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    Cisco ASA 5505 with Advanced Security - Unlimited Hosts

    I have a Cisco ASA 5505 with Advanced Security and Unlimited hosts licenses unlocked. It is no longer under a maintenance contract; however, it runs like a dream and is extremely clean. The unit has been upgraded with 512MB RAM to support the latest firmware images. At one point I ran a...
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    Need some recommendations for antivirus

    So... It's about that time again to change out AV on the work network. We've been having some trouble with Kaspersky slowing down our systems to an absolute crawl as of late, so I've started looking for a replacement. Here's the ones I've tried with lackluster results: Kaspersky WS 6 via...
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    Rugged/High-Temp Thin Client

    Our warehouse is climbing to well over 100F, and probably 115+ where the computers are located. This is causing them to overheat severely... I want to replace them with some high-temperature capable thin clients. Has anyone used a thin client in a >100 degrees F environment? I've found quite...
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    Struggling choosing a video card...

    Resolution: 1920x1200 60Hz on an HP LP2465 CPU: Intel i5 3570K PSU: BFG ES-800 (RIP BFG :() RAM/Motherboard/ETC... Undecided, but who cares? Games: Diablo 3, Skyrim, BF3 I'm building a z77/3570k rig and I'm having a terrible time picking out a video card. To be honest, I haven't built a...
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    New Building - Cat6 or Cat6A

    So Cat6A is the media you want for long 10Gbit runs; however, it's much more expensive than standard Cat6. We're putting up a brand new building this year and I want to make sure I'm justified in telling the owner that Cat6A is the way to go. In my mind, preparing for a future 10Gbit network...
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    Conference Room - TV or Projector?

    IT Manager in need of some display education here. :) The company I work for is building a new headquarters. I've been discussing some of the technology we'd like to have in the conference rooms with the owner. One thing we're having a hard time deciding on is whether to get large LCD TV's...
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    Content Filtering?

    I'm looking for a content filtering/antivirus/antispyware appliance for my company. Right now we have an ASA 5505 at the edge. We have several outside employees connecting via Cisco VPN clients to the ASA. I need an appliance that can do content filtering for my inside network, guest network...
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    Is anyone here using Exacq for their IP cameras? I just tried out their demo and it seems pretty slick... Easy interface, maps, alerts, motion detection, etc. PTZ seems to work well too which I've never seen on an IP system.
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    Force10 switches?

    A Dell rep was telling me about Force10 yesterday. He was acting like they might as well be Cisco switches with cheaper prices. Very hard to believe, but I did a little research and their stuff has decent specs at least. He offered me some killer prices on them if I buy them with a SAN, but...
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    New Server Room Wishlist

    The company I work for has just purchased a big lot up the road to build a new building since we're growing so rapidly. As the IT manager, I've been tasked with creating a wishlist for the new server room. They're going to try to finalize the plans pretty soon, so I need to get my ideas in...
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    FS: Network Gear including Juniper/Cisco

    I hate to part with my toys, but I'm getting married, so it's time to loosen the grasp on my babies. Everything is in working condition and is either a pull from production, or something I purchased for my lab. I'll ship out cheap-o, no tracking number, no insurance for free. Other shipping...
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    Recommend me some 48p gigabit PoE switches

    I recently changed jobs and am now supporting a small(but rapidly growing) environment as follows: 35 PoE phones with a switchport going to a workstation 8 PoE cameras 7 servers(2 NICs each with link aggregation) Various racked network hardware I currently have an Enterasys 10/100 48p...
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    Anyone using VMware View?

    We're on the verge of replacing almost all of our workstations, so it looks like now's the time to push for virtualized desktops. I'm familiar with vSphere and am planning on virtualizing my servers to a VMware environment in the near future, so View easily caught my eye. Any thoughts on the...
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    AV and Backup for small office

    I just started a new job as a sys admin for a small office with 5-10 servers and 25-50 workstations. The previous IT company installed a monthly-billing version of Trend Micro WFBS that shows 25,000 licenses. I'm very familiar with Trend Micro WFBS, but I know it's not the best AV out there...
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    How to quit with class and respect?

    I've decided it's time to move on from my current job. Stress that's crept into my personal life, a fear-driven environment, and lack of personal growth are all big factors in this decision. I work for a managed service provider that services businesses only. Essentially I'm the project...
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    UC540 Conference Calls Choppy(Cisco Voice)

    I recently installed a UC540 for a small shop and configured it with CCA 2.2. Ever since the initial install the users have complained about "poor quality" or "choppy" audio when using ad-hoc conferencing. I've verified that G.711u is being used during the offending calls. I've also verified...
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    Cisco voice router?

    I'd like to get a voice router for my lab/home. CME and CUE support would be stellar. I'll also need at least 1 FXO port. I'd like to keep the price as low as possible, so I'll probably be looking at eBay. What router and VWIC/AIM/etc cards would you recommend? 1800 and 1900 series...
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    Core Knowledge Questions Eliminated from CCIE R&S and Voice I know I shouldn't be, but I was nervous about these, so it's a welcome change. :)
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    Set up a small NOC?

    I've been tasked with setting up a "NOC" to monitor our colo network; probably just on my computer for now. We have a few devices that we need to monitor the best we can. I'd like the following if possible: -Real time reporting. -CPU utilization on each device. -Bandwidth usage on...
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    Cisco Voice Experts- CUE AA problem

    I recently installed a UC540(CME/CUE) and I'm having an issue with the auto attendant. I've enabled dialing an extension at any time, but it seems that if you start dialing an extension right when the auto attendant answers, you hear the message "Are you still there?" If you dial the extension...
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    Cisco EZVPN client LAN access

    I have a UC500 series phone system that I installed for a client. The client is requesting that their remote users who use the Cisco VPN client to connect to the UC500's EZVPN server be able to access local network resources. That sounds simple enough, but I really don't know anything about...
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    Qwest FTTC Install

    So I finally got my new Qwest FTTC(fiber to the curb) Internet yesterday. I've had to work with Qwest a lot here in the Phoenix metro because they own all of the lines and technically deliver every T1, point to point, and MPLS I've ever cut over. Generally speaking, they're a pain in the ass...
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    Should I go Business Cable or DSL?

    I'm going to start hosting my own servers out of my home and I need to change from my current Internet package to get static IP addresses, unblocked ports, and unlimited bandwidth usage. Here's the two options I'm looking at: Qwest Connect Ultimate+ VDSL2 Downstream: 40Mb Upstream: 20Mb Ports...
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    Cisco SR520 Remote Worker

    I just setup a UC540 system for a company and they're using an SR520 for a remote worker as a VPN client/Internet gateway. I used CCA to configure the UC540 and the SR520. There's a 7975 phone that plugs into the SR520 and connects to the UC540 over the VPN. Everything seems to be functional...
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    Changes to CCNP In case anyone wanted to know. It looks like good changes overall.
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    Need some connectivity troubleshooting help

    One of my clients is having a problem with his network where every 15-30 minutes his client applications that are hosted on his servers will lock up. The shares seem to be down when this happens, I can't access them. Ping to the servers keeps working. Any network drives change their status to...
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    Question about iSCSI, MD3000i, and ESXi host

    My company has a collocated ESXi host that's connected directly to an MD3000i via iSCSI. It seems a little strange to me that its setup this way since there are two iSCSI connectors on the SAN. Ideally I'd like to have some redundancy and be able to add several more host machines in the...
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    Some newb questions about HTPC/DVR and HD

    So I had the great plan to put together an HTPC to combine our cable HD-DVR set top box and digital movie watching into one device. I figured a computer with a few dual tuner cards and several terabytes of storage would allow us to record a bunch of channels at once and store lots of movies...
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    Recommend me a secondary monitor

    I need a second monitor to take notes on while I watch training videos on my primary monitor. I have an HP LP2465 24" monitor as my primary. I'd like the new monitor to sit to the right of it and tilt 90 degrees so that it's tall instead of wide. The size isn't too important, I was looking at...
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    PIX 501 ACL config for my games

    I'm trying to get the ports open correctly on my PIX 501 for Demigod and Supreme Commander. I need the following ports open: UDP 6073, 6100-6200, 9103. 30350, and 30351. Here's the config I just tried, ending in the error shown: VPPIX(config)# object-group service games udp...
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    Cisco connection issues

    This router is replacing 3 other routers as the hub of a hub and spoke network. One of the PTPs is working over IP All traffic is passing on this interface without issue. The other two PTPs seem to be connecting, but not passing traffic. We are able to ping from router to router...
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    My Computer opens slow on Domain

    Here's a weird one. One of my clients is running a domain. He has 6 servers, 4 of which have shares that are mapped as network drives on his workstations. I believe there's a total of 11 mapped drives. This was working fine for well over a year. Now he's reporting that My Computer is...
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    What the hell is wrong with this point to point??

    Cisco 1721 on both sides. Yesterday users started reporting problems accessing servers over the point to point in either direction. There were some problems with the T1 line that the ISP claims have been repaired. Is there a problem with my equipment, or is there still a problem with the...
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    My CCIE Adventure Blog

    Not too long ago I decided that I'm going to invest a tremendous amount of time into getting my CCIE R&S. To keep myself on track, goal oriented, and hopefully build a support group around myself I've started a blog. I plan on making daily updates. Please check it out and see if it interests...
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    Board and RAM - $300.00

    ASUS Striker II Formula Retail This board is awesome, extreme over-clocking, retails for $299.00 at newegg! Worked great for me, sold as is. I am even throwing in 4GB of RAM to seal the deal! Call or text Jeremy 480-993-4660 in AZ.
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    Silent PSU options?

    I'm looking to replace my now very old PC Power and Cooling TurboCool 510w SLI. Not only am I becoming concerned with the integrity of the power supply, but it is quite loud. What would you recommend for a near silent replacement? I don't want to spend a ton of money - About $100 give or...
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    FS: Like-new Saitek x52 $70

    I have an X52 Joystick set that's been gathering dust in my closet. I've used them a total of 2 times in Battlefield 2, then packed them up and put them away because I didn't need the enormous amount of buttons and abilities these offer. Anyway, I was cleaning my closet and saw these beauties...
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    Reinsulated Vapochill LS

    With a touch of yellow.
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    Vapochill LS sleeving

    I'm reinsulating my Vapochill LS and will need to purchase some new cable sleeve and heat shrink to cover the insulation. I've never needed to do this before, so I need some help with sizing and such: The insulation is 1.5" OD. Do I buy 1.25" braided sleeving or 1.75"? Should heat shrink...