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  1. Terry Olaes

    EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti $689.99 at Amazon w/Prime

    Amazon currently has the EVGA Hybrid 980 Ti 6GB video card plus closed-loop water-cooler for $689.99 and eligible for Prime. P/N is 06G-P4-1996-KR. Jet has the same price but it's Jet. Pretty good deal IMO. EVGA GeForce GTX 980 Ti 6GB HYBRID GAMING, "All in One" No Hassle Water...
  2. Terry Olaes

    CLOSED: X79 motherboard

    Looking for an X79 motherboard, either ATX or mATX. I have an Ivy Bridge E CPU that I want to use in a build for my kids but my old DX79SI gave up the ghost. Thanks!
  3. Terry Olaes

    NASA TV to Show SpaceX Resupply Mission to ISS June 28

    Set your calendar if you like to watch rockets blast off. On 6/28 beginning at 0900 Eastern Time, NASA TV is starting coverage of a resupply mission to the International Space Station.
  4. Terry Olaes

    Automated Vehicles Will Watch the Road and You

    We're approaching an interesting crossroads in self-driving car development, where the question shifts from "Can we?" to "Should we?" This article takes a look at some of those challenges and how driver monitoring technology will influence the discussion.
  5. Terry Olaes

    ESA Philae Comet Lander Back in Contact with Earth

    Remember the European Space Agency’s Philae comet lander that went dark last year? Well, it’s baaaaaack and talking to Earth again. If only my phone was smart enough to renegotiate its connection when it gets stuck on 3G and LTE becomes available.
  6. Terry Olaes

    Data Mining Steam Reveals Useful Trends for Game Developers

    If you're curious about how PC gaming is doing on Valve's Steam platform, give this article a read. It summarizes the data seen by the Steam Spy tool, which is based on techniques developed by Ars Technica's Steam Gauge project.
  7. Terry Olaes

    Kitchen Tech that Might Make Cooking a Little Easier

    Engadget has a gallery up that shows some of their favorite kitchen tech, released or not. I know there are quite a few culinary technologists out there so feel free to share your favorites in the comments, won't cha?
  8. Terry Olaes

    US Navy Testing Upgraded 'Fire Scout' Drone

    We previously told you about the Navy's use of the Fire Scout drones in pirate busting activities. There's a new drone on the block and it's a larger, upgraded version with the same name. Testing is in progress with rollout to Littoral Combat Ship fleet in 2018.
  9. Terry Olaes

    Last Minute Father's Day Gift Guide

    Father's Day is Sunday, June 21st. Today is Saturday, June 20th. If that just reminded you that you forgot to get pops something again, fret not and take a look at this last minute gift guide if your dad's a geek too.
  10. Terry Olaes

    Sony VR Tech Demo Hints at Certain Market Possibilities

    Sony's Project Morpheus is giving Facebook's Oculus Rift a run for its money in the VR market. This article takes a look at one of Sony's VR demos and the commentary is pretty interesting. Summer Lesson is a demo that allows you to interact with a girl, ostensibly to teach her Japanese. Yes, it...
  11. Terry Olaes

    Google Warned to Expect Large Fine from EU

    In a follow up to yesterday's news about Google's antitrust woes with the EU, Google was warned by an EU regulator that the European Commission "intends to set the fine at a level which will be sufficient to ensure deterrence." Microsoft has paid over US$2Billion in several antitrust-related...
  12. Terry Olaes

    Study Finds that 1/3 of Data Center Servers are Comatose

    A study conducted by Stanford found that 30% of physical servers in data centers are comatose, meaning that they are using energy but not delivering any useful information. This number is the same as a previous study conducted in 2008. I know many of our readers work in or around data centers...
  13. Terry Olaes

    Amazing Pics of Abandoned Russian Spacecraft Factory

    This Russian blogger took a pretty sweet series of pictures of an abandoned spacecraft factory in Russia: Baikonur Cosmodrome. The original site is in Cyrillic but Chrome's autotranslate function worked well enough for me to understand what I was looking at. (Click link to see pics)
  14. Terry Olaes

    AMD Considering Breakup, Spinoff

    Reuters is reporting that AMD is looking into either splitting into two companies or spinning off a business to better take on Intel. The Sunnyvale-based chipmaker has engaged a consulting firm to help review options and scenarios. Thoughts?
  15. Terry Olaes

    WikiLeaks Releases Info Dumps for Sony, Saudi Foreign Ministry

    More documents stolen in last year's Sony hackathon were recently released at WikiLeaks. This cache has over 276K documents compared to the 30K email that were released this past spring. Another data dump containing a large number of docs purportedly from the Saudi Arabian government was also...
  16. Terry Olaes

    Are Iconic SciFi Space Habitats Actually Possible?

    Gizmodo asked MIT research fellow/doctoral candidate Sydney Do if space habitats featured in popular sci-fi shows are scientifically possible. Tl;dr - that's no moon, it's a space station.
  17. Terry Olaes

    Amazon Launches Fire OS Preview Based on Android 5.0 "Lollipop"

    If you're an Android developer, you'll be interested to hear that Amazon released a preview edition of Fire OS built on Lollipop. Fire HD tablet owners should take note that the new OS will be released later this year.
  18. Terry Olaes

    Sprint Unlimited Data Plans May See Price Hike or Go Away Entirely

    That awesome Sprint Family Plan you got a few years ago with unlimited data and couldn't be bothered from which to switch away? Pay attention as this news may finally be that proverbial straw that broke the back of that poor camel.
  19. Terry Olaes

    Fractal Design Define S Window Midtower Case

    TweakTown tossed Fractal Design's Define S Window midtower case on their review bench and have some glowing remarks. If you want to see an example of "bleeding edge" chassis design that isn't referencing a cheaply-made blade-edged metal case, give the review a go.
  20. Terry Olaes

    E3 2015 Attendance Numbers Released, Social Media Record Broken

    The Entertainment Software Association (ESA) released the official attendance numbers for E3 2015, now that the event is over. Over 52,000 people from 109 countries attended the event, which was open to "prosumers" this year for the first time. A social media record was also set at this year's...
  21. Terry Olaes

    SSD Prices in Free Fall; Capacity to Surpass HDDs in 2016

    According to Information Week, SSD prices are in a free-fall and with the advent of 3D NAND memory, SSD capacity will catch up and surpass HDD numbers in 2016. [H]'s own SSD engineer and editor Chris gave his perspective on the SSD market in this article. Check it out if you missed it the...
  22. Terry Olaes

    Apple Replacing 3TB HDDs in 27" iMacs

    If you bought a 3TB 27" iMac between December 2012 and September 2013, you may be eligible for a replacement. Check out the official site to see if you're owed a new drive.
  23. Terry Olaes

    Interview with Oculus Rift Co-founder Palmer Luckey

    Re/code sat down with the co-founder of the Oculus Rift, Palmer Luckey. He discussed the current state of virtual reality, uses outside of gaming, and pricing, among other topics. When asked if VR is the next iPhone, here's how he responded.
  24. Terry Olaes

    Windows 10 Latest Preview Build Release Notes Leaked

    If you've been tinkering around with the Windows 10 Preview, the upcoming 10147 build's release notes have been leaked and you can check 'em out here. Are you going to jump over to Win10 from Win7 or 8.1 right away?
  25. Terry Olaes

    QR Code on Heinz Ketchup Bottles Goes to Porn Site

    If you are one of the dozen or so that actually takes the time to fire up a QR code reader to scan said code on food product labels, then listen up! A German ketchup fan was so consumed with curiosity that he scanned the QR code on the back of a Heinz Ketchup bottle and was rewarded with a porn...
  26. Terry Olaes

    Final Antitrust Charges Against Google from EU Coming Soon

    The European Commission has notified compainants against Google for antitrust practices that they have four more weeks to submit additional evidence or comments before the final charges are filed with the EU. The investigation, which began in 2010, has support from companies like Yelp, Foundem...
  27. Terry Olaes

    OPM Hack Linked to Chinese Intelligence

    The data breach at the US Office of Personnel Management (OPM) that exposed millions of US government employees' sensitive information has been tied to China's Ministry of State Security, according to Reuters. This is based on the use of a rare attack tool called Sakula and is apparently used by...
  28. Terry Olaes

    New Apple and Twitter Initiatives Highlight the Human Factor

    At WWDC this year, Apple reiterated several times that the upcoming release of the rebadged Beats Music service, Apple Music, doesn't solely rely on algorithms to generate your playlists. Instead, human curators will be doing that work. Twitter's "Project Lightning" will also rely on the human...
  29. Terry Olaes

    XARA Deconstructed: Deep Look at Cross-App Resource Attacks

    If you're curious/concerned about the vulnerabilites released from Indiana University affecting iOS and Mac OS X, this site has an in-depth look. There are 4 separate vectors lumped into a bucket called "XARA" or Cross Application Resource Attacks: OS X Keychain, OS X WebSockets, OS X helper...
  30. Terry Olaes

    Jaguar Testing NASA Alertness Technology to Enhance Owner Safety

    Under the Mind Sense research project, automaker Jaguar is testing brainwave technology to improve safety by detecting whether the driver's alertness is becoming impaired, such as drowsiness or daydreaming. The tech is already in use by NASA and others to enhance concentration and focus. I...
  31. Terry Olaes

    Nokia to Design Phones in 2016 when Microsoft Agreement Allows

    Remember that old Nokia ringtone that you used to hear everywhere? It might be back next year because Nokia is coming back into the mobile phone market, even if it's just design work. I'm still waiting for that Matrix auto-opening slide phone, Nokia!
  32. Terry Olaes

    Cuba Improving Internet Access with More Hotspots, Lower Fees

    NYTimes is reporting that Cuba plans to expand online access for its citizens by rolling out a few dozen hotspots around the island and lowering the access fees. The overall plan is to have slow broadband to half of Cuban homes by 2020. For some reason, I’m thinking of the Tropico game now.
  33. Terry Olaes

    Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner Paris Air Show Video, Now with Angles!

    Many of you have probably seen the near-vertical takeoff video of the Boeing 787 "Dreamliner" earlier this week. If not, you're in luck because now you can see it in multiple angles on YouTube. Right now, it only works on desktop browsers though.
  34. Terry Olaes

    EFF 2015 Privacy Scorecard: Google Down from 2014, WhatsApp Worst

    Wired took a look at the privacy scorecard just released by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Google, which had a perfect score in 2014, slipped a bit while the worst offenders were WhatsApp, AT&T, and Verizon. I'll give you a moment to clear the shock from your faces. :D
  35. Terry Olaes

    Intel Skylake CPUs and Chipsets to Debut at Gamescom

    Looks like the leaked Intel Skylake release schedule Steve posted earlier this month is panning out, if the detail in this DigiTimes article is true. The 14nm CPU and corresponding 100-series chipset is expected to be unveiled early August at Gamescom in Germany.
  36. Terry Olaes

    Samsung HDD Announces 1st 4TB 2.5in Portable Drives

    Samsung HDD, a division of Seagate Technology, announced 4TB M3 Portable and the P3 Portable external hard drives, which are the first 4TB USB-powered single drive solutions to come in 2.5” cases in the world. “Previously only attainable in desktop or bulky multi-drive internal designs, we can...
  37. Terry Olaes

    Inside Elon Musk's $1.4B Score

    Fortune just put up an article that takes a good look at how Tesla's CEO Elon Musk convinced Nevada to pony up $1.4B in exchange for a massive battery plant. Check out all the wheelin' and dealin' that happened.
  38. Terry Olaes

    Microsoft Retiring Lync in Favor of Skype for Business

    Calm down, it's more a brand switch than an actual technology change. However, knowing the track record of this kind of thing for MSFT, maybe you should be a bit more worried. Sysadmins for your Lync infrastrucutre better start reading up on the requirements since the launch will take place 1H...
  39. Terry Olaes

    We're Running Out of Chocolate

    Not tech news per se but very relevant to all of us in some form: two of the largest chocolate makers say that the cocoa supply is running out. A combo of pod fungus and dry weather is causing supply issues and deficits are becoming the norm. There's also a slight demand problem.
  40. Terry Olaes

    Bring Agile to the Whole Organization

    Agile methodology is pretty much the de facto software development project management framework nowadays (you can go here to learn more about Agile if you're not familar with it). Harvard Business Review takes a look at extending Agile methods into more traditioanal towers, such as HR or...