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    AMD X670E Mobo Details. ASUS, MSI, Gigabyte, Asrock and Biostar

    AMD X670E Mobo info
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    MSI MEG 342C QD-OLED 3440x1440 Curved

    Alienware Competitor. Freesync/Gsync
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    Remedy Max Payne 1 & 2 Remake for PC and Xbox series and PS5
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    Official Ryzen 5000 support for X370, B350 and A320 It's about time. Thanks Intel. I'll be picking up a 5700x to put in my Asus prime x370.
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    Super Mega Baseball 3

    Over multiple seasons your players can develop, age, and even retire in the new Franchise Mode. <iframe width="602" height="364" src="" frameborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; encrypted-media; gyroscope...
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    Asus X370 Sleep Issues

    Got a ASUS 370 pro prime in last month to run a 3600. And i've got the system working fine for the last almost 2 weeks. I put it in sleep mode . It goes to sleep. I push the powerbutton all the lights come on the gpu comes on. But nothing on the screen have to hit the reset button for it to...
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    Logitech G305 Wireless gaming mouse
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    Microsoft Considering Buying EA or Valve And PUBG? Did Y'all hear about this? what do you think about this possibility?
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    Asus 3D monitor & Radeon 7870XT For Sale

    I have a Asus VG236 For Sale Asking $240 Shipped. 1080P 120Hz hdmi dvi(dual link) Nvidia 3d vision capable. And also A Radeon 7870XT 2GB (tahiti LE) is the same thing as a 7950 minus a gb. always run at 1175-1200 which makes it pretty fast. Asking $110 Shipped...
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    Supposed Picture of 390X watercooled Ed.
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    Arkham Knight Ultra System Requirments Guess it's time to upgrade my 2gb card.:o
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    32 Zen Core Opty Details (rumor) Sounds good just give me my 16 core desktop chip.:cool:
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    16 Core Zen APU Details Sounds Pretty good no? take it with a grain of salt of course but yeah i could see this coming out next summer:cool:
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    Call Of Duty Black Ops 3 confirmed Soo...Half Life 3 Confirmed? :D
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    WD 750 Elements $39 free shipping

    WD elements drive 750 gb $39 free shipping. will make a good xbone ext drive.(what i ordered it for) add to cart to get $39 price.
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    WTB Nba live 15

    Hello,i want to buy nba live 15 digital download for xbox one.
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    Xbone Codes

    Hi all. I'm Looking to buy a need for speed rivals xbox one download code.thanks:o If no rivals code i might also be interested in forza horizon 2.
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    A Direct2Drive Resurrection

    Received this email today Dear Patrick, Thank you for being a customer of GameFly. We hope you have enjoyed our digital download service. If you have visited our digital site, you should be aware that we have sold the digital download business to AtGames which is set to re-launch...
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    Crytek's Ryse Son of Rome coming to pc
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    PC Just fades out? problem is that after leaving my pc sitting for a while 30min-1hr it'll just drop out.:eek: like about 12:30AM i left it up and running chrome was downloading a couple files had about 30 min left so i turned off the monitor and layed down.then about 40min or so later i got up to put...
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    Beyond Two Souls Gamestop Demo(Early Access)

    Does anybody have a gamestop facebook code they'd like to give away for the Early access to beyond demo? would be greatly me:)
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    Steamroller on time after all?

    Well how about that.may have to think about changing out my sandy setup sooner than i thought.:D
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    Too much smoke

    Sounds like Halo 3 may come to pc at some point:eek: :D