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    FS: Eluktronics (tongfeng chassis) Mech15 G2Rx (9750h, 2070MQ) laptop (SoCal only)

    Selling my Mech15 G2Rx laptop. Just upgraded to a 3070 laptop, looking to move this. Bought last feb/mar new as a barebones off the Eluktronics Newegg store. Upgraded the battery to the 4 cell from the 3 cell, will include the 3 cell battery. Specs: i7 9750h 2070MaxQ with Eluktroboost...
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    FS: MSI GS63VR Laptop, 6700HQ, 1060 6GB, 32GB RAM $600

    Forgot to delete this. All gone.
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    All sold, thanks all.
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    FS, NIB Crucial 525GB SSD -sold

    Crucial ct525mx300ssd1, NIB 2 remain. 115 each shipped. PayPal accepted.
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    FS, NIB Crucial 525GB SSD x3

    ct525mx300ssd1 NIB, $125 each or $120 each if you take all 3. Cost is shipped to lower 48. Paypal Accepted.
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    Sold thx all
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    FS, NIB Crucial 525GB SSD x3

    CT525MX300SSD1 Have more drives for sale. $115 each or all for $110. Shipping is included to lower 48. PayPal accepted.
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    FS, NIB Crucial 525GB SSD x3

    3 Crucial ct525mx300ssd1 drives for sale. NIB, I can cover any RMAs if needed. $120 ea shipped, or all three for $340 shipped to lower 48.
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    Sold thx all
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    I have 4 Crucial ct525mx300ssd1 525GB SSD, NIB. $120 each or all for $460. PayPal accepted, ships USPS Priority day after payment received. I cover shipping.
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    FS: Noctua HSF

    Parting out my system, no time to game much anymore, and laptop will do for 99% of it. Some stuff has orig boxes, some doesnt. My asking price doesnt reflect boxes or not. Noctua NF-A15 plus original fans original box included: $50 I have a 1200W Corsair PSU and Coolermaster HAF XB Case, but...
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    FS: PNY 980ti ref model

    PNY 980ti Perfect condition, I don't oc my vid cards so it is as it was bought. Super clean. $325 shipped to lower 48. Heat schizrade, PayPal only.
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    FS Surface pro 3, i5, 4gb, 128gb ssd

    FS Surface pro 3, i5, 4gb, 128gb ssd New in box, opened to test function. Perfect condition includes pen and power. Received in a trade. Looking for quick sale. $425 shipped lower 48 fed ex ground. Ship 24 hours after PayPal funds are received. Heat schizrade.
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    FS: 6 Crucial MX200 SSD, 500GB NIB

    FS, 6 Crucial MX200 500GB SSD new in box. I have 6. Model CT500MX200SSD1. $130 /ea. obo $600 for all 6. obo Paypal Heat schizrade I pay shipping to lower 48. Ship Fedex Ground.
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    FS: 6 Crucial MX300 SSD, 525GB NIB

    I have 6 Crucial MX300 SSD, 525GB drives for sale. Exact model #: CT525MX300SSD1 Sold.
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    All sold, thanks all. Got a pair of SP3s in a trade, want to sell them and finish my build. i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, comes with AC and Pen, type keyboard, excellent condition. $425 shipped lower 48, Paypal.
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    FS: GTX 980Ti

    PNY 980Ti reference cooler. Original boxes etc included. Card works flawless. I am first owner, looking to offload fast as I have a new 1080 incoming. $350 shipped fedex ground insured to lower 48. Heat is schizrade.
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    SOLD Surface Pro 3, i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD... 2 for sale

    SOLD SP3, i5, 4GB RAM, 128GB SSD, Pen, AC adapter, Type Keyboard. Both units are in good shape, no major scuffs no screen scratches. Batteries are good. I do not have original boxes. Pics later tonight. $500 each obo, shipped FedEx Ground insured lower 48. Heat is same name as here.
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    SOLD Oculus Rift DK2

    Sold Rift DK2, both sets of lenses in great condition, all parts, original box. Had some fun with it, looking to unload it. $275, buyer pays shipping. Offers for trade also welcome. Heat and ebay same name as here. Paypal only.
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    FS: Asus DCUII OC 2GB 770, 500GB Crucial SSD's

    Card sold. All gone
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    FS: 500GB Crucial SSD's

    Selling my ASUS DCUII OC 770 2GB card. Great condition, has backplate. $160 shipped lower 48. _____________________________________________________________________ I have 4 unopened Crucial CT500MX200 drives. Bought for a project that didnt happen, don't want to pay restock fees...
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    FS: EVGA Titan Black SC

    Sold... Sorry for early bumping my thread mods. My bad.
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    FS: Black TMob Nexus 5, new refurb device

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    FS: Surface Pro 3

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    FS Xeon E3-1270v2

    Selling my old cpu, went 1150. Crazy fast processor. Will also toss in precision 1650 motherboard with it. SOLD thanks all.
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    The air gap means nothing, Keylogging with CPU electromagnetism

    Pretty much screwed now.
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    FS: Surface Pro 3

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    FS: EVGA 780ti ACX

    EVGA 780ti ACX Comes with all accessories, box etc. Only used for 3 months. $350 paypal shipped to lower 48. SOLD!
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    FS: Xeon L5639 And Sabertooth Board, R9 280X

    Selling some stuff off that I barely use. Make some room etc. Xeon L5639 CPU and Sabertooth motherboard (no I/O plate), 12GB RAM, no boxes. Will include Prolimatech Meghalem HS. SOLD.... Back to the guy I bought it from. Lmao Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280X GPU w/ backplate (2 fan model) 1 of the...
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    FS: Sapphire Vapor-X R9 280x

    SOLD Has box accessories etc, this model has backplate and dual 8 pin power, also includes 2 8pin power adapters. $150 + $10 shipped in lower 48. Heat: schizrade eBay: schizrade Paypal only. Pay fast, I ship fast. ;)
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    New [H] storage pic

    Just got some PS6500's in, having some fun with the drives. All loaded up.
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    FS: GCW-Zero open source handheld console

    GCW-Zero with all accessories and box included. Perfect condition. Edit, also includes a 32GB SD card. Handheld open source gaming. Indie games, Dos box games, Emulators etc. $125 shipped.
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    FS XFX r9 290

    Selling my Asus r9 290 direct CU II OC Was running in a secondary rig, but was way overkill. Not a mining card, gaming only and home theater use only. Has box etc. $350 shipped, PayPal only. Heat and ebay: schizrade Edit, its an Asus.