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    I took a picture 2020

    Submit your 2020 Photos
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    970 or 980?

    My current system is 2600k with 16gig ram. I'm running a gtx 680. My question is, should I upgrade to a GTX 970 or GTX 980? My mother board is the p8p67 asus
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    Cut and Paste but not Drag and Drop

    So, why would I be able to cut and paste into a share folder, but not cut and paste? I've checked my permissions but I seem to be missing smoehting.
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    Question for you all

    You are familiar with both its simplicity (it has only read, write, and execute permissions for the user, group and others) and its limitations (it has only read, write, and execute permissions for the user, group and others). Microsoft, on the other hand, provides more granular control over its...
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    Windows Folders

    Is there any way to check which users have specific folders open? I'm in a AD environment.
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    Extend Monitors

    Hi all, I'm probably missing something here, but when I try to "extend display" to my second monitor, my wallpaper just is copied over and isn't "extended" to the other display. How do I fix this?
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    Record mixes

    hi there, I'd like to record mixes I do on my computer, but my mixer doesn't have a record feature, would you all be able to recommend me an audio recorder that I could use to record my mixes? Thanks
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    Camera Removal from M18x

    So, has anyone removed the camera from the Alienware M18x?
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    Dell Force10 S4810

    Can anyone give me a little guidance on these switches? I've never put my hands on a dell switch and these were quoted for our cloud environment that I'll be starting up soon. Thanks in Advance.
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    Got into the stress test this weekend... did anyone else? Also, if you're interested I'll be streaming tonght
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    [H] 2012 Print Exchange

    So, last year was fun. So I'm going to start this again this year. 8x10 print of your choice to your Secret Santa. PM me your e-mail, address, name and I'll put it into the google docs like last year. Signup loses 12/20/2012
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    GW2 [H] guild?

    Have we all formed a guild on GW2 yet?
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    Outlook and Authentication

    So, my DHCP server now serves out the default GW just fine. My problem is when a user initially sets up outlook... the final "log onto server" I click finish and then a log on screen pops up. Is there anyway to auto authenticate so that users don't have to type in any of this information?
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    Recommend me a video Card

    Right now I'm running 2600K stock with 8 gigs of ram. I'm using 460GTX SLI, i feel as though I could get more out of my system... any recommendations? 400.00 budget.
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    CS 1.6 Servers

    I wish I could find a decent server to play on and I don't get redirected to some stupid .RO server where all the pings read 12.... /sigh Anyone have one east coast to play on?
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    low traffic

    So, maybe I need to customize my SEO... but I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. I get 0 inquires... zero... nothing. Granted, all of the weddings I've shot this year were referals... I get hardly any traffic. What are the search strings couples use? What can I do to my site/blog to help...
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    Just stumbled across this site...

    Photoshop Troll You're welcome.
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    photography blog

    Hey all. I started a blog back in the day with my website... and well... I started blogging more and more... even though it's hard for me to keep up. Take a peek and let me know what you think, can change, stuffs like that. blog
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    Shutting down cores

    Is there any way to shut down cores no a GPU when I don't need the cores to be in use? I'm looking to reduce heat and power consumption.
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    WTB 2600K

    Looking to get my hands on a 2600K
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    Arrived P8P67

    Upgrading from Q9450 to 2600K :D Anyway, I have a SSD for my OS and some applications. No need to reformat?
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    Ok... so it was just let known to me that I have to have 1 cert from a long list (i.e., Oracle, Apple, NetApp, Comptia - Linux +, HP - CSE... ) list goes on. Also on the list there's the MCSE 2003 (L) and the MCTIP. Which of these two are faster to obtain?
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    Thread Icons

    Would it be possible to change a thread Icon to show if a picture has been posted?
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    My new rig

    Cause why the hell not? Thoughts.... 2x Xeon 5600 1x I already have the other components. I'm going to be streaming Video while gaming as well as data crunching.
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    Cisco 3725 ICMP

    Wow, been out of the game for two years and I've forgotten it all! Anyway, I have: fa 0/0 /24 fa 2/0 /30 I have a laptop on my fa0/0 interface with /24 and I want to be able to ping interface on the router. Let's say I can't copy and...
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    Exchange Noob

    So, I set up Exchange on my domain and I'm having an issue where users log into their profiles, all the information is set up for them when they open out look as far as user account information, after initial set up it asks for a username and password (i.e. domain\username then password) Is...
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    So, I have a glass top desk and wires in the back are such an ugly sight!!!! I'm looking for a tray type solution that I can hook onto the back, run the wires through that to the side, then drop the wires down the leg of the desk to hide the wires, I can't seem to find anything on dasgoogle.
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    Debian + Apache + DNS

    Hi all. I'm trying to wrap my head around this one and I just can't seem to get pointed in the right direction. So, I have a VM with my website on it. It's backend is Debian using apache. I can get to the website using the IP address (it's all internal) but I can't get to it using DNS...
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    I'm trying to figure out a way how to be able to paste Code to show up like this in a Joomla Article Does anyone know of a way to do this?
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    AKG Open-Back Studio Headphones - K601 Recommend? I want to buy new headphones for my gaming/listening pleasure... anyone own a pair of these canz?
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    Photo editing monitor

    Hey all... I'm not sure where to start. So, I guess I can give you some guidlines. I need a 24" ~200.00-400.00 photo editing monitor. do you need more info?
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    Dropping movies to iPad 2

    So, I've tried to find a simple way to convert my kids DVDs onto my iPad, but the process seems to take all day. What is the best way to get this accomplished?
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    A Picture I took - 2012

    Let's get the ball rolling!!!! 50:365:2011 by Chris Perscky, on Flickr
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    HD 6950 3x1 problem

    Ok, so I have one one of these in my box and I can't seem to set up my three display when creating my profile... all that comes up is 2x1. I have 1x Active display port, 1x DVI, and 1x HDMI... latest drivers and emptying patience. Do all the monitors have to be the same size/resolution...
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    Risk Management and Safety Documents

    I'm trying to peice together a (see above title) for our lab. can you guys point me in the right direction? Something along the lines of design, development, test, integration, and fielding. Any procedure you follow to ensure safety throughout.
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    Print Exchange

    So, since we all take the best photos in the world, I was wondering if you all would like to do a print exchange... we can do this after the holidays since we're already way deep into it. Let me know what you think
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    So, I'm trying to take the plugs out using paperclips, what a PITA! I can't even get one out. what's the secret?
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    Main Partition Drive letter change

    Someone installed the OS on the D drive and I need to change this to the C drive. Can this be done without corrupting everything?
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    Some of your favorites.

    So, I was going through my flickr stream and I'm like.. wow.. I really like these... which are some of your favs? spin by Chris Perscky, on Flickr Sheena and Brian Family by Chris Perscky, on Flickr Garden State Philharmonic - The Strand Theater by Chris Perscky, on Flickr...
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    New mobo and processor

    I want to spend ~$500.00 on a new mobo and CPU. must support SSD Caching. GO. I have access to memory so let me know what the best picks are.