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    LG G5 Modules...

    The actual phone looks like it will be very decent but nothing mind blowing. The modules are what are interesting about it, how useful do you think they will be, and is anyone else interested in these? Right now they only show an upgraded audio module and a camera control module. I think a...
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    [H]ot! MSI GTX 980 Ti $570 AR at the Egg

    MSI GeForce GTX 980 Ti GTX 980Ti Factory overclocked, $599 without the 30 buck rebate, pretty hot deal IMO. Already have one of the EVGA hybrids on the way or I would have jumped on this deal.
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    Steam: "We're preparing your items to ship"

    Got a fedex label for my steam controller! Estimated arrival date is Oct 13. :D:D:cool:
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    LG 34UM95-P for $750 at the egg

    The LG 34UM95-P is on sale at the egg for 749.99 right now with code EMCAPKN42 This is as low as I have seen it so far. Very tempting for me but I am going to have to hold off until July. I hope I can get a similar price then.
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    Seasonic x-1050 for 109.99 AR

    I have absolutely no reason to buy one, I already have 3 great PSU's, but this is so tempting anyway. Not a bad idea if you plan on sticking a couple 290X's in your build. Link to x-1050 Code- EMCWHHC26
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    We need a Corsair Air 540 version in the Obsidian line.

    Make it beefier, more rigid side panels, filtration on the top, bottom, PSU/drives area. Get rid of the plastic as much as possible using your normal combination of steel and aluminum. Plus this your most unique looking case. How about giving it some more color options besides the typical...
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    Thief 4, Trailer and release date.

    So..... Feb 25'th 2014. The trailer looks...... kinda un-thief like and more like Dishonored actually. I am not holding my breath on the date either, this thing has taken so long its starting to look like the Duke...
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    H90 or x40 in Lian Li A05FNB?

    The top has the 140mm blowhole, but not sure how much room is needed around the motherboard,etc. Anyone tried this? Haven't found anything but maybe my google-foo is weak.
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    Any list that shows recognized company reps?

    Like Redbeard for Corsair for example. Because right now in the Mobo forum thread 'Newegg RMA Technicians Are Breaking My Return' we have a new post by someone named Newegg_Support. This person legit?
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    Thanks Seasonic and [H]!!!

    So the other day I get a message from Kyle, "gimme yo shipping address dawg" or something along those lines. Little did I know a life changing event was about to transpire. Only days later a fleet of UPS trucks pulled into our drive-way and delivered 850 watts of semi-modular goodness. It...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note 2 for 69.99 Amazon/Sprint

    New customer, [Strike=]new device, or upgrade apparently.[/s] My wife and I got one and I see the deal is still going. Yeah, its sprint, but its also a galaxy note 2 for 70 bucks, so I had to do it. Please use the commissioned link and navigate to the cell phone page. Its right on top for me...
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    Subforum for mobile apps?

    Any plans on having a mobile app sub-forum, although I'm not sure if it would be under "mobile computing" or "mobile phones" or even in "web-mastering and programming" now with all the diversity in apps. But it would be nice to [Strike=]flame[/s] discuss apps with my fellow [Strike=][H]ot...
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    Frontier + Yahoo = ???.... Spam?

    Not sure if this is the right forum for this... but here goes. So I can't access my emails from Frontier with Mozilla Thunderbird until I agree to yahoo's crap... So my choices are agree to more spam etc or not be able to access my emails? Any other options? When I try to get my emails from...
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    XFX 7950- $323($303 AR)+AMD game pack

    Newegg Webmaster has the XFX 7950 listed in his [H]ard Special as $339.99 AR, but priced dropped and the code still applies plus the game pack was added. Total price in my Newegg cart right now is $323.99 shipped before the $20 dollar rebate. Link to Card Code: HARDOCPX613C Brings the...
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    7950 for $340 AR +3 games yeah, its powercolor, but watcha gunna do? Thats super cheap for that performance. There is also a "gaming evolved" coupon for 3 games. The game pack is no longer combo'd with the card.
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    ATI vs nVidia- which will benefit more from a CPU upgrade?

    No, this is NOT a flame bait post, so please dont start yelling and screaming at each other. Here is my situation. I have the current rig in my sig with a just a couple differences. q9550 at 3.5 with a thermaltake v1 GA-P45T-ES3G mobo 16 gigs ram (will be 8) gtx 480 (instead of the toxic 6950)...
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    Whats the current reputation of EVGA mobos?

    My impressions of EVGA for mobos in the past (750i-790i, etc) is they have great customer service, but their boards often have issues. Normally not major issues, but lots of minor ones. If I recall correctly a bunch of the staff "defected" to Sapphire? Anyway, I love EVGA's customer support for...
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    Samsung Galaxy Note-$584.98 shipped, no contract

    One sale a day. Just started a few minutes ago so you have 24 hours, or until it sells out. It runs about $625+ at Amazon, so you decide if its worth it to save $40. One sale a day has pretty slow shipping but has been decent for pricing and I have ordered about a dozen things from them. I...
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    Galaxy s3 in Feb?

    According to the Galaxy s3 will be out the end of Feb. Im sure that means Europe for now but will be looking forward to some reviews. It also says the Motorola Razr Maxx might be available the end of this month through Verizon.
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    20% Off code for Rosewill Keyboards, including Mechanicals.

    Which makes the blue only 80 bucks shipped. Full list of rosewill keyboards here. Code is - EMCJJKG29 - I'm thinking about getting the brown for $95.xx shipped... not so loud for the wife and kids :D edit: Forgot to add, this is for TODAY ONLY!
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    Got a new Xbox free... so now what do I play?

    My wife got a new dell so the kids and I have a new xbox for free. First of all, if its possible to play it on my PC I would prefer that, so I am looking for xbox only games. What are the must play ones? I have already decided on Alan Wake and I had better get Final Fantasy 13 (as I have...
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    Where do you guys buy your ink cartridges?

    I have bought from and another sight I can't remember but was wondering if there are any better ones out there.
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    Seasonic S12II 620watt for $65 limited time frame

    Saw this on my Newegg shell shocker preview. Runs between 1pm and 3pm today only. Just got to during that time and it will be on the front page (for the few of you that haven't used newegg before). This should be the shipped price because shell shockers are nearly always free...
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    Team Fortress 2 is now free on Steam

    Check it out. Just go to your Steam Store page and it up there in big bold letters. ;) Of course almost every has this now from orange box or weekend deals.
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    EVO 3D, exposure blending?

    So I have been reading up on the EVO 3D and I really dont care about the 3d part of it, but with two 5 meg cameras I wonder if there is the ability to do exposure blending. This would make the pictures you can take with a cell phone so much better than anything we have seen so far. I was blown...
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    Zotac gtx 570- $269 AR (plus shipping)

    At Tiger Direct. Shipping for me would be about 8 bucks, so thats a killer deal. There is a 40 dollar instant discount and a 30 dollar rebate.
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    Thief 4, more info at Game Developers Conference?

    Was checking wikipedia to see if anything new was going on and they say.. "In early January 2011, it was revealed that the game would appear publicly for the first time at the 2011 Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, California, accompanied by audio director Paul Weir, who was appointed...
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    Newegg vs. EVGA direct

    Thinking about getting a gtx 570 with my tax return... So Newegg has the EVGA gtx 570 for $359+sh and EVGA direct has it for $349 (fs). So about 18 bucks difference. I know if my card is DOA I can get a new replacement card from Newegg, but what happens if I get a DOA card from EVGA? Do they...
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    EVGA has the 570 and 570 SC on their website now

    And the SC has a +65 to clock, +100 to memory. Those are a little better than the 480 series "overclocked" cards were showing.
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    Antec, whats with the new ugly cases?

    Man, this is really a step backward in my opinion. I have always been impressed with the style and class of Antec cases and these things are very... raidmax-ish. Newegg links- DF-35 DF-30 VSK2450 DF-85 Looks like there are some decent features, but IMO these are really ugly.
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    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62- Black/Blue version. 90 bucks shipped with code.

    LIAN LI Lancool PC-K62 .... $99.99 with FS. EMCYRNV35 Code for $10 more bucks off to make it 89.99 This is a great case btw. I have been planning on getting the Red one but thats a $64 dollar difference. I don't own one yet but have seen one and in my opinion its the best case you can...
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    Newegg- High speed corded "Massager" for mom-$32.79 FS

    Right from the Newegg email... "Something for Mom's home" This has been on Hotdeals before and the newegg customer reviews are always entertaining. Promotion code is EMCYRNX25 but in the past these codes haven't worked for people that aren't subscribed to neweggs emails. FYI Newegg...
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    LIAN LI PC-K62R1, Red version

    Looks pretty slick. Glad I held off on getting a regular K62 as this will look very nice with my PC Power and Cooling 750 Quad. Lian Li is just rolling out the awesome 'budget' cases lately.
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    Corsair H20 on a video card?

    I did some searching on this but came up with nothing. Is it plausible? Will it cool down a video card better than air cooling or does it not have enough thermal removal-ocity powers? And would you have remove the CPU heatsink and attach a gpu waterblock or could you make it work intact?
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    Samsung Moment

    There isn't a lot of talk about this phone but my wife and I both got them on the Radio Shack $50 dollar deal and we love them. Not sure why they aren't more popular than they are but it runs android apps very well. I see lots of negative about Sprint but they have 3G in my little backwater...
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    Stalker Clear Sky PC $8 FS at the egg

    Here it is. Thought about waiting for a $5 steam special but that may be awhile. There have been better deals (woot) but looks like this is the best one at the moment.
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    SeaSonic M12D 850 watt PSU- $139.99 + FS

    I kept expecting this to pop up but no one has posted it here yet. Awesome PSU and this is a great price for it. If your interested better jump on it while you can. SeaSonic M12D SS-850 850W Here is OCP's review on it.... And JonnyGURU's review.....
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    Q9550 for 219+FS (for you guys with no B&M MC)

    Yeah, I know we have seen better deals on this but it would cost me a lot more than 20 bucks to get to a brick and mortar store where I could get one for $199 and I'm sure there are a lot of others who live out in the boondocks like I do. Tiger Direct Q9550. Show free shipping for me when I...
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    Antec 600 (Chinese website)

    Thought this was interesting, it shows an Antec 600, looks like a cross between the 200 and a 900-v2 case. I dont think I like it but it does have a distinctive look to it. Was checking out the link from another thread and thought this deserved a post. Makes me wonder if my dream case is out...
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    4870- $110 with free shippin at the Egg

    Its a HIS but you get this price without a questionable rebate. :D 512 ram of course. Item is deactivated now. Dead deal.