon should be helping my devices get connected. Now I’m fine with giving up my...
  23. Ocellaris

    EVGA is giving 24 hour priority queue access to Elite members

    I’m glad EVGA could figure out I qualify for Elite. I always remove the cards from my account when I resell them, so I had zero cards actually on my EVGA account. Looking forward to queuing up for a 3070 Ti queue and then not thinking about this again.
  24. Ocellaris

    Epic Games Sues Apple

    how is there no choice when android exists?
  25. Ocellaris

    NZXT H1 case recalled due to fire hazard

    I can see this maybe if the worse replacement cable was faulty…. Though Gamer’s Nexus couldn’t find anything wrong with the repaired NZXT cables. Yet they still made long video complaining the whole time 🥺
  26. Ocellaris

    Returnal (PS5)

    For $70 they should have included difficulty adjustments, especially since multiple reviews have noted the game crashes. I know it’s not part of their vision and all of that, but there is no way I’m dropping $70 on a randomized game I’m likely to get stuck in, or have crash in me :(
  27. Ocellaris

    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    I read this thread and now my cat won’t eat bananas.
  28. Ocellaris

    Dyson vaccum with laser technology

    You can always find better ways of sucking things off carpet. For me, getting a light battery powered vacuum was a huge benefit compared to a corded vacuum. Presuming it works, I’ll pickup one of those tangle free Dyson vacuums in a few years when the tech trickles down to cheaper models...
  29. Ocellaris

    Be careful with AMD direct guys and gals

    CPU almost certainly isn’t broken. OP just mad he has a damaged paper box and AMD customer service is slow.
  30. Ocellaris

    Be careful with AMD direct guys and gals

    Post pics.
  31. Ocellaris

    Be careful with AMD direct guys and gals

    Is the CPU actually damaged or are you trying to do a return for a smooshed retail box you wanted to put on your shelf?
  32. Ocellaris

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I want that white Strix 3070 in today’s Shuffle. I’m trying to play mind games with Newegg’s servers by only selecting one thing a day.
  33. Ocellaris

    Is there a good strategy to getting a 6700xt?

    they had a huge reply window on this drop: “We will email the results from 03/18/2021 02:00 PM to 10:00 PM PT (05:00 PM to 03/19/2021 01:00 AM ET).”
  34. Ocellaris

    Star Citizen - media blowout, Chris Robert's new game

    If they release anything, it could “officially” be bad and people would stop sending them as much money.
  35. Ocellaris

    AMD Misses Big CHANCE

    You gotta dress for the job you want :)
  36. Ocellaris

    First 5G powered internet of things tattoo

    They just left the door open for the first WiFi 6 tattoo :eek:
  37. Ocellaris

    First 5G powered internet of things tattoo

    This could have been done using two cups and string:
  38. Ocellaris

    (UPDATED) Microsoft walks back decision to double price of Xbox Live Gold subscriptions

    New hardware and engines just mean different compromises. It’s always going to be much easier for developers to make games that look and run just a bit worse than they “should.”
  39. Ocellaris

    [H] Stock Alerts, Tips & Tears for Nvidia, AMD, Intel, PS5, XBOX

    I've been liking the Newegg Shuffle. It removes the effort in trying to quickly respond to stock alerts, and eventually I might actually get picked.
  40. Ocellaris

    Strange case of EVGA support. (By the way, is there an EVGA rep here that I can talk to?)

    Here is the OP’s issue. PC fans generally just can’t spin at “5-10 times” their rated speed. Fans will hit their max RPM at either full voltage or full PWM signal, there is no magic way for the fans to spin 5x their max without something else going horrendously wrong. So the EVGA rep wants a...